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So, it begins ay, Watson? The hunt, the great hunt is on! “…It’s Williams, sir.” Simmer down, Watson, here we can find a whole host of wines in the Oddbins range. Red, white, fortified, rosé or fine, it’s all here. In fact, there might be a bit too much… if you want to narrow the search Watson, we can use the ‘Refine By’ tool and search by grape, price, country or even character. The game is a foot!

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  • Manuka Springs Sauvignon Blanc 2016



    A veritable fruit salad up the nose, gooseberries, limes, guavas and passionfruits, followed by a tangy lemony slap on the taste buds.
  • Château Coussin Rosé 2016

    Now £12.50

    Was £15.00


    Delicate, poised and flawlessly elegant this rose carries the complexion of Grace Kelly.
  • Vicioso Malbec 2015



    A plush and robust red, succulent and cassis-heavy with a gorgeous silky texture. Power-packed yet complex, and a stunning steak wine!
  • Gertie Cabernet Franc 2017



    Named after the winemaker's great aunt, this stunning red offers juicy blackberry flavours.
  • Rolling Hills Chardonnay 2016



    A beautiful white wine with expressive stone fruit flavours and a creamy texture.

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  1. Aymura Syrah 2013

    Aymura Syrah 2013



    Elqui Valley, Chile. Giorgio Flessati, a winemaker from the mountains of Northern Italy, is standing in a barrel room, gazing with satisfaction at the Aymura Syrah he has made for Viña Mayu. In five months it will be bottled and all who cross its path will be impressed by the thick, red fruit flavours which underpin its heady whirl of black pepper, smoke and leather.

    While the wine ages, Giorgio will fly back to Trentino, to catch up with family and friends and generally enjoy La Dolce Vita. During his flight he will doze, and dream about the wine he has made over the years in Bordeaux, Sicily, even Australia.

    Cambridgeshire, England. Dave Conkers, a factory supervisor from Peterborough, is standing in his garage, smiling wistfully at a row of demijohns. Mmm, this year should be the best yet. Hush now, Dave is dreaming too. Let him fly.

  2. Cesar a Sumeire Rosé Wine France

    César à Sumeire Rosé 2016



    In the world of Provencal rosés, as with Victorian make-up, the general rule is the paler the better. This doesn't mean that they are wan wallflowers (as we imagine Victorian women) but, as with Cesar, they can be thrilling, vivacious, flavour-packed and racy wines.

    With an elegant nose of jasmine and wild rose and an ample palate of cranberries and lemon peel, there isn't a trace of sober Victoriana. Er, which isn't to say you shouldn't be sober at all times, officer.

  3. Cotes Du Rhone 'Blason' Esterzagues 2015

    Côtes Du Rhône 'Blason' Esterzagues 2015 *WEB EXCLUSIVE*



    No matter how rugged someone thinks they are- everyone wants to hide under a favourite blanket at some point. This Côtes du Rhône is the red wine equivalent. Juicy red berry fruits knit together with tummy warming spices. Woven from Grenache, Syrah and Mouvedre this red wine duvet is completely unfiltered, giving it an extra silky texture. A perfect tipple with friends or when you're feeling 'Rhônely'...ahem.

  4. Clos Bellane "Altitude" Côtes du Rhône Rosé Wine 2013

    Clos Bellane "Altitude" Côtes du Rhône Rosé 2016

    Now £11.50

    Was £13.00


    At Oddbins Towers we call this The Pink Panther. It bears no resemblance to the sneaky cartoon character in the title sequence of the film and its winemaker is certainly not a bumbling fool like Inspector Jacques Clouseau.

    No, we call this The Pink Panther because it's a diamond, a precious and brilliant diamond with a delicate pink hue. In fact this rosé wine is so good and has proven so popular we've had to employ Cato to protect it in our warehouse. He's just so unpredictable; half our staff are off with injuries.

  5. Clos Bellane 'Les Echalas' Côtes du Rhône Villages Valréas Rouge 2012

    Clos Bellane 'Les Echalas' Côtes du Rhône Villages Valréas Rouge 2014

    Now £17.43

    Was £20.50


    It's well known that many indigenous people of the Rhone, like most mountain folk, are short and squat. To be born tall and thin is a boon, here; and from an early age these 'beanpoles' are singled out for specialist work, picking the higher grapes from the tops of the vines.

