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  1. Anette Closheim 'Savvy' 2016 German White Wine

    Anette Closheim 'Savvy' 2016



    Klaus was head-over-heels. Granted, he'd only seen Adelheid's picture, and - of course - fallen for her witty yet engaging online dating profile. But he'd truly tumbled. The last thing he was expecting was an answer to his hopeful message. And she wanted to meet! Klaus was in wonderland! The problem was he'd somewhat 'embellished' his description of himself.

    Adelheid's message revealed she was drawn to the wit, acumen, and sagacity he made much of. She was enamoured by the thought of a clever, practical man. And Klaus was far from that. Enter the fabled 'Woman of the Nahe'. Maker of potions. Just one sip of her 'Savvy' elixir and Klaus was brimming with canniness. What's more, the potion was just as elegant, lively and racy as Adelheid claimed to be. But that remained to be seen...

  2. Sancerre Bougrier 2015 white wine

    Bougrier Sancerre 2016



    This wine is so fist-thumpingly fresh, so buttock-clenchingly minerally, so eye-poppingly citrusy that, if you try it, you might for a moment mistake yourself for Brian Blessed, immediately start charging around, tearfully declaring "Gordon's alive!!" to anyone who'll listen and generally make yourself known to ear drums the world over. So, if you've ever wondered what it's actually like to be Brian Blessed, this is the wine for you.

  3. Bougrier Sauvignon Blanc 2015 Vintage White Wine

    Bougrier Sauvignon Blanc 2015



    It is a truth universally acknowledged that you have to go to the New World to get really good value in the classic French grape varieties, like sauvignon blanc. Or is it? Here's a Loire Valley sauvignon that's as crisp, fresh and grassy as a newly mowed meadow, with elegant minerality and a subtlety and restraint that's reminiscent of classic Sancerre or Pouilly Fume, at half the price. Which sounds like pretty good value to us. So set aside pride and prejudice and leave yourself open to persuasion with this classic white wine.

  4. Bougrier Touraine Sauvignon Blanc 2016 White Wine

    Bougrier Touraine Sauvignon Blanc 2016



    The family Bougrier were, by tradition, agricultural scientists. Their incredible achievements include the invention of a device for measuring the size of potatoes before digging them up, and a method for weighing cherries on a tree before they are picked. Their dream, however, was to find a way to lock particular aromas from the beautiful Touraine countryside into a tasty grape.

    After years of experiment they succeeded. They created a grape brimming with the clean, fresh scents of springtime hedgerows. Elderflowers, young nettles and cut grass. What's more, they discovered the flavours were even more appealing when the grapes were made into wine.

  5. Carta Vieja Sauvignon Blanc Wine Chile

    Carta Vieja Sauvignon Blanc 2015



    This Sauvignon just goes from strength to strength when it comes to great valued wine. Achieving an astonishing standard for the price, this white really shows true Sauvignon Blanc character.

    Carta Vieja have a brilliant knack of getting serious zeal across in both their reds, and whites like this one. This is a crisp, clean white wine with a lovely note of elderflower. Cracking party wine. Cracking everydayer. Open it up and take some time out to relax.

  6. Coteaux Du Giennois L'Oselier White Wine

    Coteaux Du Giennois L'Oselier 2015



    The grape vines in the Loire Valley had taken a hiding the last few years. When Mother Nature finished flinging harrowing hail she summoned sizzingly searing summers. The weather gods wrath resulted in lower harvests and ...more importantly increased prices of the famous wines of Sancerre and Pouilly Fume. Fear not damsels and dudes who adore these wines! Our knight in shining amour comes galloping from the slopes of the Cote Du Giennois. Heralding shining crispness, armed with orange, pears and flinty flavours. A heroic alternative to our aforementioned, besieged friends and a Sauvignon to shield us during hard times.

  7. Dig This! Chenin Sauvignon Blanc 2016

    Dig This! Chenin Sauvignon Blanc 2017



    Of all the pirates of the Western Cape, none were more infamous than Captain Cork. Indeed, so legendary were his deeds, some believed he was simply a myth, a bogeyman. But when Klaas stumbled upon an ancient map of the Province, he was sure it pointed the way to Cork's treasure.

