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  1. Alain Geoffroy Chablis Premier Cru Beauroy 2015

    Alain Geoffroy Chablis Premier Cru Beauroy 2015



    Domaine Alain Geoffroy have let Oddbins in on a little-known secret about a certain singer-songwriter and this Chablis Premier Cru Beauroy.

    Way back when she visited the Domain on a holiday, Natasha Bedingfield understandably fell a little head-over-heels in love with this voluptuous white wine. She was so enamoured by its pale golden colour, floral aromas and fresh, fruity flavours that she couldn't stop singing about bottles full of sunshine.

    Rumour has it she had to change the lyrics for legal reasons and so she started singing about pocketsful of sunshine instead - a bit of a leap if you ask us. But your secret is out now, Natasha, and quite honestly we love the original version almost as much as we love this Chablis; we dare you to try singing it without it getting stuck in your head!

    'I got a bottle, got a bottle full of sunshine, I've got a love and I know that it's all mine...'

  2. Albert Bichot Brouilly Roche Rose

    Albert Bichot Brouilly Roche Rose 2015



    Brouilly, one of the most well-known and geographically widespread vineyards in the Beaujolais region, is home to a smaller vineyard named 'Pisse-Vielle'. You'll be forgiven for thinking the inevitable here, as it does quite literally translate to how it sounds - 'Piss, old woman.' It's a ridiculous story and one you should definitely read, but one we also feel isn't suitable for a wine tasting note.

    *Reads story*

    So, miscommunication can be amusing can't it? In the interest of clarity however, here we have a robust, structured Brouilly with well-integrated tannins. It has subtle aromas of wild cherry, blackcurrant and blackberry and a hint of spice. The palate is refreshing and fleshy with a lasting fruitiness on the finish. A great pairing with barbecued meats.

    Now, 'Drink, old woman!'

  3. Albert Bichot Chablis french wine

    Albert Bichot Chablis 2015



    Albert Bichot's family wine business goes back a whopping six generations. That means that they were making wine when the first plane took off, when Benjamin Disraeli was in power (both times) and when Beethoven was composing his Fifth Symphony.

    Indeed, like young Ludwig, though this wine does not possess the faculty of hearing, it is a pitch-perfect, accomplished performer that interprets its influences perfectly.

    In this Chablis' case, that means that the limestone slopes of Chablis are conveyed as a stunningly fresh and elegant, symphony of a wine. It's an Ode to Joy.

  4. Albert Bichot Macon Pierreclos 2015 Red Burgundy

    Albert Bichot Mâcon Pierreclos 2015



    Albert Bichot's family wine business goes back so far that it coincided with Beethoven composing his Fifth Symphony, an absolute masterpiece, similar to this Macon Pierreclose Bichot... Thinking about it, to quote Albéric Bichot himself, he has compared his work to conducting an orchestra too!

    Not too dissimilar to Mr. Beethoven after all then, but instead of a string quartet and a pianist, we have an acapella of cherry, plum and spices on the nose, a crescendo of intense fruit flavours against a tangy background on the palate and on the finish?

    An impressive ensemble of refreshing notes of red fruit. Encore!

  5. Anxo Martin Spanish White Wine

    Anxo Martín 2015



    Sometimes we desperately lust for a relaxing getaway and a dose of healthy vitamin D, but often lack the finance for it. We at Oddbins have a solution for this - just crack open a bottle of this liquid sunshine! You will immediately be teleported to a beach: juicy mango in hand and white flowers in your hair. Surrounding you are passion fruit trees heavy with ripe fruits, and the sun above you shines golden. Breathe in and get lost in a world of exotic wonders... This is the magic Anxo Martín brings!

  6. Aymura Carmenere Red Wine Chilean 2014

    Aymura Carménère 2015



    250 miles north of Santiago lies Chile's Elqui Valley, which may well have been formed by the work of singer Elkie Brooks. The area has only recently found favour with winemakers initially cautious (with only 15 days precipitation per year, there's nothing but Sunshine After the Rain, but you'd be a Fool if You Think It's Over just because of that).

    Mitigating all of that sunshine are cool night-time temperatures which means that, instead of sweet and heady Lilac Wines, you can make bold, full-bodied, complex and dark chocolate-tinged Pearls like this (enough already! - Ed).