    Taking it's name from the French for pole, or stake, 'Éschalas' honours these gangly individuals, without whom those sun-filled grapes right at the top of the vine would never have made it into this belting Rhone blend. Honest...

  6. Couleur De Rosé Wine

    Couleur de Rosé 2016

    Now £6.30

    Was £7.00


    Another excellent rosé by well known winemaker Claude Serra. The rosé is macerated for 8 to 12 hours before being fermented before filtering.

    It is pale in colour, offering a sweet nose with flavours of strawberries complimented by pepper and menthol notes. On the palate it is crisp, with a great balance between the rich fruity aromas and freshness. It provides a long and fresh finish.

  7. Dig This! Shiraz Merlot 2016 Vegan Red Wine

    Dig This! Shiraz Merlot 2016



    There were so many pirates at one point in the seas around the Cape that the nearby land became infested with escaped parrots. These parrots had a penchant for ripe, fruity grapes; and given the seasonal glut, they soon learned to bury their food for the harder months to come. The holes Klaas had half-dug, unsuccessful in his search to uncover Captain Cork's legendary horde, proved the perfect hiding place!

    But parrots, of course, are famously forgetful. It was only a matter of time before those buried grapes burst into vine. When Klaas returned to the Province to resume his search, the place was laden with ruby jewels! He just needed to harvest these riches to have his spade work pay off.

  8. Domaines Ott Chateau Romasson Bandol Rosé 2016 Provence Rose

    Domaines Ott Château Romasson Bandol Rosé 2016



    There's a saying in AOC Bandol; "you're either Ott or you're not!" Well, it could be a saying, they may be French speakers down there and that could actually be a quote from mediocre action movie 'SWAT' but the message of the quote holds up. Domaine Ott is in many respects the barometer by which all Provence rosé is judged. They've been making outstanding wines, decades before the Brangelinas of the world started to saignée about the South of France.

    Pale, with a smooth, full mouth-feel, expressing bright notes of pink grapefruit, raspberries and white orchard flowers; after trying this wine you may also find yourself announcing at summer soirees; "it's either Ott or it's not!"

  9. First Creek Hunter Valley Shiraz Red Wine

    First Creek Hunter Valley Shiraz 2014

    Now £13.00

    Was £16.50


    "Own label wine brands." Words which, rightly or wrongly, send a shiver down many a spine. A phrase which sounds like a four-word Gothic novel, but really it depends on whose own label it is. Mickey Tipton's Fowl Emporium may arouse suspicion, for instance, as might King-size Tony's Sweetbread Parlour.

    But in Hunter Valley, New South Wales, the First Creek Winery was making wine under contract for local growers. And they were so good at it that in 2008 they started a range of their own, including this gorgeously satisfying, concentrated, medium-bodied Shiraz, and within a very short time it was winning all manner of awards.

    Mickey Tipton's Château Gazunder, alas, couldn't get a Food Hygiene Certificate.

  10. Fontein Ridge Pinotage Shiraz 2015 Vegetarian Red Wine

    Fontein Ridge Pinotage Shiraz 2015

    Now £5.85

    Was £6.50


    Modern winemakers often talk about having innovative ideas and that's because they know how important it is to bring new and fresh wines to you!

    Take this South African Pinotage and Shiraz blend for example. They call it 'Fontein Ridge' because it contains fountains of juicy tannins and ripe fruit flavours with hints of vanilla and chocolate on the nose. It's almost unbelievable how they get so much into such a small bottle!

    Though, if they wanted to take it one step further we wouldn't complain if they build an actual fountain of wine. Now THAT's what we'd call innovation...

  11. Jean-Luc Colombo Rose ‘Les Pins Couches’

    Jean-Luc Colombo Rosé 'Les Pins Couches' 2016



    This crisp, spicy rosé shares many traits with its nutty namesake detective, Colombo. They both have a decided twinkle in their eye and a deceptively lightness of touch that belies a lovely depth.

    And, whilst we couldn't rightly claim that they both smell of crunchy red cherries and delicate spice, we can definitely say that they both have a memorable finish that, just when you think it's over, leans and intones 'just one more thing'...