    He spent months digging, finding nothing, growing increasingly frustrated until he gave up. However, on returning some years later, newly determined to uncover the horde, Klaas found vines had rooted themselves in the many holes he'd half-dug. The place was dripping with golden grapes, like pieces of eight; a wealth of precious juice. He just needed to swap his spade for secateurs and the treasure was all his!

  8. Domaine La Tour Beaumont Haut-Poitou 2016

    Domaine La Tour Beaumont Haut-Poitou 2016



    If someone was to tune into The Only Way is Essex, even if they didn't know what the programme was, you can be fairly sure that they can identify the county in question. Likewise, if you were to tune into Rab C. Nesbitt, you could probably pin it down to Glasgow.

    That's because they have a strong sense of place and it's a similar thing with the Haut-Poitou Sauvignon: its gooseberry, lime and blackcurrant leaf flavours are unmistakably Loire Valley and this is one channel you'll always be glad to tune into.

  9. Dourthe Croix des Bouquets Graves 2015 White Wine

    Dourthe Croix des Bouquets Graves Blanc 2015



    Nobody thought Pierre could actually tell which grapes had gone into any given wine just by using his nose. But that is what he boasted. Down to the very vine the grapes that made it came from.

    To throw him off the scent, sceptical colleagues mixed together crisp, grassy Sauvignon and citrussy Semillon and presented Pierre with two buckets, challenging him to tell them which was which. After a few sniffs, Pierre looked at them contemptuously and said with a Gallic shrug: 'Ha! You crossed the buckets!' They drank the mixture anyway. The blend was so delicious they continue to make it today, using only Pierre's nose to finalise the exact percentage of each batch.

  10. Emiliana Natura Sauvignon Blanc 2016 Chilean White Wine

    Emiliana Natura Sauvignon Blanc 2016



    Rick Blaine may claim he went to Casablanca for the waters, but we're pretty sure he would have been much less disappointed if someone had informed him of all the amazing wines made there instead. After all, we don't know about any waters that will give you zesty lime aromas and crunchy fruit flavours like this lively and zippy Sauvignon Blanc does.

    Move the gin aside, Rick, and forget about Ilsa. It's about time you set your sights on a new love and there's a new girl in town; Emiliana.

  11. Etienne de Loury 'Le Petit Duc' Sauvignon Blanc 2016

    Etienne de Loury 'Petit Duc' Sauvignon Blanc 2016



    What a life it must be, to be a lord. You get a nice estate, serfs to work your land and of course a delightfully hierarchical prefix to your name. What do you reckon, Marquess or Viscount? Definitely don't choose Baron, if you're picking a title you surely have to go for an esoteric one? This wine would have seniority though and rightly so; with powerful characters of gooseberries, lemongrass and elderflower, harmonising with a light body and refreshing acidity, 'The Little Duke' is clearly the rightful ruler of the Loire.

  12. Domaine du Salvard Cheverny 'Vignes des Marnières'

    Famille Delaille Cheverny 'Vignes des Marnieres' 2015



    There's more to Loire valley Sauvignon than Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé. Even occasionally more than just Sauvignon Blanc. This lesser known gem of a white wine delivers all the bone dry, nettles and flint crispness you'd expect from it's better known near neighbours, but with 15% Chardonnay added to this blend there's just a hint of something richer, rounder and riper that will take you pleasantly by surprise. And without a big name premium its something of a bargain to boot!

  13. Footprint Sauvignon Blanc 2016 White Wine

    Footprint 'The Long Walk' Sauvignon Blanc 2016



    There was no doubt. Grapes were going missing. Not just grapes, the best grapes. Everyone was baffled. Until one evening there was a light shower of rain, and in the softened ground the next morning, a footprint... Only Naas wore such footwear, and was duly arrested.

    Given his urgent protests, the humble grape picker was allowed a chance to prove his innocence. That night he filled his shoes with glue and left them, as he always did, outside on the step. Shortly after dark, unmentionable curses lifted through the night; and caught there in the shoe, much to Naas's delight, was a little elf*.

