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So, it begins ay, Watson? The hunt, the great hunt is on! “…It’s Williams, sir.” Simmer down, Watson, here we can find a whole host of wines in the Oddbins range. Red, white, fortified, rosé or fine, it’s all here. In fact, there might be a bit too much… if you want to narrow the search Watson, we can use the ‘Refine By’ tool and search by grape, price, country or even character. The game is a foot!

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  1. Blau Cel 2016 Vegan and Vegetarian White Wine

    Blau Cel 2016

    Now £8.40

    Was £10.50


    High up in the sky, a worried-looking coyote is clinging to a faltering Acme ‘Mars-or-Bust’ space rocket. ‘Bust’ is the clear winner. Far below him is a crazy quilt of cartoon farmland, and his look turns to one of resignation as he realises that as soon as he's fallen into it, the rocket will follow, landing on his head. Never mind, coyote, at least you're landing in Moisès Virgili's wonderfully higgledy-piggledy vineyards in Tarragona, and you can now spend your days happily running round tending to the differing needs of all the little plots, and making this aromatic, white fruited, refreshing and entirely Mediterranean organic white. It's got to be better than the Grand Canyon!

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