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  1. Cesar a Sumeire Rosé Wine France

    César à Sumeire Rosé 2016



    In the world of Provencal rosés, as with Victorian make-up, the general rule is the paler the better. This doesn't mean that they are wan wallflowers (as we imagine Victorian women) but, as with Cesar, they can be thrilling, vivacious, flavour-packed and racy wines.

    With an elegant nose of jasmine and wild rose and an ample palate of cranberries and lemon peel, there isn't a trace of sober Victoriana. Er, which isn't to say you shouldn't be sober at all times, officer.

  2. Cotes Du Rhone 'Blason' Esterzagues French Red Wine

    Côtes Du Rhône 'Blason' Esterzagues 2015 *WEB EXCLUSIVE*



    No matter how rugged someone thinks they are- everyone wants to hide under a favourite blanket at some point. This Côtes du Rhône is the red wine equivalent. Juicy red berry fruits knit together with tummy warming spices. Woven from Grenache, Syrah and Mouvedre this red wine duvet is completely unfiltered, giving it an extra silky texture. A perfect tipple with friends or when you're feeling 'Rhônely'...ahem.

  3. Cabaret Rosé 2016

    Cabaret Rosé 2016



    ***Silver at Decanter 2014***

    It's one thing to keep passing a business down to your children, it's quite another to keep that line going for 700 years. Yet this is exactly what the wine-making Sumeire family, in Provence, has done.

    Located at the foot of the magnificent Montagne Sainte-Victoire, which inspired artists like Cézanne, this historic winery has produced a classic Provencal rosé: feather-light and elegant, with fresh strawberry and cherry blossom notes.

  4. Cabaret Rosé 2014 - Magnum - Rosé Wine

    Cabaret Rosé 2016 - Magnum



    ***Silver at Decanter 2014***

    It's one thing to keep passing a business down to your children, it's quite another to keep that line going for 700 years. Yet this is exactly what the wine-making Sumeire family, in Provence, has done.

    Located at the foot of the magnificent Montagne Sainte-Victoire, which inspired artists like Cézanne, this historic winery has produced a classic Provencal rosé: feather-light and elegant, with fresh strawberry and cherry blossom notes.

  5. Chateau De Ciffre St Chinian 2016

    Château De Ciffre St Chinian 2016



    It can be demanding work being vegan; people are constantly trying to feed you stuffed peppers, Mo Farah is always on the telly trying to sell you wheat based meat substitute products. At least, there's the wines of Chateau de Ciffre to ease the burden. This beautiful Syrah blend has delicate flavours of cranberry, plum, dark cherry and tobacco. They also had the excellent idea not to use any egg or dairy products during the finning process, so you can sip on this Languedoc beauty, while still fondly imagining a chicken and a cow playing a carefree game of monopoly.

  6. Chateauneuf Du Pape Domaine des Senechaux Red Wine

    Châteauneuf Du Pape Domaine des Senechaux 2013



    If this Châteauneuf Du Pape was a mythical beast it would be the Panther, a mighty cat from greek folk lore. With it's sleek yet full bodied, powerful dark berry fruit and liqourice flavours. This creature's charm is so irresistible that when it roared all things would fall prey to it's call. Equally as appropiate - the story goes the Panther is the favoured stead of Dionysus- God of the harvest, wine, festivitals and good times! A special wine for memorable occasions...or toga parties?

  7. Clos Bellane "Altitude" Côtes du Rhône Rosé Wine 2013

    Clos Bellane "Altitude" Côtes du Rhône Rosé 2016

    Now £11.05

    Was £13.00


    At Oddbins Towers we call this The Pink Panther. It bears no resemblance to the sneaky cartoon character in the title sequence of the film and its winemaker is certainly not a bumbling fool like Inspector Jacques Clouseau.

    No, we call this The Pink Panther because it's a diamond, a precious and brilliant diamond with a delicate pink hue. In fact this rosé wine is so good and has proven so popular we've had to employ Cato to protect it in our warehouse. He's just so unpredictable; half our staff are off with injuries.

  8. Couleur De Rouge Red Wine

    Couleur De Rouge 2016



    Claudia Serra is a specialist in the Languedoc region and produces some exceptional wines at Vignerons. All of the fruity wines produced are fresh and balanced while not to excessive in alcohol.

    The Couleur De Rouge is garnet red in colour with hints of blue. It offers a fresh and clean palate, with touches of red fruits and spice. On the finish it has fresh and mellow tannins.

  9. Arnesque Châteauneuf du Pape Cuvée Capelane French Red Wine 2014

    Domaine de L'Arnesque Châteauneuf du Pape Cuvée Capelane 2014



    Châteauneuf is a classic. And this is as breathtaking an example as you're likely to come by at this outstandingly reasonable price tag. With this vintage of Cuvée Capelane outscoring renowned competitors at twice the price in many a contest, Domaine de l'Arnesque really are showcasing their virtuosity here. Smooth, rich and profound, this is a really unmissable must-try expression of this exalted style of red wine.