  7. Aymura Pinot Noir Chilean Red Wine 2013

    Aymura Pinot Noir 2015



    It is spring, moonless night in the small town, starless and bible black... Well, don't come crying to us, Dylan Thomas; if you were after stars you should have gone to Chile's Elqui Valley, 250 miles north of Santiago.

    This is not only home to Viña Mayu, whence cometh this Old World-style of Pinot Noir, which has beautiful gamey, farmyard-y notes alongside flavours of fresh, sweet red cherry, but the region is also an astrotourism centre, with at least eight internationally-renowned observatories.

    Their extremely hot days and near-freezing nights offer some of Chile's most exciting winegrowing conditions, and it has attracted an increasing number of adventurous winemakers over the past fifteen years or so. Bet you don't get that in Llareggub!

  8. Beaujolais Selection Parcellaire 2015

    Beaujolais Selection Parcellaire 2015



    From a region that cannot and will not be ignored, this Beaujolais...hang on a minute, don't be like that. Stick around, you'll thank us.

    As we were. This Beaujolais "Selection Parcellaire" offers a refreshing and fleshy palate with a subtle yet full-body featuring red fruit flavours. The nose is both fine and intense with floral notes of violet and peony, enhanced by the fruitiness that is characteristic of Gamay. The finish is long, refreshing and ends on a fruity note. This is a real breath of fresh air from Beaujolais. Serve slightly chilled and you'll see how 'Gamay-zing' this wine really is!

  9. Bibo Runge Riesling 2015 German White Wine

    Bibo Runge Riesling 2015



    Born into nobility, Bibo Runge had no choice but to follow the path his ancestry determined and take arms as Knight Errant. Given his predecessors, much was expected of him, and he excelled, even against their legendary feats. But Bibo felt something was wrong. Why should he exercise his ability merely in the pursuance of personal fame?

    Choosing to throw off the outdated chivalric code, he made the protection of common people his crusade, installing himself in a quiet town in the guise of a humble blacksmith. It must have been instinct. For the Devil, intending to ride out, sent his horse to the town to be reshod. Other blacksmiths would have quailed and bent to the task; but Bibo sent the horse packing, battling him with his bare hands. This wine celebrates Bibo, displaying all the intensity, purity and steel of the man himself, with a finish that lingers as long as the tales.

  10. Blau Mari Spanish Red Wine 2014

    Blau Marí 2015

    Now £8.40

    Was £10.50


    To be a good teacher, it's important to understand your class, its dynamic, who's disruptive, who's the quiet genius etc., and to respond accordingly. Well, winemaker Moisès Virgili does the same thing with his Cabernet Sauvignon and Garnatxa vines.

    He says "The vineyard blocks are small and idiosyncratic. Some face the sea, others don't, and the soil is different from one row to another, so we treat them all individually'. This approach coaxes out all the refined, noble black fruit of the Cabernet and the lush red fruit of the Garnatxa and combines them perfectly in the winery to create an A* wine.

  11. Palacios 'Camins Del Prioriat' 2015 (Red Wine)

    Bodegas Palacios Remondo 'Camins Del Priorat' 2015



    Full bodied, earthy, and deep purple in colour. Not the most attractive man in the world, it's fair to say. But Alvaro was an incurable romantic. And he was in love with the beautiful daughter of a goat baron. Aware his looks were unlikely to draw the maiden's eye, Alvaro instead dedicated a week of nights to building the now famous 'walk', or 'Camins' as it in in Spanish, through the vineyards of Priorat.

    The next time Anna-Maria passed through the vineyards, on her way to milk Daddy's goats, she was overwhelmed by the most extraordinary scent. Spice, black pepper, cherry, bramble. Intoxicating. As if she'd been touched by a prince. To the end of her days - her eyes being closed in reverie at the perfume - she never did know who rushed from the vines and planted a kiss on her lips

  12. Bougrier Sauvignon Blanc 2015 Vintage White Wine

    Bougrier Sauvignon Blanc 2015



    It is a truth universally acknowledged that you have to go to the New World to get really good value in the classic French grape varieties, like sauvignon blanc. Or is it? Here's a Loire Valley sauvignon that's as crisp, fresh and grassy as a newly mowed meadow, with elegant minerality and a subtlety and restraint that's reminiscent of classic Sancerre or Pouilly Fume, at half the price. Which sounds like pretty good value to us. So set aside pride and prejudice and leave yourself open to persuasion with this classic white wine.