  12. La Purisma Syrah Spanish Red

    La Purísima Syrah 2014



    Bodegas La Purísima was founded in in 1946 by a forward-thinking group of farmers who recognised the potential of their land to produce better quality wines. Their sustained efforts led to the creation of the coveted' Denomination Origin' of Yecla in 1975.

    Quite some achievement - and the bodegas has gone from strength to strength, these days creating confident wines such as La Purisma Syrah. A deep ruby in colour, with intense flavours of violets and flourishes of spicy black fruit. Farmers, we thank you.

  13. Le Bouquet de nos Vignes Rouge 2016 Vegetarian Red Wine

    Le Bouquet de nos Vignes Rouge 2016



    Marianne le Pétale was, without question, the most beautiful girl in La Vicomté. There was no doubt. Once she turned twenty she would be Flower Queen. Everyone agreed. It would be a travesty were she not. There was just one problem. Marianne had terrible Hay Fever*. And being Flower Queen meant being garlanded with blooms.

    Happily, a group of quick-thinking vignerons suggested a solution. Rather than gathering blossoms to celebrate Marian's investiture, they fashioned a wine. A wine bursting with fragrance, shimmering with deep berry colours and the violet tints of Marianne's eyes. A wine as vibrant and exuberant as the flowers that would otherwise have been presented. "Our bouquet", they commented, and winked, as the beautiful Marianne donned her crown.

    *That's why she was sometimes a bit sniffy.

  14. Le Hameau des Ollieux Corbieres Boutenac 2015 Vegan Red Wine

    Le Hameau des Ollieux Corbières Boutenac 2015



    When is an organic grape not an organic grape? When its bona fides haven't been certified by the appropriate agricultural body! Hmmm, needs a bit of work but, like many wineries, Château Ollieux Romanis follows organic viticulture methods yet leaves its options open should a vintage go awry.

    Wine quality is the overriding priority, and the smallest possible quantities of non-organic compounds will be used to rescue a crop if it's entirely necessary. Trust us, it hurts them even more than it hurts you, and it's a tiny sacrifice for this heady blend of liquorice, spice, blackcurrant and mocha.

  15. Longview 'Red Bucket' Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 Vegetarian Red Wine

    Longview 'Red Bucket' Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 2013



    ***Silver at the International Wine Challenge 2015*

    Founded by brothers Peter and Mark Saturno, after they tired of city life in The Big Apple and decided to return home to their homeland of Macclesfield in the Adelaide Hills, Australia. Whilst we are happy that they were able to retreat from the frenetic pace of New York, we’re also very pleased that they started making wine in this idyllic spot.

    Macclesfield is a tad warmer than the rest of the cool climate region of Adelaide, and this means that the Saturno brothers are able to produce wines with great depth and intensity, as well as the finesse and poise, like this rich, raspberry and game-flavoured belter. A rather nice homecoming, we say.

  16. Longview 'Yakka' Shiraz 2015 Vegetarian Red Wine

    Longview 'Yakka' Shiraz 2015



    ***Silver at the International Wine Challenge 2015***

    This wine takes its name not from the Aussie slang for hard work, although judging by its magnificently rich, sturdy and swarthy character, you’d wager they had put a lot of work into it. Nope, this wine takes its name from the striking Australian grass shrub, pictured on the label, which also reveals the producer’s love for their homeland and this, too, shines through in this terroir-driven wine, whose dense, ripe black cherry and white pepper flavours show off the warmth of the Macclesfield micro-climate.

  17. Lothian Vineyards 'Horny Owl' Shiraz South African Wine

    Lothian Vineyards 'Horny Owl' Shiraz 2014

    Now £9.00

    Was £9.50


    We are quite sure that there is a more profound meaning attached to this South African Shiraz, but we're just going to admit that we are finding it hard not to let our inner teenager snigger at the name.

    Pathetic and immature, yes, BUT, remember, this is Oddbins and we are allowed to be ridiculous. Mm kay? Just don't bring this wine to the first meeting with your super conservative in-laws to be, like someone did, ahem.

    Idiocy aside, the tantalizing aromas of dark brooding fruits and spice-laden goodness should leave you in a tip top mood. It might even put you in another kind of mood altogether...

