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  • Rhonea Cotes du Rhone Rose 2018

    Rhonéa Côtes Du Rhône Rosé 2018 - *Web Exclusive*

    Now £9.60

    Was £12.00


    Sometimes, we feel rosé gets a hard rap, which may seem weird considering that during the summer months our stores require a liquid nitrogen sprinkler system in their cellars’ to simply get enough chilled rosé to satisfy the demands of the baying park going public. In fact, between the months of July and August in London, you are never more than 1.7m away from a bottle of rosé, who knew? Despite this evident popularity, people still don’t tend to take rosé all that seriously. We’re as guilty of it as anyone; describing top quality rosés as ‘refreshing,’ ‘dangerously easy-drinking’ or ‘like an improvised explosive raspberry device,’ but rarely ‘complex.’ Not today, we’re going to show this Cote du Rhone rosé some proper respect; you see, with great focus on purity of fruit and extended lees aging in the winery, this wine is not only wonderfully refreshing, it is complex, mineral scented, intense and powerfully expressive of red berries and white flowers! This wine is dangerously easy-drinking, but it’s also so much more!
  • Pol Roger Brut Réserve NV Champagne

    Pol Roger Brut Réserve NV Champagne

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    Was £45.00


    Good old Pol Roger! The noblest of the Champagne houses and one of the region's elder statesmen. The consistent class and finesse of this rich and complex standard bearer makes it very much the brand of choice for those in the know.

    Were you to present this bottle to discerning company: say a wine expert, an aristocrat, or the dear old Brigadier General, you're bound to be accepted as an esteemed guest. If not you should leave immediately, taking the bottle with you.

  • PNOI Nebbiolo Rosé 2017 - 500ml

    PNOI Nebbiolo Rosé 2017 - 500ml



    After a chance meeting on a sommelier course the founders of Val di Sole, Guiseppe and Kyriaki, bought a hectare of abandoned Nebbiolo vines online with the vision to make their own wines. Only, they were both complete amateurs in the practice, with neither person originating from a winemaking background. However with a lot of determination, tenacity and patience, they've proven that it doesn't always matter where your background lies as they transformed what was once a dream into a reality. Their once ""shabby"" vines have been nurtured and the fruit picked has been soft pressed and aged in various barrels to create this delicate off-dry rosé, with floral aromas and elegant red fruit flavours.
  • Pommery Brut Royal NV Champagne

    Pommery Brut Royal NV Champagne

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    Every bottle of wine is a mystery; before the cork is popped it has the potential to be both exceptional and thoroughly underwhelming, a phenomenon we like to call ‘Schrödinger’s Tipple.’ Some turn to wine reviews to determine if the cat’s alive, some ask our charming and well-informed shop staff for insider knowledge, while others pray to Odin’s ravens for the ability to see their wine future… It was Odin’s ravens that could see the future, right? Or was that Game of Thrones? Ah, same thing. That’s why drinking Champagne from a world-renowned producer such as Pommery is such a relief, it’s almost risk free. For who, blessed with sane taste buds, could be unimpressed by the finesse of the Brut Royal, rich with lip-smacking notes of tart green apple, tinned peach, lime blossom and toasted brioche? Not us, that’s for sure!
  • Masseria Borgo dei Trulli Primitivo DOP Manduria 2016 - *Web Exclusive*

    Masseria Borgo dei Trulli Primitivo DOP Manduria 2016 - *Web Exclusive*



    This dark purple wine has aromas of dark currents and ripe blackberry with hints of oak. Explosive flavours of sun-baked fruit mingle with a slight herbaceousness before a suprisingly long finish, with lasting notes of plums and spice.
  • Le Meurger Macon Villages 2017 - *Web Exclusive*

    Le Meurger Mâcon-Villages 2017 - *Web Exclusive*



    The Chardonnay grapes for Le Meurger Mâcon-Villages are grown on the hillsides of Macon, around the Vire-Clesse area. The soils here have a higher amount of limestone than most of the region, giving the grapes a more elegant style, and lending the wine a slightly more mineral edge on the finish. Light citrus aromas of lemon and pear are enveloped with acacia honey. Citrus follows onto the palate, where lemon and lime starts followed by a floral honeyed finish. Best served chilled, this dry white wine will open up in the glass to give a surprising length and a ripe, sweet fruit finish.
  • Pravda Vodka 70cl

    Pravda Vodka

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    This jewel encrusted, premium vodka is at the epitome of luxurious spirit drinking as far as we're concerned.

    Once reserved for special occasions by Polish nobility, Pravda Vodka is crafted with only the finest and purest quality of ingredients to achieve its exquisite mellow taste and smoothness.

    Ice cold water, sourced from untouched natural springs in the Carpathian mountains, is used in combination with 'sweet' rye grains during the unique five-step distillation process.

  • Pimm's No.1 Gin Based Liqueur 700ml Spirits

    Pimm's No.1

    Now £12.00

    Was £18.00


    This fruity, gin-based liqueur was first produced in London by oyster bar owner and farmer's son James Pimm, as a more palatable alternative to the gin that his dandy customers, had with their oysters. The business went from strength to strength, gaining in popularity as a classic summer drink, served with lemonade and freshly chopped ingredients including strawberries and mint. It is now a staple at events like Wimbledon, the Chelsea Flower Show and the Henley Royal Regatta.

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