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  • Wild Rock Hawkes Bay Red 2014 Red Wine

    Wild Rock Hawkes Bay Red 2014

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    It all started when Captain James Cook and Sir Joseph Banks were given a "secret mission" by the British government to seek out the "great Southern continent". They took on this "mission" and stumbled upon a wild rock formation, bountiful with birdlife, plants and rich soils blessed by the sun and rivulets of water. Absolute ideal winemaking conditions some might say.

    Hang, the British government send these chaps across the world on ostensibly, a "scientific expedition" and they just so happened to stumble upon a land perfect for winemaking? Pah! They knew what they were doing.

    They knew that this "discovery" would one day equip the world with a dark red wine with a vibrant nose of cassis, violets, boysenberry and the finest toasted oak. They knew that a richness of fruit would emerge on first taste followed by a beautifully integrated oak and fine dusty tannin creating a long and delicious finish.

    I bet they also want us to think that a "boysenberry" is a real fruit...

  • Fox Gordon Princess Fiano 2017

    Fox Gordon Princess Fiano 2017

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    Was £16.50


    The Prince of Adelaide Hills was frustrated; all the women he met on Tinder just didn't quite work for him; many he simply didn’t find attractive and some he rejected because they didn't know silver corrupts the flavour of caviar; failing to provide him with a bone spoon. The rest pointed out Australia doesn’t have its own monarchy as it is a member of the Commonwealth; calling him a 'Catfishing Cuck!'

    He devised a genius plan, for every suitor he placed a single grape at the bottom of 100s of mattresses and if the grape had turned into delicious wine by the morning then that was the women for him. Many tried, many failed until a local vintner stepped up. When the sun rose, the grape was replaced with a bottle of succulently aromatic Fiano, with complex stone fruit aromas and delicate undertones of Thai basil. On the palate there was great depth of flavour, with layers of texture and a long lasting floral finish. There was no doubt, this was the Princess for him!

  • Famille Perrin Cairanne 2016

    Famille Perrin Cairanne 2016

    Now £12.50

    Was £14.50


    What we love about the wines of Cairanne is most people have no idea what the heck it is. “Is that a Gaelic female name? Is that a make of Renault?” they ask. While those in the know enjoy the wines incredible quality that belies its low price point. Cairanne is a named village in the Southern Rhone just like Chateauneuf-du-Pape but of course, the quality of Chateauneuf is well known and the wines are priced accordingly. Chateauneuf is like a bar in Covent Garden; you’re sure to receive excellent service and have a wonderful evening but you aren’t coming away with much change from a crisp £50 note. Cairanne is that secret bar in Peckham your friend told you about, the one in the back of the launderette, requires a password on entry and hasn’t yet been affected by over-exposure. In side you sit at the bar and are immediately served a glass of Famille Perrin Cairanne and you luxuriate in the aromatic intensity, with notes of crunchy black fruit, highlighted by mild spices and flowers. Then when you take a sip; the mouthfeel is smooth and velvety with an elegant finish. Yep, Cairanne is so good it inceptioned its own metaphor… impressive!
  • Issa Chardonnay Barrique 2017

    Issa Chardonnay Barrique 2017

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    Was £15.50


    As the name of Salina winery may suggest, it is located in the immediate vicinity of the Turda salt mine. It has always struck us as odd that there's such things as salt mines, a brief trip to Margate beach in 2008 was enough to tip us off there's a fair bit of salt in the ocean… get some of that! We think most salt tycoons do, do that now, hence why it's cheap as chips. During the Roman Empire, when winegrowing began in this region, however, salt was considered the ultimate luxury. In fact, Roman soldiers were typically paid in salt, hence the word ‘salary.’ Little red idiots, they should have asked to be paid in this delicious local Chardonnay, aged for 5 months in oak, this wine has an excellent rounded palate with bright notes of citrus fruits, white peach, apricot yoghurt and vanilla. Well worth a pound of salt we say!
  • Orin Swift Slander 2016

    Orin Swift Slander 2016

    Now £39.00

    Was £45.00


    Take a sip of this Californian Pinot Noir. Admire the luxurious flavour profile of black cherries, raspberries, dried rose petals, a backbone of black pepper and hints of earthy mushrooms. Contemplate the opulent palate, mouth filling yet finely balanced with silky tannins, a weighty body and a lifted acidity. Now what would you do if we told you this Pinot Noir, that you’re enjoying so completely, is well over 15%? *Avoids the delicious Pinot you comedy spit-take at us. * Yep, Orin Swift’s philosophy is all about finding the best grapes they can, let them hang and ripen, and deliver a profile of fruit in the boldest, most expressive way possible. The result is wines that are unapologetically high in alcohol, balanced by the intensity of the fruit flavours. Wait, were you expecting us to tell you a made-up story about a defamation case that could only be resolved with a bottle of slander? You don’t know us at all…
  • Petite Arvine Valais 2017

    Petite Arvine Valais 2017

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    Was £27.00


    Some things just get better the higher up you go. Like tightrope walking; you may get a condescending little clap if you manage to steady yourself 30cm from the ground, while attending your first day of clown college, to which you will surely respond “what, I’m here to amuse you, like I’m some sort of clown?” However, you get a movie made about you, if you manage to tightrope walk between the two World Trade Center buildings. It is the same with the Petite Arvine grape; at sea-level it’s just fine but when grown at altitude it leads to prolific wines such as this. The altitude helps to sustain the striking aromatics of lemon peel, salted almonds, stone fruit and candied ginger, while also retaining crisp acidity, that combines to deliver a refreshing, highly complex wine. It’ll even get Joe Pesci smiling!
  • Esperando Los Barbaros Malbec 2016

    Esperando Los Barbaros Malbec 2016

    Now £16.00

    Was £19.00


    This amazing natural wine embraces the wild, challenging terroir of the Uco Valley without ever pretending to tame it. With a highly mineral nose with delicate notes of dried red fruits, this is for those who like their Malbec to show restraint, subtlety and a resilience to anything remotely resembling 'jammy'.
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