  10. Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe Châteauneuf du Pape Télégramme

    Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe Châteauneuf du Pape Télégramme 2013



    This wine comes from vines perched on top of a hill that is nothing much to look at, which is routinely battered by the harsh mistral wind and which is characterised by a landscape of large rocks.

    BUT (and we like a big but here at Oddbins), it is hallowed land for growing Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre and the like. It has a unique geological make-up that we won't bore you with here, but which means that you can buy bottles of pure, unadulterated joy like this vibrant, red-fruit and clove-flavoured hero of a wine.

    'Nuff said! (Or, if not 'nuff said, have a look at the Read More section below)

  11. Domaine Gardies 'Les Millères' Rouge

    Domaine Gardies 'Les Millères' Rouge 2014



    Not one, not two, not... actually we'll just tell you: no less than seven generations of the Gardies family have made wine in the village of Vingrau in Rousillon. But current owner Jean Gardiés is showing no signs of crumbling under the pressure; he's positively blooming, as are his vines (smooth, we know), whose small yields produce critically acclaimed wines like this intense, bright garnet-red, softly spicy beauty.

  12. Domaines Ott Clos Mireille Rose Cotes de Provence Wine France

    Domaines Ott Clos Mireille Rosé 2015



    A premium pale pink robe with eglantine highlights. On the nose are mourvèdre aromas and notes of citrus fruit, as well as very fresh touches of liquorice. On the palate there is a fine balance between freshness and liveliness, with aromas of white fleshy fruits. It is typified by a sharp texture - fresh, silky and long-lasting.

  13. Elderton Estate 'Greenock Two' GSM

    Elderton Estate 'Greenock Two' GSM 2014

    Now £18.70

    Was £22.00


    We all need a little TLC now and then. A bit of pampering. A brief brush with luxury sometimes to make us feel special. Well, FYI, this GSM is an easy way to get yourself feeling that way ASAP. Plush, rich, velvety textures; seductive aromas of violet and anise; sumptuous rounded tones.

    Feel waited on hand and foot by a team of grapes. Our warm, earthy Mourvedre; gentle Grenache; and bold Shiraz. There's no need to DIY BTW. Just relax. Let the wine do the work, and let your worries go AWOL a while.

  14. IGP Cotes De Thongues Rosé Wine 2016 Vintage

    IIGP Cotes De Thongues Rosé "Le Fil A Tongs" 2016

    Now £7.65

    Was £8.50


    This delicate Rosé wine is composed of a mixture of Grenache and Cinsault grapes to create its wonderful flavours. On the nose it has intricate floral notes and pink grapefruit confer on this vintage freshness and elegance.

  15. Colombo Côtes du Rhône Le Vent Rouge 2014

    Jean-Luc Colombo Côtes du Rhône Le Vent Rouge 2015



    If you're considering a career winemaking, as with many things in life, there are many ways to skin a cat. But a good place to start is in the lab - as it gives you a thorough understanding of the nuts and bolts of the liquid itself - and this is just what Jean-Luc Colombo did.

    But the lab wasn't enough for Jean-Luc, who now roams freely around his vineyard instead, making beautiful, affordable wines like Le Vent Rouge, which has appealing redcurrant and bay leaf aromas and a fresh 'n' silky palate.

  16. Colombo Cotes du Rhone Villages Le Bonne Roche

    Jean-Luc Colombo Côtes du Rhône Villages Le Bonne Roch 2013



    When winemakers make wine, they are painting. They may not wear stripy tops and live bohemian lifestyles, but are artists nonetheless and they take their inspiration and their materials from the land around them.

    In this instance, the materials are the gentle slopes of the southern Rhône, plentiful sun, which provide enough warmth for the grapes to reach ripeness. They then have the after-effects of the Mistral wind, which tears through the northern Rhône and arrives downstream, offering grapes a gentle respite from the Mediterranean sun.

    In the hands of the artists at Jean-Luc Colombo, they turn this palate into a bold, firmly-structured, fine-grained, beauty of a painting.

  17. Le Clos du Serres 2014 (Red Wine)

    Le Clos du Serres 2014

    Now £11.48

    Was £13.50


    Organic, velvety, rich, fruity and spicy, if it was a song, it would be a winsome Fleetwood Mac number. If it was a person it would be England's favourite Lefty, Tony Benn. If it was a household item it would be an intricately-designed Persian rug. If it was an item in a museum it would be the Bayeux Tapestry. Oh dear, maybe we're getting a bit tired. Point is, this is a powerful, evocative, hedonistic wine that you should all try. Every last one of you.