  13. Bourgogne Blanc Posanges 2015

    Bourgogne Blanc Posanges 2015



    You might think that Burgundy is a bit stuck in its ways. There's often coats-of-arms on the bottles and wine making in the region has predated, we calculate, the invention of sound. (That was by the Burgundian Duke Lars von Metallica, in 654 BC for you history buffs.) Although, they're more advanced than you might think; recently a number of producers have pooled resources so they can fight the plight of hail storms. How? You may rightly ask. By firing rockets at the sky... "Yeah, take that clouds!" Burgundy is modern yet with a respect for its history, just like the style of this wine.

  14. Bourgogne Rouge Posanges 2015

    Bourgogne Rouge Posanges 2015



    One of Burgundy's charms is it's so difficult to get right, it's an unforgiving climate and Pinot Noir is a fragile heart. It's a bit like Stephen Fry, on his day he's elegant, nuanced and scintillatingly expressive. Yet, you get the impression if things didn't quite go the way it was supposed to, you could quite easily discover him hiding in the cloakroom of your sister's wedding. Thankfully, the gents at Remoissenet Père et Fils know how to take care of the gentle. The wine orates eloquent notes of crunchy red berries, toasted cedar and mushroom. A beautiful wine; it's clear if you're in need of some care turn to Remoissenet.

  15. Cotes Du Rhone 'Blason' Esterzagues French Red Wine

    Côtes Du Rhône 'Blason' Esterzagues 2015 *WEB EXCLUSIVE*



    No matter how rugged someone thinks they are- everyone wants to hide under a favourite blanket at some point. This Côtes du Rhône is the red wine equivalent. Juicy red berry fruits knit together with tummy warming spices. Woven from Grenache, Syrah and Mouvedre this red wine duvet is completely unfiltered, giving it an extra silky texture. A perfect tipple with friends or when you're feeling 'Rhônely'...ahem.

  16. Carta Vieja Sauvignon Blanc Wine Chile

    Carta Vieja Sauvignon Blanc 2015



    This Sauvignon just goes from strength to strength when it comes to great valued wine. Achieving an astonishing standard for the price, this white really shows true Sauvignon Blanc character.

    Carta Vieja have a brilliant knack of getting serious zeal across in both their reds, and whites like this one. This is a crisp, clean white wine with a lovely note of elderflower. Cracking party wine. Cracking everydayer. Open it up and take some time out to relax.

  17. Casa Lluch Verdil Spanish White Wine

    Casa Lluch Verdil 2015

    Now £8.29

    Was £9.75


    This dry, delicate and very endearing Spanish white from an almost unheard of grape - Verdil - reminds one a little of Sauvignon Blanc but that's to sell its individuality short.

    If we were to make a music video to describe this wine, we would film a cowboy, chopping a pineapple seductively in an oasis in the vivid sunshine of the Arizona desert, with the chirping of crickets emanating from the lush vegetation and someone spraying themselves with a hose in the background.

    Why? Because this wine is simultaneously dry, refreshing, sexy, herby, zippy and evocative. See for yourself!

  18. 'Fleurie' Cave de Fleurie Beaujolais 2015 French Red Wine

    Cave de Fleurie Beaujolais 2015



    When the people of Fleurie want good, powerful and complex wine there is only one place they will go: Cave de Fleurie. Former home of the legendary 'Queen of Beaujolais' Marguerite Chabert, the winery is ground-breaking not only for having the first female president of a cooperative winery in France but their innovation reflects in their incredible wines.

    With a personality as formidable as Marguerite herself, this red wine is certainly one to be reckoned with. Garnet reflections on a deep purple colour draw the eye whilst the nose is treated to notes of compote red fruits with hints of spice and fleshy, silky tannins accompany a warming and rounded palate.

  19. Chateau Jalousie 2015

    Château Jalousie 2015 - Half Bottle - 375ml



    Château Jalousie have just gone straight to the to the top of our popularity list for lightening up our day with the following food matching advice for their delightful half wine bottle of Claret: "Something juicy and relatively dead would be best." It's good to see there are some funny glands that are alive and kicking in Bordeaux. Just sayin'.

  20. Château Lalene Cuvée Prestige

    Château Lalene Cuvée Prestige 2015



    The Lalene is an elegant and complex wine rich with flavours of black fruit and fine grained velvety tannins, before a long satisfying finish.