  18. Man O' War Dreadnought Syrah 2013 Vegan Red Wine

    Man O' War Dreadnought Syrah 2013



    If you're a world-class winery, you will be in possession of a few things, including a gifted winemaker and a well-placed vineyard. Man O' War have both of these. Their winemaker, Duncan McTavish is basically a grape-whisperer and the vineyard where the Syrah vines grow might as well have an X marking the spot on the map. It has a well-angled slope, which means the vine can catch the sun for the longest amount of time, and a cooling sea breeze, which means the grapes don't get hot under the collar. All of which leads to a breath-taking wine, with smoky peat notes draped over the overt blueberry and pepper aromas. Concentrated yet well-balanced, with vibrant acidity and a streak of almost salty minerality, it would be perfect with wood-fired pigeon.

  19. Marvelous Red 2015 Vegetarian Red Wine

    Marvelous Red 2015

    Now £8.75

    Was £9.75


    Good jazz is all about balance. Blending. Just the right amount of this, just the right amount of that. It's also about taking a little creative risk now and then. Of course, that could mean things go wrong. But when things go right, wow! That just gets your feet tapping.

    Take this ensemble of Mediterranean varieties. Good soloists, all. But brought together under the baton of an inspired winemaker, well. You better get your dancing shoes. And, of course, creativity is nothing without structure. So, let the old bush vine Cinsault handle that, while the other players go to town. Cherry, rose petals and chalk. Music to the tongue!

  20. Merino Syrah

    Merino Movi Limari Syrah 2014



    Don't have the wool pulled over your eyes, this is not an advert for merino jumpers. However, this Syrah would certainly keep you warm if you walked the wind swept hills of this wine's home in the Limari Valley, Chile. Rich yet elegant black berry and raspberry flavours, followed by Syrah's typical sweet spice and peppery character on the finish. Also, if you think you can taste violets- you'd be tasting the tiny addition (5%) of the white grape Viognier. No need to feel sheepish- try it out!

  21. Michelas St Jemms Cornas Les Murettes 2013 Vegan Red Wine

    Michelas St Jemms Cornas Les Murettes 2013



    Cornas, some may be surprised to learn is in fact, a renowned winegrowing region in the Northern Rhone and not the plural of the protective outer layer of the eye... That would be corneas. Ironically, the wines of Cornas are said to be so beautiful that to look upon them you can go temporarily blind. This example from Michelas St-Jemms is no exception. Made from 100% Syrah it has complex flavours of dark forest fruit, mocha and a subtle suggestion of roasted meat. There is tremendous depth and concentration, with a lovely balanced structure and long finish. You obviously won't go blind but you may well be struck dumb.

  22. Pérez Cruz Carménère 2015 Vegetarian Red Wine

    Pérez Cruz Carménère 2015



    Carmenere is the forgotten one of the six Bordeaux grape varieties. But like an incredibly athletic and intrepid mole it has popped its head up in Chile. Here it produces some incredibly potent and complex reds like this one.

    Perez Cruz's Carménère is a riotous carnival of a wine, ripe black berry fruits mingle with more dried and baked fruit flavours and some lovely green herby notes. There's so much going on here it's impossible not to just get swept along with the party.

  23. Perez Cruz Waiki Cabernet 2014 Vegetarian Red Wine

    Pérez Cruz Waiki Cabernet 2014



    This wine takes its name from a curious custom in the Maipo Andes, in which new brides must go to the river, catch a fish and whisper "Wakey Wakey", before letting it go about its day.

    But this doesn't tell you much about the wine, so we'll help out: it has ripe red fruits, black pepper and vanilla flavours, underpinned by fresh aromas of tarragon and laurel. We don't know about fish, but we do know about red wine. This is one that's guaranteed to wake up your taste buds.

  24. Penfolds Grange 2012

    Penfolds Grange 2012



    Penfolds Grange instantly expresses its exuberance from the moment that the dense and dark liquid hits the glass.

    Offering its drinker a multitude of sweet and savoury aromas, Grange first tempts the nose with black olives, liquorice and a hint of soy. These are quickly followed by wafts of tiramisu, mascarpone and zabaglione before notes of freshly roasted hazelnut and ground coffee beans are introduced.

    This fresh and refined tipple demonstrates big and bright flavours of red liquorice, gravy reduction and black olive tapenade to mention but a few! Irresistibly deep, Grange is abundant with red fruits and the weighty wine is encrusted with dusty, softened tannins.

