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  • Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label NV Champagne

    Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label NV Champagne

    Now £37.00

    Was £45.00


    In the same way that, in the natural world, many animals are drawn to the mate with the most colourful foliage/colouring/nail varnish, as it is a sign of healthiness and virility, people are drawn to Veuve Cliquot and its distinctive orange label.

    Now, whilst we're not saying Veuve makes you virile (though that is a catchy line), we are saying that the label correctly signifies the brilliance within: rich yet dry, mousse-y yet elegant, yeasty yet citrusy, it's one healthy animal.

  • Salice Salentino Terra di Sava 2011

    Salice Salentino Terra di Sava 2011

    Now £9.00

    Was £10.50


    1976; what a year. The first commercial Concorde flight, Microsoft and Apple were created, Viking 1 landed on Mars, "Rocky" won best picture, Olympic legend Chris Hoy was born (however so was Sabrina, The Teenage Witch star Melissa Joan Hart) and the cracking Salice Salentino wines from Puglia received DOC status.

    It was a lot to pack in, but it was a leap year so we guess they had an extra day. Relive '76 with a glass of Oddbins exclusive Terre di Sava's "Nero" Salice Salentino and a bit of Bohemian Rhapsody.

  • Follador Prosecco Superiore Extra Dry 2017 Sparkling Wine

    Follador Prosecco Superiore Extra Dry 2017

    Now £15.00

    Was £17.00


    You have to be careful when you describe just how good this new Prosecco is. People will assume you're exaggerating. First, there's its alluring colour - in the glass a silvery-grey glint of precious stone.

    Then there's the taste: a hard-to-describe magical balance between dryness and the subtle fruit of late-picked Bramley apples. You'll see what we mean when you try it; not just Prosecco, this is super-charged-Prosecco.

  • Tydy Sauvignon Blanc French White Wine

    Tydy Sauvignon Blanc 2017

    Now £8.50

    Was £9.75


    Winemaker Thierry Delaunay exemplifies the best of the new generation of French wine makers and, while appreciating the traditional nuances of terroir and climate, Thierry has enthusiastically embraced modern winemaking techniques and styles. In other words, it's right tidy. Tydy. In fact, if you were pressed into describing it in terms of home ware shops (this can happen), an accurate match would be Ikea. A slim little package that, when unpacked, creates a clean, refreshing ambience whatever the surroundings.

  • Champagne Ayala Brut Majeur NV Champagne

    Champagne Ayala Brut Majeur NV

    Now £25.00

    Was £30.00


    Order before 12th September to win a Champagne Lunch for 2 people at one of the UK's top restaurants. T&C's Apply

    Like Cole Porter, Ira Gershwin and Duke Ellington, Champagne Ayala isn't such a household name these days but, dust off the family photo album and you'll find that it was all the rage in 1920s England. In fact it's questionable that the twenties would have roared at all without Ayala, as it was so popular it even became the official supplier to the royal courts of England. Us Brits adored its drier House style and it remains known today throughout the world for its fresh and elegant wines, like Brut Majeur, which combines delicate minerality with precision of fruit and a charmingly long finish.

  • Glorioso Especial 100 Tempranillo 2014

    Glorioso Especial 100 Tempranillo 2014

    Now £10.50

    Was £14.00


    The world was mighty different in 1917 what with the trench warfare, Siegfried Sassoon poetry and gentlemanly manors. Back then if you were celebrating 100 years of living, you could expect a telegram from the Palace, these days you're lucky if you get a tweet (nostalgia's not what it used to be). When her majesty turns 100 do you reckon she'll write to herself?

    When Oddbins turns 100, we require no royal letters or other forms of anachronistic correspondence. Nope, we just want a bottle of this; the anniversary Glorioso is harvested from specially selected vineyard parcels, so only the ripest, most concentrated grapes are picked. The wine is then aged for a minimum of 13 months in French oak. The resulting wine is a celebratory explosion of redcurrants and blackberries layered on top of a smooth palate of menthol, black pepper and cinnamon.

    We can't guarantee stocks will last 100 years though, best be safe and buy a few bottles now...

  • Nika Tiki Sauvignon Blanc 2017

    Nika Tiki Sauvignon Blanc 2017

    Now £9.00

    Was £10.00


    Tiki is a hand carved Maori treasure which, when gifted, bestows good fortune and love on others. A wonderful thing to receive, which made it rather awkward when James Cook brought the Mauri populous a key-chain bottle opener that he picked up from a petrol station in Bristol at the start of his journey.

    What Captain Cook should have bought was a bottle of Nika Tiki Sauvignon Blanc, as this wine is crafted with the same spirit as its namesake expressing beautiful aromas of lime kaffir, fresh grapefruit and elderflower with a lingering steely finish.

    O James; excellent explorer, terrible gifter.

  • Ayala Rose Majeur NV Champagne

    Ayala Rose Majeur NV

    Now £32.00

    Was £37.00


    Order before 12th September to win a Champagne Lunch for 2 people at one of the UK's top restaurants. T&C's Apply Pop down your local speak easy, grab your Charleston shoes and prepare yourself for some in-depth discussions about the frailties of the League of Nations because we’re heading back to the roaring 20s. “Watch out for that Al Capone, he’s a bad egg!” Ayala was the Champagne of the 20s, in fact, without it there’s a good chance the 20s would’ve just stayed in bed and waited for the hippies to arrive 40 years later. Ayala’s fresh and fruity house style went down wonderfully with the folks on both sides of the Atlantic discovering disposable income. After a few years of relative dormancy, Ayala is back swinging, now under the ownership of Bollinger. With wines such as this, bursting with fresh flavours of red gooseberry, raspberry, brioche and baking spice it might be time to practice your Flea Hop.
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