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Noël Coward reportedly asked “Why do I drink Champagne for breakfast? Doesn’t everyone?” Well, maybe not every morning, Noël, but we certainly like it very much indeed. Who wouldn’t?

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Oddbins Spirits Shop sells a superb selection of spirits that can be delivered anywhere in the UK. Our buyers have put together a fantastic range of spirits to ensure there is something for everyone.

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Budureasca Wine Barrel Room


The Essence Of Romanian Wine

Budureasca Winery is located in the Dealu Mare region of Romania and produced it’s first vintage in 2006. Today it produces an average 2.2 million litres of wine per year and have one of the most sophisticated winemaking complexes in Romania.
Romania cultivates unique grape varieties like Fetească Neagră (Black Maiden), Fetească Albă (White Maiden), and Tămâioasă Românească (Romanian Muscat).
Romanian winemaking spans 6,000 years, making it one of Europe's oldest wine-producing coutries.
Here we find generally sunny weather, with cold winters, especially in January and February. There is a wine variety of altitudes ranging from 150 to 550m with the average around 240m. Typical soils found in the area consist of clay, sand, gravel, limestone, and particularly chernozems.
Budureasca wines have won many prestigious awards including – gold, silver, bronze medals from Decanter, Wine Enthusiast, Mondial de Bruxelles, and Sélections Mondiales des Vins Canada.
Budureasca go beyond the traditional presentation of wines by exploring the emotional connection they create. While they appreciate the standard aspects of colour, aromas, taste, and food pairing, they also understand that the wines they produce are more than their sum of characteristics. They evoke feelings, forge connections, and inspire shared experiences. Through their concept of emotional pairing, we are invited to embark on a journey where their wines awaken your senses, ignite your passions, and enrich your life with profound beauty.
Craft Beer Range From Oddbins

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With more and more breweries opening every month the craft beer brewing scene has never been more exciting than it is right now. For the last few years Oddbins has championed this surge through our diverse Craft Beer Range.

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