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  1. Churchill's Ten Years Old Tawny Port 50cl

    Churchill's 10 Year Old Tawny Port 500ml



    If you're someone for whom Port is weighed down by a connotation of stuffy old institutions, bizarre ceremonies and old school ties, don't let a snob from your past prevent you from trying this outstanding wine; this port will change your mind. If you've never tried a tawny, plunge into the depths of the rich, nutty, smoky flavours that abound here and contemplate the life of a convert. This example is versatile enough to be chilled before serving and doubles up as either an excellent aperitif or after-dinner treat.

  2. Niepoort Redoma Tinto 2014 Portuguese Red Wine

    Niepoort Redoma Tinto 2014



    Redoma is the perfect Douro ambassador and is often served with a towering pyramid of Ferrero Rocher. Well, that's not entirely accurate. But with a great balance of berry fruit and minerality, all bound up with spice, pepper and a hint of floral aromas, it's a great representative for the region. Try it with a game terrine and fruit chutney. Just don't spend too long trying to make a towering pyramid out of your terrine, it's not Ferrero Rocher. Crack on with the wine. Excellente!

  3. Quinta do Noval 2008/09 LBV

    Quinta do Noval LBV Unfiltered Port 2011

    Now £19.00

    Was £24.00


    Traditions can be really odd can’t they? Take cheese-rolling in Gloucestershire, where people leg it down a hill after a nine pound round of Double Gloucester cheese, which can reach up to 70mph, in a bid to win said cheese. The tradition of treading the grapes for Port in traditional ‘lagares’ is a slightly less ridiculous tradition, with indubitably tastier results. This Port, from a simply cracking year, underwent foot-treading in a lagare and has flavours of ripe plums, stewed blackberries and a hint of sweet tobacco. It would probably go pretty well Double Gloucester, come to think of it.
  4. Noval Silval 1998 Vintage Port

    Quinta do Noval Silval Vintage Port 1998

    Now £35.00

    Was £40.00


    This Port, unlike yours truly, was charming in its youth. Full of swaggering, fresh young fruit, it was a joy to drink, which isn't always the case for Vintage Ports.

    However, the passage of time has mellowed it out (something we can relate to) even more and now it is a Port of complexity and, dare we say, majesty.

    With flavours of spiced, raisiny fruit, damson and black treacle, it's fair to say it has aged well and has picked up a few tricks over the years. Noval Silval 1998 has never been more ready.

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4 Item(s)