  18. Le Hameau des Ollieux Corbières Boutenac 2015

    Le Hameau des Ollieux Corbières Boutenac 2015



    When is an organic grape not an organic grape? When its bona fides haven't been certified by the appropriate agricultural body! Hmmm, needs a bit of work but, like many wineries, Château Ollieux Romanis follows organic viticulture methods yet leaves its options open should a vintage go awry.

    Wine quality is the overriding priority, and the smallest possible quantities of non-organic compounds will be used to rescue a crop if it's entirely necessary. Trust us, it hurts them even more than it hurts you, and it's a tiny sacrifice for this heady blend of liquorice, spice, blackcurrant and mocha.

  19. Luis Alegre Crianza Rioja Red Wine

    Luis Alegre Crianza 2014 - Rioja Alavesa

    Now £11.69

    Was £13.75


    Boasting a madcap building that looks like a spaceship has landed in the middle of the Rioja countryside, the Luis Alegre winery is an innovative set up that successfully contrasts the old with the new.

    Though some of the vines are over 100 years old and the winery has been around for nearly 50 years, the winemaking techniques are as current as they come. With the Crianza, vintner Pablo Martinez has made a heavenly, approachable but depthy wine that further underlines his solid reputation.

  20. Mas las Cabes Rouge 2014

    Mas las Cabes Rouge 2014



    A wine that Mother Earth herself would be happy to promote. Your conscience can enjoy bonus points, as every last drop is organic and hasn't given planet earth much grief at all.

    So why not go with the flow and fully embrace this wine by kicking off those shoes, letting your hair down and digging those toes deep into the cool earth. Ooh that feels good!

    Or, if that doesn't take your fancy, just crack open the wine and let its swarthy, peppery goodness invigorate your senses.

  21. Miraval Provence Rosé Wine 2015 Vintage France

    Miraval Provence Rosé 2016



    One of the most famous Rosé's in the world! An exclusive wine from the estate of Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt, this gorgeously pale pink Rosé comes with a lovely mineral freshness and delicate aromas of citrus, red fruits and white flowers.

    It provides elegance and balance of the palate with a very nice tension, bringing its long fruity finish with an undertone salty character.

  22. Mullineux Kloof Street Rouge 2014 Red Wine

    Mullineux Kloof Street Rouge 2014



    Perhaps When Chris Met Andrea doesn't have the same ring to it as When Harry Met Sally, but we think their story has all the charm. As young whippersnappers, they toured the world, working harvests in classic wine regions, until their eyes met over a vine (maybe that bit's poetic licence) and they fell in love.

    They returned to Chris' native South Africa where 'they learnt that their compatibility extended into the vineyards and cellar' and started making wines like this succulent, richly-scented blend of Rhône varieties, which is finely textured with a fresh, energizing finish that makes it the ideal match for pork belly. Yet another match made in wine heaven. Alright alright we'll stop with the cheese.

  23. Rogers & Rufus Rosé Wine

    Rogers & Rufus Rosé 2016

    Now £11.25

    Was £12.50


    There is a remarkable amount of stereotypes that grow up like weeds around what we drink. Rosé suffers from labels like 'summery' or 'girlie' and crap like that. A wine like this one deserves to stand free of such boring and dated imagery. Can't a wine stand on its own two flavoursome feet? This rosé doesn't wear high heels, it's got a pair of trainers on. The kind you wear on your day off when all the work is done and it's time for a glass of something crisp and refreshing!

  24. Scala Dei Garnatxa 2015

    Scala Dei Garnatxa 2016



    Scala Dei is less of a wine and more of a mystical treasure out of Indiana Jones. Scala Dei ('Ladder to God') was the Priorat monastery where, in the 12th century, the newly established order of Carthusian Monks first planted vines.

    After eight centuries of lying fallow, Priorat was revived by some winemaking visionaries in the 1990s who recognised the potential of the steep terraces and licorella soil, which lends Priorat wines their famously mineral undertones.

    The low yielding vines of this small (60ha) site produce a limited number of boutique wines with exceptional complexity and fruit expression, which marries beautifully with the classic mineral streak.

  25. Simon Hackett Old Vine Grenache Red Wine

    Simon Hackett Old Vine Grenache 2015



    Hey, where d'you think you're going? Why not stick around a while? Yeah, I know, there are only two of us here, just me and my right hand man and some pumps and fermenters and whatever, and OK, the place is kinda small, but hey, just have a glass of this wine. Yeah, that's right, it's nice.

    In fact I'd say it was kinda velvety, ripe red fruit, a lot goin' on, mmm...y'know why? It's because those old vines out there have stuck around as well, and the older the vine, the more complex the wine. Usually. Those vines were pretty old when I pitched up here in 1984. What's that? Another glass? Now you're seein' sense...

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