    Under duress, the elf let everyone taste the wine he'd made with the stolen grapes. Buckets of green apple and gooseberry zip! One sip and the elf was off the hook. As long as he promised to share...

    *And he was hopping mad.

  14. Joss Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2015

    Joss Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2016



    If you're a regular Oddbinite you may already be familiar with Hayden Johnston's (head winemaker of Joss Bay) work; he's also behind Kuru Kuru, a wine we've been singing the praises of, long before many of us were legally allowed to drink it. Hayden ended a career in accounting and finance to start making cracking Sauvignon Blanc. The right call dare we say, we have more than enough balance-sheets and KPIs but the world can always do with a stone-fruity, grapefruity Sauvignon with a rich creamy-texture. Good on ya Hayden!

  15. Kuru Kuru Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand White

    Kuru Kuru Sauvignon Blanc 2016



    In Japan "kuru-kuru" means to spin around and "kuru-kuru-pa" is a colloquialism meaning insane. Although the Kuru Kuru Sauvignon Blanc actually takes its name from a Maori ancestor of the winemaker, the Japanese seems kind of fitting as this wine is insanely good and its heady aromas and flavours will send your taste buds into a spin. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc at its finest, each dizzyingly impressive sip will lure you spiralling back in for another.

  16. La Girouette Sauvignon Blanc

    La Girouette Sauvignon Blanc 2015



    When you're choosing wine, the options can seem baffling. We have seen grown men weeping, rocking on the floor at their local corner shop for a beacon, something - anything - to guide them through the bewildering array of wines that the shop keep know nothing about. At Oddbins we try to make sure that never happens.

    One way we do this is to say 'if you like X wine, you may like this one too'. So! If you like Loire Sauvignon Blanc, you are going to love La Girouette. It delivers the tang-tastic citrus fruit of Loire Sauvignons with a little more fruit vibrancy, from the fulsome Languedoc sun.

  17. Le Bouquet de nos Vignes Blanc 2016 White Wine

    Le Bouquet de nos Vignes Blanc 2016

    Now £6.59

    Was £7.75


    Everyone knew Mademoiselle Renifler hated flowers. Insipid, fragile little hussies! She much preferred fruit; the ripe evening colour of white peaches; crisp apples; the languid perfection of almonds*.Why then, when she fell ill, did so many people send flowers? She could cope with the malady, but all those bunches of wilting blooms...

    Luckily, her neighbours knew better. They toyed with sending a fruit basket, but knew she was too frail to eat. So, being vignerons, they fashioned a wine, bringing together the mademoiselle's favourite fruit flavours. 'Our bouquet', they called it in jest. She loved it! So much so, she not only survived the illness, but lived to a ripe old age!

    *Which are fruit, by the way.

  18. Longview The Whippet Sauvignon Blanc Australian Wine

    Longview 'The Whippet' Sauvignon Blanc 2016

    Now £12.15

    Was £13.50


    ***Commended at the International Wine Challenge 2015***

    Well. When we got into the business of selling wine, little did we imagine that we would become the go-to business for Whippet lovers nationwide. But, for obvious reasons, Longview winery’s Whippet Sauvignon Blanc has gone down a storm with the canine-loving community.

    Thankfully, it happens to be a cracking little wine too. Racier than a Whippet in a field of sheep, it is bursting with gooseberry, asparagus and nettle flavours.

  19. Los Tortolitos Sauvignon Blanc 2016 Chilean White Wine

    Los Tortolitos Sauvignon Blanc 2016



    For the Spanish aficionados amongst you, you may be aware Los Tortolitos translates as "the Lovebirds." This name derives from Chilean harvesters observing a lone jay looking terriably blue. Depressed by his hermit existence but accepting of his lot, he turned to the age old monkish practice of assisting in the production of wine. He would pick single grapes and drop them into the harvester's baskets. One day, in a moment of decadence, he ate a grape and was so overcome with the refreshing taste of the Sauvignon Blanc grape he was inspired to invent Tindr. He swiped right on a charming young parakeet from the central valley and the rest is history. Now Tinder and Los Tortolitos Sauvignon Blanc are helping lovebirds everywhere.