  21. Château Plaisance-Branne Montagne-Saint-Emilion 2011

    Château Plaisance-Branne Montagne-Saint-Emilion 2015



    'Plaisance' means 'pleasure' in English, and boy, is that a fitting name for this Bordeaux beauty. Smooth as silk, with a plump, red fruit character that makes you think you just stumbled head-first into a fruit crumble, this is Pleasure with a capital P.

    Naturally, this red wine complements other pleasurable things such as cosying up in a warm armchair, succeeding at the crossword, and awesome cheese, to name but a few.

    Even bad cheeses, failing at crosswords and a hard stool can be made unwaveringly pleasurable with the addition of Château Plaisance-Branne. Quite a talent, we think you'll agree.

  22. Chateau Unang Blanc White Wine

    Château Unang Blanc 2015

    Now £9.60

    Was £12.00


    James King, the genius behind this delicate white wine, should change his name to James, King of Elegance. Of course, a title as grand as this must be earned...

    But we think he's rather deserving. James pours his blood, sweat and tears (not literally) in to his wines so that they deliver the perfect balance of flavour and refreshment for everyone to enjoy. The Chateau Unang Blanc, for example, offers subtle hints of star anise and paprika on the nose before fruit takes over on the palate. White peach and pineapple flavours are most prominent and follow through to the finish.

    All hail the King of Elegance!

  23. Chateau Unang Rosé Wine

    Château Unang Rosé 2015

    Now £9.78

    Was £11.50


    A cool glass of rosé is fast becoming the go-to summer wine and this pale coloured drop from Château Unang shows us exactly why the pink is so popular!

    Strawberry aromas lead on the nose and are accompanied by notes of lychee. The palate offers thirst-quenching citrus flavours of grapefruit and lemon, quickly followed by goosberry. And with a minerality on the finish, this refreshing drop of rosé is perfect for sharing during those long summer evenings in the garden.

  24. Chablis Jules Billaud Burgundy Wine

    Chablis Jules Billaud 2015



    There's a lot of fuss in Chablis about a precocious new talent called Samuel Billaud, of Billaud-Simon fame. He's regarded as one of the best wine producers in the region and definitely one to keep an eye on.

    Luckily for us (and possibly down to a family feud... but we're staying out of it) he has decided to branch out on his own, so we're ecstatic to introduce the Jules Billaud Chablis, made by Samuel exclusively for Oddbins under his eldest son's name. It's guaranteed to grab you firmly by the Chablis.

  25. Cheverny Blanc 'Les Bruyeres' 2015 White Wine

    Cheverny Blanc 'Les Bruyeres' 2015

    Now £8.93

    Was £10.50


    The beautiful Loire Valley has long been famous for goat cheese. (Or is it goat's cheese? Or goats cheese? Goats' cheese maybe?) But one cheese in particular, preciously guarded by the locals that produce it, is esteemed above all others. The reason, it's lately become clear, is that the goats responsible are fed purely on a diet of heather (or Bruyeres, in French).

    The challenge was to find a wine that went perfectly with such a delicious nibble. Something peary, appley, honeyed at the edge, and refreshing enough to cut through the creamy delight! A contest was launched, and ambitious winemakers from miles around set to blending the perfect tipple. The prize, of course, a goat. Made out of cheese. Decorated with garlands of heather.

  26. Coteaux Du Giennois L'Oselier White Wine

    Coteaux Du Giennois L'Oselier 2015



    The grape vines in the Loire Valley had taken a hiding the last few years. When Mother Nature finished flinging harrowing hail she summoned sizzingly searing summers. The weather gods wrath resulted in lower harvests and ...more importantly increased prices of the famous wines of Sancerre and Pouilly Fume. Fear not damsels and dudes who adore these wines! Our knight in shining amour comes galloping from the slopes of the Cote Du Giennois. Heralding shining crispness, armed with orange, pears and flinty flavours. A heroic alternative to our aforementioned, besieged friends and a Sauvignon to shield us during hard times.

  27. De Loach Heritage Reserve Chardonnay 2015

    De Loach Heritage Reserve Chardonnay 2015



    And it's nil-nil at half time here at the Britannia Stadium, where Stoke City are playing Biodynamo Moscow. And what's going on here - the Moscow keeper has dug a hole in his penalty area and taken out a cow's horn full of dried poo. Oh my goodness, he's now spreading it all over Biodynamo's half of the pitch, and while we wait for kick-off he's planting vicia to bring rejuvenating nitrogen to the soil.

