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  • Pol Roger Brut Réserve NV Champagne

    Pol Roger Brut Réserve NV Champagne

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    Was £45.00


    Good old Pol Roger! The noblest of the Champagne houses and one of the region's elder statesmen. The consistent class and finesse of this rich and complex standard bearer makes it very much the brand of choice for those in the know.

    Were you to present this bottle to discerning company: say a wine expert, an aristocrat, or the dear old Brigadier General, you're bound to be accepted as an esteemed guest. If not you should leave immediately, taking the bottle with you.

  • Prosecco Ca'Rosa Sparkling Wine

    Prosecco Ca'Rosa

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    Was £11.50


    A fabulously fun and fruity off-dry number, this classic Italian fizz has become adored by Latin lovers for its soft mousse, or bubbles. It offers a delightfully fruity nose, followed by flavours of apricot and soft peach, with a refreshing yet gloriously flavourful finish.

    Less 'flinty' than cava or many Champagnes, this makes for a gorgeous celebratory tipple or aperitif in its own right.

  • Riggs Truant Shiraz 2015

    Mr Riggs The Truant McLaren Vale Shiraz 2015

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    Was £12.50


    Rigg's Shiraz was a miscreant in his youth. Riggs would point to his French cousin Syrah, a model student, who had already had his dissertation published on the influence of Rhone wines on the Avignon Papacy. Meanwhile, Shiraz was busy bunking off school to go surf and getting off with Viognier behind the bike sheds. Riggs is a patient winemaker, however and gave Shiraz the love and support that all vines need, understanding that Shiraz's talent might lay outside traditional academia. It turns out, all that time truanting out in the hot Aussie sun gave this Maclaren Vale Shiraz a vibrant dark fruit profile with an astonishing structure. The final wine expresses an intense blackberry & bramble character combining with notes of cocoa, coffee and liquorice. Clearly, some develop better outside the classroom.

  • Nika Tiki Sauvignon Blanc 2017

    Nika Tiki Sauvignon Blanc 2017

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    Was £10.00


    Tiki is a hand carved Maori treasure which, when gifted, bestows good fortune and love on others. A wonderful thing to receive, which made it rather awkward when James Cook brought the Mauri populous a key-chain bottle opener that he picked up from a petrol station in Bristol at the start of his journey.

    What Captain Cook should have bought was a bottle of Nika Tiki Sauvignon Blanc, as this wine is crafted with the same spirit as its namesake expressing beautiful aromas of lime kaffir, fresh grapefruit and elderflower with a lingering steely finish.

    O James; excellent explorer, terrible gifter.

  • Henri Harlin NV Champagne

    Henri Harlin NV Champagne

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    Was £24.00


    Meunier has a growing reputation among the Champagneophiles of the world. For some time, it was considered the least noble of the Champagne grapes, but people are beginning to admire what it brings to the final wine. We think it might be the name change, you see Meunier is the grape formally known as Pinot Meunier, it dropped the Pinot to become a mononym, like Cher or Prince or that symbol Prince changed his name to that looked suspiciously like the bat signal.

    People now recognise that Meunier offers a richness and fullness of body, enough that some of the finest Champagne producers make Meunier dominant wines. Henri Harlin is a lively and expressive blend of Meunier and Chardonnay with scents of citrus and freshly baked bread. The palate displays ripe green apples, toasty brioche and an abundance of fine and persistent bubbles. Step aside Pinot, Meunier is taking centre stage!

  • Sentada 2017

    Sentada Vinho Tinto 2017

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    Was £9.00


    Lisbon is renowned for its communal courtyard meals, where people will, as the African-Portugese say, 'have a sentada;' to sit with friends, eat, drink and be joyful. They attract all sorts, rich & poor, local & tourist, pragmatist & intellectual alike. In fact, it's not been unheard of that they are posthumously attended by some of history's most famous faces.

    As the people of Lisbon eagerly anticipate their meal, two notable guests work the grill. Marx, after a century of waiting on a global revolution, takes an active role to satiate the people. Freud, well, he just heard Marx was bringing his mother.

    They sit and share this blend of Aragonez, Castelao & Cabernet Sauvignon, panegyrizing the aromas of raspberries and blueberries in a seductive and fresh assembly. Long after the bottle is empty they conclude this wine pairs best with good friends & idle conversation.

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