  20. Manuka Springs Sauvignon Blanc 2016 White Wine New Zealand

    Manuka Springs Sauvignon Blanc 2016



    All over Marlborough unusual geysers spurt manuka honey high into the air. Although initially this was a sticky nightmare for the locals, since manuka honey joined goji berries and pink Himalayan rock salt in the mystical list of superfoods, the locals have embraced the manuka springs.

    The world renowned Sherwood Estate makes this wonderful Sauvignon Blanc in their honour. A veritable fruit salad up the nose, gooseberries, limes, guavas and passionfruits, followed by a tangy lemony slap on the taste buds.

  21. Matetic EQ Coastal Sauvignon Blanc White Wine

    Matetic EQ Coastal Sauvignon Blanc 2015

    Now £13.95

    Was £15.50


    This delightful Sauvignon Blanc is certainly worth a try! Tropical fruit combines with citrus to create a delicate and complex nose. We're not sure what heaven would look like but we certainly hope its filled with as much joy and pleasure as this wine gives us when drinking it.

  22. Menetou Salon Henry Pellé 'Les Bornés' Loire France Wine

    Menetou Salon Henry Pellé 'Les Bornes' 2015



    From the producer who almost single-handedly put Menetou-Salon on the map as a serious competitor to its big-name neighbours, Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé, this wine is really a delight.

    Crisp and cleansing, with brilliantly pure lemon fruit, this is what the Loire is all about and, between you and us, the prices haven't caught up yet, so now's a good time to get in there.

  23. Oveja Negra Sauvignon Blanc Carmenere Chile

    Oveja Negra Sauvignon Blanc Carmenère 2016



    Like when you walk into the garden after a long winter to discover lil' daffodils boldly bursting forth in search of sun and warmth and other heart-gladdening flora, Oveja Negra is a pleasant surprise.

    A frankly weird blend of Sauvignon Blanc and the plump yet herbaceous red grape, Carmenère, it has an intensely, marvellously refreshing grapefruit-y core, with subtle mineral characteristics and a herbal touch from the Carmenère. A wine to put a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

  24. Pascal Jolivet Attitude Sauvignon Blanc White Wine

    Pascal Jolivet Attitude Sauvignon Blanc 2013



    'Less is more', the saying goes. But we're not so sure. Is one scoop really better than two? Would we rather a two day weekend or a three? The answer always seems to suggest that 'more is more'. But then this little number came along and it all made sense!

    Jolivet and his team have really mastered the art of 'less is more', with minimal intervention wine making, focusing simply on the purity of the grape, unique nuances from the terroir and allowing natures vibrancy to take centre stage.

    But then, once you've tried its delicate aromas of lime, green apple, kiwi fruit and some vegetal notes, you might end up asking yourself, is one glass really better then two?

  25. Pouilly Fume 'Pierre Louis' Guyollot 2015 White Wine

    Pouilly-Fumé 'Pierre-Louis' Guyollot 2015



    Sports fans worldwide are familiar with the Gallic cockerel, but few know its significance. Nowadays, this national symbol suggests pride and pizazz; but it's origins stem from an act of defiance. Roman invaders had besieged a small community of chicken farmers in the Loire. The farmers held out bravely, repelling the Romans with every stick, stone, shoe, and over-cooked loaf they had. Until there was nothing left to hurl.

    In desperation they turned to their chickens. Plump and properly reared as they were, it was clear their impact would be minor. Therefore, confident the flames would cause only superficial harm before being doused by the passage through the air, they set the chickens afire. And so it was. The Romans found themselves bombarded with a barrage of smouldering foul. The Poulet Fumer - 'Smokey Chicken' - of Loire legend. Oh.. hang on. Pouilly... ah.

  26. Pouilly-Fumé Petit Fumé 2015 White Wine

    Pouilly-Fumé Petit Fumé 2015



    This is called ""Petit"" Fumé but it is anything but a ""petit vin"". This comes as no surprise, as Sebastien Redde, the winemaker, is a descendant of 14 generations of wine growers, which takes us back to 1630!

