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  1. Bodegas Roda 'Sela' Rioja Reserva 2013

    Bodegas Roda 'Sela' Rioja Reserva 2013



    Why are there dandelions on the label? A fine question! Apparently, during the spring in Rioja, children would pick dandelions, blow off the fluffy things and wish for a good vintage. When winemaker, Augustin Santolaya tasted Sela's bright, fruit flavours and lively palate, he knew the wish had come true. Hang on, blowing dandelions tells the time, it doesn't grant wishes, this story is an absolute fallacy. O well, children shouldn't be involved in the production of wine anyway, even if it is just wish based. It's not a fallacy that this wine is magnificent, however, subtle use of oak delivers a well-balanced and modern style of Rioja; all without the help of dandelions, impressive!

  2. Luis Alegre Rioja Alavesa Magnum Red Wine

    Luis Alegre Crianza 2013 - Rioja Alavesa - Magnum



    Here at Oddbins, we know when we're on to a good thing. We like this wine, we can see that you like it too, so what did we do? We got a bigger one in.

    Yes, that's right, the heavenly, depthy, aniseed-y Luis Alegre's Crianza now comes in a ma-hoosive magnum bottle. It's like Honey I Blew Up the Kid but much, much better.

  3. Luis Alegre Crianza Rioja Red Wine

    Luis Alegre Crianza 2014 - Rioja Alavesa

    Now £11.69

    Was £13.75


    Boasting a madcap building that looks like a spaceship has landed in the middle of the Rioja countryside, the Luis Alegre winery is an innovative set up that successfully contrasts the old with the new.

    Though some of the vines are over 100 years old and the winery has been around for nearly 50 years, the winemaking techniques are as current as they come. With the Crianza, vintner Pablo Martinez has made a heavenly, approachable but depthy wine that further underlines his solid reputation.

  4. Noctua Ensamblaje 2014 Red Wine

    Noctua Ensamblaje 2014



    Some years ago, little could be seen of the Quinta de Aves vineyards. The vines were hidden under tumbling weeds. Abandoned by man, it was perfect for the rare night birds that inhabited the hills. The prolific vines produced more grapes than the birds could eat. So, as was their habit, they stowed them away for winter.

    And thus, one afternoon, a young winemaker was stopped in his tracks by an intoxicating scent of plum and figs. Savouring the alluring hint of vanilla, he followed his nose to an ancient old tree. The birds had stowed their crop in a hole in the trunk. But, facing the sun as the hole did, the fruit had started to ferment. Alberto couldn't resist. The liquid was out of this world. He just needed to bottle the stuff.

  5. Tandem 'Casual' Garnacha Graciano Rosé 2016

    Tandem 'Casual' Garnacha Graciano Rosé 2016

    Now £8.50

    Was £10.00


    Hear the word 'tandem' and you'll think: two lovers (or maybe just good friends), pedalling together on a bicycle made for two. But in Spanish 'tandem' means "at last!" And while the winemaking team would love you to believe 'tandem' refers to the realisation (at last) of their dream to make such a chilled-out wine, it actually refers to the phrase often exclaimed at the end of the day when the bottle is finally lifted from the fridge.

    Casual, ha! These rose-flower aromas, clipped flavours of forest berries, and hints of sun-kissed red cherry don't happen by accident. It's exhausting, making something this perfectly laid back! Of course, enjoying it is far easier...

  6. Vina Amezola Rioja Reserva 2010 Red Wine

    Viña Amézola Rioja Reserva 2010

    Now £17.10

    Was £19.00


    Rioja is the ultimate comfort wine. It's like raiding the kitchen before hitting the hay.

    The trempranillio grape gives generously ripe red fuits- strawberry and cherry flavours, like the guiltily secreted dessert found at the back of the fridge. Fragrant spicy notes smell of an old book and silky textured like well worn pyjamas.

    The wine's kept in an oak barrel endowing it with soft fluffy vanilla flavours. Like a massive pillow and duvet. Night night...

  7. Vina Amezola Rioja Crianza 2014 Red Wine

    Viña Amezola Rioja Crianza 2014



    There are time keepers everywhere. A loungeroom clock cloaked in it's dark wooden suit nods from the mantle piece. The much loved kitchen clock in sunny yellow plastic winks, as you dig through shopping bags. A favourite wrist watch sparkles as you check the time before sitting down at the dinner table. The crisp digits of the phone allude towards this bottle of red Rioja.

    This red's breathing is complete, time has released rich plum, cherry and vanillia aromas. Followed by ripe raspberry, red fruits, liquorice and spice on the palate. All the clock hands point to the hour for this wine.

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