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So, it begins ay, Watson? The hunt, the great hunt is on! “…It’s Williams, sir.” Simmer down, Watson, here we can find a whole host of wines in the Oddbins range. Red, white, fortified, rosé or fine, it’s all here. In fact, there might be a bit too much… if you want to narrow the search Watson, we can use the ‘Refine By’ tool and search by grape, price, country or even character. The game is a foot!

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  1. Blau Mari 2015 Vegan and Vegetarian Red Wine

    Blau Marí 2015

    Now £8.40

    Was £10.50


    To be a good teacher, it's important to understand your class, its dynamic, who's disruptive, who's the quiet genius etc., and to respond accordingly. Well, winemaker Moisès Virgili does the same thing with his Cabernet Sauvignon and Garnatxa vines.

    He says "The vineyard blocks are small and idiosyncratic. Some face the sea, others don't, and the soil is different from one row to another, so we treat them all individually'. This approach coaxes out all the refined, noble black fruit of the Cabernet and the lush red fruit of the Garnatxa and combines them perfectly in the winery to create an A* wine.

  2. Palacios 'Camins Del Prioriat' 2015 (Red Wine)

    Bodegas Palacios Remondo 'Camins Del Priorat' 2015



    Full bodied, earthy, and deep purple in colour. Not the most attractive man in the world, it's fair to say. But Alvaro was an incurable romantic. And he was in love with the beautiful daughter of a goat baron. Aware his looks were unlikely to draw the maiden's eye, Alvaro instead dedicated a week of nights to building the now famous 'walk', or 'Camins' as it in in Spanish, through the vineyards of Priorat.

    The next time Anna-Maria passed through the vineyards, on her way to milk Daddy's goats, she was overwhelmed by the most extraordinary scent. Spice, black pepper, cherry, bramble. Intoxicating. As if she'd been touched by a prince. To the end of her days - her eyes being closed in reverie at the perfume - she never did know who rushed from the vines and planted a kiss on her lips

  3. Celler San Rafel 'Joana' Montsant 2016 Spanish Red Wine

    Cellers Sant Rafel 'Joana' Montsant 2016



    Being a winemaker is a lonely business. Tending vines, maintaining equipment, managing the cellar. With little time for socialising, finding a partner can be complicated. At least, that's how one particular winemaker justified his preference for using personals ads. But often the partner ended up being complicated too. He wished people could be straightforward and approachable, like wine, but nevertheless, he persevered.

    He had almost given up looking for someone, when late one evening - after a rather heavy tasting session - he managed to mix his notes up. He sent his tasting notes to the local personals column, and his 'Seeking' advert to the wine label printers. "Frank, tasty, cheeky, well balanced, delicate and very pleasant", Joana was the perfect match. It's best left unsaid what got printed on the label...

  4. La Granja 360 Tempranillo Garnacha 2016 Vegan Red Wine

    La Granja 360 Tempranillo Garnacha 2016



    Not everything is black and white. Take a badger for example. That's mostly grey. But poor old zebras. Well. Yes. They pretty much are black and white. Which is fine. But what if you're a zebra with ambition? With the will to be different. What do you do about that?

    One zebra tried his best to break the pattern. He feasted on colourful flowers; nibbled bright stones; drank from crystal pools. But nothing worked. Until one night, asleep in a state of despair, the zebra dreamt he drank a glass of ruby wine. Cherries fell from the sky, and the subtle scent of incense filled the air. And when the zebra woke, to its surprise, it found the colour of its stripes had changed. All it takes is a little imagination, and this wine will transform you too.

  5. Las Morades 'Senda' 2013 Vegan Red Wine

    Las Moradas 'Senda' 2013



    For years, the foothills of the Sierra de Gredos mountains were riddled with bandits. One night, they kidnapped the baby daughter of the local judge who had promised to rid the region of their scourge. As well as taking the baby, they plundered his precious vines, stripping them of fruit. The judge should know his place. He was, of course, heartbroken.

    Trackers scoured the area, but the rough terrain and mountain scrub yielded no clues as to where the baby had been taken. Until years later. Wandering the hills ever hopeful, the judge noticed familiar vines growing along a barely defined track. They were unmistakably descended from pips the bandits must have scattered as they fled with his daughter. The path led right to her. This wine is made in celebration of their reunion, from those grapes that lined the way.

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