    On the nose you get white fruits and fresh herb and floral notes, and on the palate you get the classic aromas of wet stone, citrus fruits and light floral notes. This wine is all about freshness. Try it with a typical French goats cheese salad and you will immediately feel like you're in France, sitting on a chair outside in a garden full of peach trees, on a sunny but fresh spring afternoon.

    You might even start to speak French fluently without even noticing, and say something like: ""Petit? Ah non, certainement pas! Ce Petit Fumé est un "grand” vin!"" You wouldn't even know what you were saying but you would be sure that it made sense...

  27. Rapaura Springs Sauvignon Blanc White Wine

    Rapaura Springs Sauvignon Blanc 2016



    Full-flavoured and exceptionally pure with sweet, juicy tropical flavours and succulent passionfruit, a lively whack of zesty citrus and freshly squeezed lime makes the finish luscious, dry and refreshing.

  28. Rapaura Springs Sauvignon Blanc Reserve

    Rapaura Springs Sauvignon Blanc Reserve 2016



    This Reserve Sauvignon Blanc is an excellent representation of the finest quality from Marlborough, made from the winery's finest parcels. Rich with succulent passionfruit, guava and citrus flavours. Layers of concentrated tropical fruit and citrus flavours are complemented by an attractive, flinty or mineral aspect on the full, rich palate. A mouth-watering, zesty, acidity frames a delicious, lingering finish.

  29. Ribbonwood Sauvignon Blanc White Wine NZ

    Ribbonwood Sauvignon Blanc 2015

    Now £9.35

    Was £11.00


    Smell plays a massive part in what you taste. That's why when your nose is all bunged up food tastes bland. If you don't believe us pinch your nose and eat a mouthful of banana, you'll notice that it tastes muted, but when you release your nostrils you get a whoosh of banana flavour.

    The Ribbonwood Sauvignon Blanc is the epitome of aromatic; drinking a glass of this wine should be renamed "arom-ercise" as it's a veritable nostril workout.

  30. Saint Clair Vicars Choice Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand

    Saint Clair Vicar's Choice Sauvignon Blanc 2015



    It's hard to stand out against the crowd, especially when the crowd is over-crowded. Y'know? Kiwi Sauvignon is a wine type that faces this peril. However, like a bright colour in a sea of beige, Saint Clair Sauvignon Blanc shines through like a triumphant hero, waving its piercing flavours of vibrant passion fruit, zippy grapefruit and herbaceous blackcurrant leaf boldly aloft, saying 'I have a voice!' Well, luckily our Buyer Ana heard Saint Clair's cry and picked it up, giving it its rightful place on Oddbins shelves. A little character goes a long way...

  31. Sancerre Merlin 2015

    Sancerre Merlin 2015



    Merlin is presented in a multitude of ways, appearing in 1000s of forms of popular culture. Traditionally, he is viewed as the trusted advisor of King Arthur. If you follow the Harry Potter school of thought, Merlin was considered 'The Prince of Enchanters,' he was so influential in the universe you could swear by him, for example, "Merlin's beard a lot of adults are talking about this children's book!" At Oddbins he is a rather different legendary figure; Theirry Merlin Cherrier, who makes a wonderfully aromatic Sancerre. A wine that is zingy and fresh on the palate with heaps of grapefruit, lemon, elderflower and a flinty minerality. Merlin's beard, that's a good Sauvignon Blanc!

  32. Sauternes Castelnau de Suduiraut Half Bottle White Wine

    Sauternes Castelnau de Suduiraut 2008 - Half bottle - 375ml



    Château Suduiraut is an achingly beautiful, classically French Chateau, perched between the Ciron and the Garonne and it is the autumnal morning mist that rolls off these rivers that provides the perfect conditions for Noble Rot. "But wait, you were painting such a lovely picture!" you might wail, distraught. But, we reassure you, Noble Rot is Sauternes' best friend and allows it to develop the other-worldly marmalade, minerally, manuka honey flavours that make it so dearly-loved the world over. Happy ending after all, eh!