    Well, Brian, after twenty years of football commentary I have never witnessed this kind of behaviour during an international friendly. The keeper's miles away from his goal, but that doesn't matter because Stoke City can't get past his luxurious crop of vines!

    And at the full-time whistle it's off to the changing rooms to enjoy a glass of the Stadium's delicious house white wine. It's a Chardonnay, with gorgeous tropical fruit flavours enriched with orange blossom and melon. Now that's what I call a result!

  28. De  Loach Heritage Reserve Zinfandel White Wine

    De Loach Heritage Reserve Zinfandel 2015



    Zinfandel, it's the all-American grape whose bright and bold red fruit flavours bring the Californian sun to Blighty, right? Erm, no. In the 1970s, a USA expert confirmed that the grape was genetically identical to Italy's Primitivo grape and, in 1998, the University of California launched an enquiry, now known as the 'Zinquest', that further matched Zinfandel/Primitivo's DNA profile to a grape grown to the north of the Croatian town of Split, known locally as Crljenak Kaštelanski.

    And then they found it again, south of Split, under the local name of Pribidrag. Very local indeed, in fact, as the entire growth was in an old lady's back garden! Investigations continue to this day, but in the meantime just sit back and relax in the warmth of this hearty, juicy and spice-infused down-home American red wine.

  29. Domaine Parisse Macon Fuisse 2015 White Wine

    Domaine Parisse Mâcon Fuissé 2015



    Now, we're going to tell you something but you need to promise not to scream... Macon-Fuisse is made with Chardonnay, in fact virtually all white Burgundy is. We know, we know this must be terriably harrowing. What has Chardonnay ever done to deserve this reputation. Snooty guys standing around wine bars declaring, "I follow the drinking rule ABC... anything but Chardonnay, hahaha." Bad snooty guy, that's not funny and it's terriably misinformed! The fact is, white Burgundy is one of the finest wine styles in the world and Macon-Fuisse Parisse is no exception. With it's lovely, creamy texture and intense notes of white peach and honeysuckle, wines like this will bring Chardonnay back into fashion faster than platform shoes!

  30. Domaines Ott Clos Mireille Rose Cotes de Provence Wine France

    Domaines Ott Clos Mireille Rosé 2015



    A premium pale pink robe with eglantine highlights. On the nose are mourvèdre aromas and notes of citrus fruit, as well as very fresh touches of liquorice. On the palate there is a fine balance between freshness and liveliness, with aromas of white fleshy fruits. It is typified by a sharp texture - fresh, silky and long-lasting.

  31. Dourthe Croix des Bouquets Graves 2015 White Wine

    Dourthe Croix des Bouquets Graves Blanc 2015



    Nobody thought Pierre could actually tell which grapes had gone into any given wine just by using his nose. But that is what he boasted. Down to the very vine the grapes that made it came from.

    To throw him off the scent, sceptical colleagues mixed together crisp, grassy Sauvignon and citrussy Semillon and presented Pierre with two buckets, challenging him to tell them which was which. After a few sniffs, Pierre looked at them contemptuously and said with a Gallic shrug: 'Ha! You crossed the buckets!' They drank the mixture anyway. The blend was so delicious they continue to make it today, using only Pierre's nose to finalise the exact percentage of each batch.

  32. Emiliana Natura Viognier 2015

    Emiliana Natura Viognier 2015



    We all have that one friend we secretly envy and chances are she has a pretty name like, say... Emiliana. Emiliana is a big softy whose natural demeanour makes her extremely popular. And why does she always smell so good?! It's as though she bathes in papaya, apricot and honeysuckle.

    Well, whatever it is, we want it too and as much as you'd like to dislike her for being so wonderful, you've got to admit her company is always pretty refreshing. You just can't help but adore her.

  33. Erdener Treppchen Riesling Spatlese 2015 White Wine

    Erdener Treppchen Riesling Spatlese 2015



    Erden is a village on the banks of the Mosel river. Treppchen literally means staircase, and refers to the terrace steps cut into the precipitous slopes of the valley opposite, on which the good people of Erden cultivate some of the finest Riesling grapes to be found anywhere in the World.

    And the wine they make from it is proper Riesling. Full of exotic floral and fruit aromas, a heady whiff of petroleum and, yes, sweetness, too. This is proper Riesling, the way it should be. Wine for grown ups.

