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  • Marvelous Yellow 2016 Vegetarian White Wine

    Marvelous Yellow 2016

    Now £8.78

    Was £9.75


    Like most complex characters, Adam Mason had many sides. On the one hand he was determined to make untrammelled varietal wine. On the other, he delighted in the concert of flavours, the jazz that blending could bring about.

    Having mastered the art of restraint with his Yardstick range, Adam wanted to let loose. A smile replaced his concentrated frown, and he went into the vineyards singing, picking a mélange of French white grapes with the pizzaz of a band leader cueing in musicians. You'll be helpless against the result! Chalky bass notes, trills of lychee, honeysuckle and papaya... Anyone fancy a dance?

  • Chateau Mouleyre Blanc 2017

    Château Haut-Mouleyre Blanc 2017

    Now £8.50

    Was £10.00


    Remember when you were a child and you discovered there was such a thing as white chocolate. You thought in your suspicious child's brain "how could this possibly be good? There's no way. Chocolate isn't like crayons, there is one colour - chocolate!" Then you tried white chocolate and you've been humming the Milky Bar Kid song ever since.

    This wine is the grown-up version of that moment of culinary discovery; it's Bordeaux but it's white. That just blew you're mind, right? You may be sceptical but as soon as you experience the ripe grapefruit and pineapple aromas layered with subtle hints of spiced wood, all doubt will leave you. "White Bordeaux is strong and tough & only the best is good enough!"

  • Row by Row Cabernet Sauvignon

    Row by Row Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

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    Was £14.50


    The Gallagher Brothers once told us that little by little, they gave us everything we'd ever dreamt of. We hate to disagree with Liam & Noel, they seem like lovely gents; Live Forever was a blinder, however not once have they stopped by our offices and dropped off a fantastic Cabernet Sauvignon. That song's been out for 15 years now and our dreams remain unfulfilled.

    While Liam & Noel were doing things little by little, the grapes for this wine were being harvested Row by Row. As each parcel of grapes came into the winery they came closer to giving us everything we'd ever dreamed of. For they were making a Californian Cab with sensual aromas of black raspberry, blackcurrant plums cocoa and vanilla. Now if only we could get those Mancunian boys to drop it round for us...

  • Henri Harlin NV Champagne

    Henri Harlin NV Champagne

    Now £20.00

    Was £24.00


    Meunier has a growing reputation among the Champagneophiles of the world. For some time, it was considered the least noble of the Champagne grapes, but people are beginning to admire what it brings to the final wine. We think it might be the name change, you see Meunier is the grape formally known as Pinot Meunier, it dropped the Pinot to become a mononym, like Cher or Prince or that symbol Prince changed his name to that looked suspiciously like the bat signal.

    People now recognise that Meunier offers a richness and fullness of body, enough that some of the finest Champagne producers make Meunier dominant wines. Henri Harlin is a lively and expressive blend of Meunier and Chardonnay with scents of citrus and freshly baked bread. The palate displays ripe green apples, toasty brioche and an abundance of fine and persistent bubbles. Step aside Pinot, Meunier is taking centre stage!

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