  33. Schauer Sauvignon Blanc Sausal 2016 Austrian White Wine

    Schauer Sauvignon Blanc Sausal 2016

    Now £12.75

    Was £15.00


    Look down from Schauer's vineyards - one of Europe's highest winemaking locations - and imagine: 300 million years ago, everything you see below lay beneath a prehistoric ocean; and where you're standing was an island. Mindblowing how things evolve.

    This wine is testament to that. Sauvignon Blanc from Austria! Planted on severe slate slopes, with uncompromising character. Minerality, Alpine herbs; and crisp and clean as mountain air. An extraordinary meeting of modern and ancient. Who said time travel is impossible? Just take a sip!

  34. Terra Noble Sauvignon Blanc 2016 Chilean White Wine

    Terra Noble Sauvignon Blanc 2016



    David Bowie loved to be musical and was a visual chameleon. Sauvignon Blanc likes to shape shift too. This white grape can change its flavour of wine according to where it's grown. From Bordeaux to New Zealand this grape has many guises across the globe.

    In Chile, Sauvignon Blanc comes out in a sparkling body suit of citrus and tropical fruits. Like our favourite Starman, Sauvignon Blanc morphs like Bowie's face and words.

  35. The Kauri Tree Sauvignon Blanc 2016

    The Kauri Tree Sauvignon Blanc 2016



    Did you know that Kauri trees can stand up to 50m high?

    The immense height of these trees allows them to dominate forest canopies and makes them an effective winemaking tool for crushing grapes. Each harvest, Alan McCorkindale takes a trip to find one of the ancient giants, climbing it with his parcels of Sauvignon Blanc grapes. He then drops the grapes back down into a tank, one by one, releasing deliciously zingy juices for his wine as the impact crushes the fruit.

    Clean, crisp and refreshingly fruity, this Marlborough white wine is named in honour of the Kauri Trees' key part in this unconventional and somewhat fictional method.*

    *We confess, it's actually named after these awe-inspiring trees as a reminder of nature's magnificent capabilities, which is why McCorkindale and his team interfere with their grapes as little as possible when making their delicious wines.

  36. Touraine Chenonceaux La Vouté 2015 French Wine

    Touraine Chenonceaux La Voûte 2016

    Now £13.39

    Was £15.75


    Usually, with white wine, the grapes are whisked off the skins before fermentation, which otherwise start imparting tannins and whatnot (that's a technical term), more appropriate for red wines. However! Some vintners, like Thierry Delauney in the Loire Valley, opt to leave the skins in the mix for part of the fermentation.

    Why do we sound so excited about this? Because it can lead to incredibly exciting, supple, textured wines such as La Vouté. It is rare for Sauvignon to be so fulsome and golden, but that it is, with glorious flavours of exotic fruits, citronella and white flowers.

  37. Tydy Sauvignon Blanc French White Wine

    Tydy Sauvignon Blanc 2016



    Winemaker Thierry Delaunay exemplifies the best of the new generation of French wine makers and, while appreciating the traditional nuances of terroir and climate, Thierry has enthusiastically embraced modern winemaking techniques and styles. In other words, it's right tidy. Tydy. In fact, if you were pressed into describing it in terms of home ware shops (this can happen), an accurate match would be Ikea. A slim little package that, when unpacked, creates a clean, refreshing ambience whatever the surroundings.

  38. Villa Maria Southern Clays Sauvignon Blanc 2016

    Villa Maria Southern Clays Sauvignon Blanc 2016



    You probably think you already know all about Marlborough Sauvignons; like a well-fitting pair of boots. They're comfy as hell! Who cares if the laces are frayed and the soles are coming away from the rest of the material; so it looks like the boots are having a conversation with each other while you're strolling to your local watering hole? "The usual, please bar-keep!" Think again! Grown in the exceptional Southern Clays region of Marlborough this wine is the Sauvignon Blanc equivalent of bejewelled brogues, even Cinderella will turn her head to see what you're wearing & more to the point, what you're drinking!

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