    Penfolds argue that Grange is Australia's most celebrated wine. A bold claim, but for a beautifully bold wine. And we can see exactly what all the fuss is about.

  25. Penfolds RWT Shiraz 2013

    Penfolds RWT Shiraz 2013



    RWT: Rather Wonderful and Terrific.*

    A bright, deep red in colour, Penfolds RWT Shiraz is abundant with fruit and spice aromas. Initially, the nose is treated to boysenberry and mulberry, followed by Moroccan spices laced with malt and mustard seed. Then, hints of nuts and cedar oak intermingle with the scents of freshly glazed figs and brandy snaps.

    This fruitiness follows onto the palate where luscious cranberry and blueberry flavours are found. Stylish, balanced and persistent, the wine provides pronounced tannins that are accompanied with a flow of Barossa fruits.

    *RWT actually stands for Red Winemaking Trial but fortunately for us it made it past the trials and on to our tables back in 2000!

  26. Reyneke Organic Red Wine 2017

    Reyneke Organic Red Wine 2017



    Rudiger was always disappointed the fresh coastal breeze kicked in just as he settled down for a drink after slogging all day in the vineyards. He thought long and hard about how to beat the problem. He considered planting a bank of conifers to deflect the wind. Of relocating the vehicle shed to block it. But it all seemed a little extreme.

    Stoically sipping a red one evening, he had a brainwave. Noticing the wine gave out a daytime warmth, counteracting the evening chill, he set about painting it onto the walls of his stoep. Sure enough, the concentrated, plummy red coddled the heat of the sun and reflected it through the evening. All he needed was a catchy name for the 'paint' and he was certain the technique would catch on. Of course, it's far less effort to drink it, with much the same warming effect.
  27. Rolling Hills Shiraz 2016 - Australian Red Wine

    Rolling Hills Shiraz 2016



    In the early 1980s people discovered the virtue of the Central Rangers. What would they be? You might rightly enquire. Well, political figures named Tony, Dave & Nick dawned in tight red, blue & yellow body suits mightily morphed their supposedly opposing parties into one giant amorphous blob of political apathy, intent on fighting the evils of Lord Zedd. That was the idea anyway but then there was some lying about uranium, some referendums and some student voters in Sheffield Hallam. After all that turmoil and well, incompetence the Central Rangers thought they better turn their hand to something else. They mighty morphed one more time and became the largest cool climate wine growing region in Australia. It appeared what the Central Rangers lacked in political aptitude they made up for in aiding Debbie Lauritz ripen the grapes for this incredible Shiraz; delivering a generous forest fruit flavoured palate with subtle spice and well-integrated use of oak.

    It turns out the region is called Central Ranges not Central Rangers, please disregard all previous information. No political figures were physically harmed in the making of this tasting note... Just their feelings.

  28. Terra Noble Reserva Syrah 2014

    Terra Noble Reserva Syrah 2014

    Now £8.55

    Was £9.50


    Combine Clint Eastwood's character in the seminal western 'Pale Rider' and pair it with the West African proverb: "Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far." That embodies what Syrah can be like.

    This Syrah straddles the two personalities of this grape variety and the film's protagonist 'The Preacher' - sometimes brooding, dark and softly spoken. Other times a spray of bullets packed with explosive fruits, horse leather and loaded with cracked pepper and spice. Fantastic wine! Mr Eastwood's film is pretty good too.

  29. Yalumba 'The Caley' 2012 Vegan and Vegetarian Red Wine

    Yalumba 'The Caley' 2012



    Is it a Kookaburra? Is it a boomerang? No, it's Aussie Superman! Here to save you from venomous snakes, poisonous spiders, boxing kangaroos and whatever other unforgiving wild life is perpetually trying to make you give up on your dream of going outside.

    Okay it's not a man, there is a new super-wine to come out of Australia though! In July of 2017 Yalumba, the oldest family-owned winery in Australia, launched 'The Caley.' Named for Fred Caley Smith, famed horticulturalist and grandson of Yalumba's founder, 'The Caley' is the pinnacle of Barossa winemaking. Grapes are selected from the Yalumba's 3 best vineyards around Coonawarra and the Barossa Valley, the wine has dominating flavours of black and red currants, savoury herbs and pipe tobacco, all presented with a silken grace. It won't protect you from an 8-inch Huntsman but it will save you from the bland and the boring!

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