  34. Domaine du Salvard Cheverny 'Vignes des Marnières'

    Famille Delaille Cheverny 'Vignes des Marnieres' 2015



    There's more to Loire valley Sauvignon than Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé. Even occasionally more than just Sauvignon Blanc. This lesser known gem of a white wine delivers all the bone dry, nettles and flint crispness you'd expect from it's better known near neighbours, but with 15% Chardonnay added to this blend there's just a hint of something richer, rounder and riper that will take you pleasantly by surprise. And without a big name premium its something of a bargain to boot!

  35. First Creek Hunter Valley Chardonnay

    First Creek Hunter Valley Chardonnay 2015

    Now £10.88

    Was £14.50


    We all accumulate stuff - books, records, candelabras...whatever. Every house needs just one more shelf. Liz Silkman is the same with silverware. She'd already been gathering the gongs before 2015, when her First Creek wines garnered 30 awards in one year alone! That's two-and-a-half per month, or one every twelve days. That's more often than your humble scribe goes to the pub! Could she even pop out to lunch without coming home with a trophy?

    In deference to her shelving problems, Oddbins hereby awards Liz the Wandsworth Chardonnay Eggcup for services rendered to immaculately oaked, fresh white wine which expresses consummately its varietal characteristics. Might be at the engravers for a while, though...

  36. Fontein Ridge Pinotage Shiraz 2015 - South African White Wine

    Fontein Ridge Pinotage Shiraz 2015

    Now £5.85

    Was £6.50


    Modern winemakers often talk about having innovative ideas and that's because they know how important it is to bring new and fresh wines to you!

    Take this South African Pinotage and Shiraz blend for example. They call it 'Fontein Ridge' because it contains fountains of juicy tannins and ripe fruit flavours with hints of vanilla and chocolate on the nose. It's almost unbelievable how they get so much into such a small bottle!

    Though, if they wanted to take it one step further we wouldn't complain if they build an actual fountain of wine. Now THAT's what we'd call innovation...

  37. Gaia Estate Notios Greek Red Wine 2014

    Gaia Estate Notios Red 2015



    Well it winds from Levidi to Nemea/More than 50 kilometres all the way/Get your kicks on GR66! OK, perhaps it doesn't have the same ring as Chuck Berry's Route 66, we'll grant you, but if you do take that Peloponnese trip and turn off GR66, you'll end up in Gaia Estate's winery in gorgeous Koutsi, Nemea.

    It's every bit as pretty as Oklahoma City and, while you're there you can get hip to this gorgeously elegant, red-berried and velvet-lined Agiorgitiko and Syrah blend. Or failing that, you could just come and get your kicks - and the wine - in any one of our shops!

  38. Hacienda del Carmen Arlanza 2015 Red Wine Spain

    Hacienda del Carmen Arlanza 2015

    Now £11.90

    Was £14.00


    A Bright cherry red tempranillo with violet tones. Perfumed with black berries and violets leaving an elegant lingering on the palate rich with black cherries and silky tannins.

  39. Henry Fessy Beaujolais-Villages

    Henry Fessy Beaujolais-Villages 2015



    Well-coloured with relatively high acidity, this is a vivacious Beaujolais abundant with notes of freshly picked berries and traditional boiled sweets.

    With an exceptional amount of personality for a Beaujolais Villages, this particular character has a frank, fresh flavour, and a real liveliness on the palate which makes an ideal drinking partner for any occasion! If you're a lighter wine fan and haven't given Beaujolais a try for a while then start here.

  40. Huber Grüner Veltliner Nussdorfer 2015 Austrian White Wine

    Huber Grüner Veltliner Nussdorfer 2015



    We think they should scrap the 'H' and just call this delectable white wine 'Uber' instead. No, it's nothing to do with the handy transport service. It's because this yellowy-green drop of drink is a supreme example of Grüner Veltliner. It shows outstanding peppery, herbal and yellow-fruit driven aromas and flavours so typical of the variety whilst presenting a dense and complex yet elegant palate.

    Ok, so it may be a bit much for us to ask Markus to change his name but that won't stop us shouting about how (H)uber-cool his wines are!

  41. Colombo Côtes du Rhône Le Vent Rouge 2014

    Jean-Luc Colombo Côtes du Rhône Le Vent Rouge 2015



    If you're considering a career winemaking, as with many things in life, there are many ways to skin a cat. But a good place to start is in the lab - as it gives you a thorough understanding of the nuts and bolts of the liquid itself - and this is just what Jean-Luc Colombo did.

