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  1. Dig This! Chenin Sauvignon Blanc 2016

    Dig This! Chenin Sauvignon Blanc 2017



    Of all the pirates of the Western Cape, none were more infamous than Captain Cork. Indeed, so legendary were his deeds, some believed he was simply a myth, a bogeyman. But when Klaas stumbled upon an ancient map of the Province, he was sure it pointed the way to Cork's treasure.

    He spent months digging, finding nothing, growing increasingly frustrated until he gave up. However, on returning some years later, newly determined to uncover the horde, Klaas found vines had rooted themselves in the many holes he'd half-dug. The place was dripping with golden grapes, like pieces of eight; a wealth of precious juice. He just needed to swap his spade for secateurs and the treasure was all his!

  2. Ben Marx 'Gertie' Cabernet Franc 2016

    Gertie Cabernet Franc 2016



    Funny isn't it, how some pieces of old furniture can have character? Patina. A sort of 'presence' if you like. Can become 'part of the family' even, in a way. Well, that's how Ben felt when he found a discarded old grape press in a Clare Valley vineyard. He couldn't bear to see it thrown out on the junk heap.

    For months he spent his evenings restoring the old thing. Polishing the wood. Oiling the mechanisms. Repairing cracks and warps. And it wasn't long before he gave the press a name. Gertie, after his great aunt. He barely remembered her, but could never forget how full of energy and life she was, and how her house always seemed to smell of newly made blackberry jam. He's not sure if it's just coincidence that the wine that Gertie presses has something of that too...

  3. Tio Pepe Dos Palmas Fino 2017

    Tio Pepe Dos Palmas 2017 50cl

    Now £17.55

    Was £19.50


    Often sequels are never quite as good as the original. Like Ocean's 12; Julia Roberts playing Tess Ocean, pretends to be Julia Roberts but she's foiled by Bruce Willis playing Bruce Willis? Seriously, what on God's green earth was that? We could name another 248 million bad sequels but who has the time. Thankfully, there are exceptions, like the greatest movie of all time... Weekend at Bernie's 2. Just kidding we were thinking of Godfather 2, Dos Palmas is another example of an unbelievable follow up. The 2nd in the Palmas range, it has been aged under flor for 8 years. Moving into a Fino/Amontillado style this is much more intense and much more concentrated than the Una Palma. The wine still has Fino characters of green olives, butterscotch and salted dough but has begun developing oxidative characters of caramel and Christmas cake. Las Palmas Strikes Back!

  4. Tio Pepe Una Palma 2017

    Tio Pepe Una Palma 2017 50cl

    Now £13.05

    Was £14.50


    "Una, Dos, Tres, Cuatro. Hello, hello (hola!) we're drinking Tio Pepe las Palmas!" That's definitely a better version than U2's. Vertigo is not a place Bono, it's a concept! Our version is not only better because of strict adherence to the literal and a total disregard for rhyme schemes; most importantly it celebrates the las Palmas range by Gonzalez Byass. 4 sherries labelled Una to Cuatro shows the unfiltered progression of Fino to Amontillado. Una Palma is the youngest of the range; a Fino Sherry that has spent an average of 6 years in cask. The wine has intense aromas of sour dough, salted almonds and green apple. It's a must try for dry Sherry lovers, in many ways it embodies the immortal U2 lyrics, "yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!"

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