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  1. Dry by Tokaj 2013 Hungarian White Wine

    Dry by Tokaj 2013



    There are two 'wowzer' elements to this white. Firstly, it's Hungarian, which is as rare as hen's teeth on UK wine shelves. Secondly, it's a dry version of the world-renowned amber nectar that is Tokaj dessert wine.

    The grape in question - Furmint - is usually left to go mouldy and 'botritise', which concentrates the sugars. But what happens if you don't let the wine go mouldy and you make a dry wine in the usual fashion?

    Well, Dry Furmint is a new phenomenon and we are happy to say that Dry by Tokaj is leading the way with this crisp, mineral, quince and orange blossom firecracker.

  2. Marvelous Yellow 2016 White Wine

    Marvelous Yellow 2016



    Like most complex characters, Adam Mason had many sides. On the one hand he was determined to make untrammelled varietal wine. On the other, he delighted in the concert of flavours, the jazz that blending could bring about.

    Having mastered the art of restraint with his Yardstick range, Adam wanted to let loose. A smile replaced his concentrated frown, and he went into the vineyards singing, picking a mélange of French white grapes with the pizzaz of a band leader cueing in musicians. You'll be helpless against the result! Chalky bass notes, trills of lychee, honeysuckle and papaya... Anyone fancy a dance?

  3. Oveja Blanca Muscat white wine

    Oveja Blanca Muscat 2016

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    If Spanish wine regions were bands, you could say that Rioja is Dire Straits - nobody's going to argue if you put Sultans of Swing on and nobody is going to argue if you bust out some velvety Rioja. But... sometimes you want something a bit more, ooh, Leftfield?

    In that case, Release the Pressure with Oveja Blanca Muscat - it's from that least classic of regions, Uclés, from cool vineyards at 700-900 metres altitude. Like Leftfield's tribal rhythms and canopy of electronic weirdness, this is vivifying in its freshness, interweaving lychees, grapefruit and rose petals. If this doesn't get you to your feet, nothing will.

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