    But the lab wasn't enough for Jean-Luc, who now roams freely around his vineyard instead, making beautiful, affordable wines like Le Vent Rouge, which has appealing redcurrant and bay leaf aromas and a fresh 'n' silky palate.

  42. Justin Girardin Bourgogne Blanc Chardonnay

    Justin Girardin Bourgogne Chardonnay 2015



    A classical Burgundy white wine from vineyards in Santenay showcasing consistence and finesse in abundance. The Bourgogne blanc is a brilliant golden yellow colour with a pleasant nose filled with fruity notes. Rounded on the palate with typical volume expected of a Chardonnay before a beautifully mineral finish.

  43. Ken Forrester Petit Pinotage 2015 Red Wine

    Ken Forrester Petit Pinotage 2015



    A lion's roar. A hippo's grunt. An elephant's trumpet. So much for a relaxing, tranquil drink on the verandah. Ken was tired of the racket. The thing is, nature in South Africa's so BIG. And big things make big noises. (Think jumbo jet. Or dumper truck.)

    Ken, then, decided he'd make a quiet little red that didn't stamp and shout. A wine that didn't blare it's flavours at you, but muttered gently. Mulberries. Plum pudding. Smoky bacon. Whispering on the tongue. So much more persuasive. It's the quiet ones you should watch out for, as Ken knows.

  44. Ken Forrester Roussanne 2015 South African White Wine

    Ken Forrester Roussanne 2015



    Just because you've got the body, don't try to find your worth in the red wine district. A white like you. You have class. You're elegant. Your soft gentle structure will hold its own for years to come. So don't sell yourself short. You're gorgeous. Sensuous. Just be yourself. Find the right partner.

    Actually, "I loved you since I knew ya. I wouldn't talk down to ya. I have to tell you just how I feel." I can't get you off my mind. Just like a catchy song. Oh..."Roussanne, you don't have to take on the red wines. Roussanne, you don't have to take on the red wines..."

  45. Kumeu River Estate Chardonnay 2015 New Zealand White Wine

    Kumeu River Estate Chardonnay 2015



    We want to know what on earth James Bay was drinking when he started singing about holding rivers back. We mean, has he ever actually tried stopping a river? We imagine it'd be rather difficult.

    Though, we're sure he wouldn't be so keen on such a thankless job if he'd been drinking this Chardonnay instead. A rich and approachable white wine with nectarine, pink grapefruit, guava and peach; nobody in their right mind would dream of holding Kumeu River back after tasting this wonder.

    Hold your horses, James, put your feet up and crack open a bottle instead. Let Kumeu River run freely! And most importantly, keep the Chardonnay flowing...

  46. Kuru Kuru Pinot Noir

    Kuru Kuru Pinot Noir 2015



    Some wines are good. Some take good to another level. This is one of the latter. It is so good that if you spilt it on a white carpet, it would probably splash into a beautiful pattern that you would want to keep forever.

    In fact it would probably help old ladies across roads if it could. Clean fruit flavours and an epic depth. Please give this wine your undivided attention and all of your culinary skills, because it deserves it.

  47. La Closerie des Lys Pinot Noir 2015

    La Closerie des Lys Pinot Noir 2015



    Some people, like Hobbits, like their homeland and see no reason to up sticks to pastures new (excepting the Bagginses, of course). Others are sprinkled with wanderlust and prefer to travel.

    The Collovray and Terrier families, for example, moved from Burgundy, where they make Pinot Noir to critical acclaim, to Limoux in SW France, where they have sniffed out another ideal terroir for the varietal - in the hot sun south of Carcassonne - where they are now making stonking, brilliant value wine.

  48. La Folle Noir D'Ambat Red Wine France

    La Folle Noire d'Ambat 2015



    Remember the Tim Burton films? From Beetle Juice (clearly the best) to Willy Wonka and Corpse Bride, Mr Burton is the Master of Darkness and we think he'd approve of our next wine. It looks like it could be a prop off of one of his sets, with the creepy black and white face looking like Beetle Juice himself.

    Childhood traumas aside, this little number might just attach a more pleasant connotation to the twisted world of Tim Burton. Boasting a tantalizing perfume of dark dusky cherry, it is laced with violet and smoky nuances, yum!

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