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  • Tydy Sauvignon Blanc French White Wine

    Tydy Sauvignon Blanc 2018

    Now £9.00

    Was £10.50


    Winemaker Thierry Delaunay exemplifies the best of the new generation of French wine makers and, while appreciating the traditional nuances of terroir and climate, Thierry has enthusiastically embraced modern winemaking techniques and styles. In other words, it's right tidy. Tydy. In fact, if you were pressed into describing it in terms of home ware shops (this can happen), an accurate match would be Ikea. A slim little package that, when unpacked, creates a clean, refreshing ambience whatever the surroundings.

  • Deutz Brut Classic NV Vegetarian Champagne

    Deutz Brut Classic NV Champagne

    Now £32.00

    Was £40.00


    Despite being one of Queen Victoria's favourite wines, it's never done anything to calm old Phil dahn, his loaf of bread still looks like a beetroot most of the time...

    Oh, that Queen Victoria? Well, yes, she was a model of composition on the whole, helped perhaps by this wonderfully aromatic fizz which combines the fresh elegance of Chardonnay with the body and richness of Pinot Noir.

    Elegance, finesse, delicacy and style are all things you can find in great quantity in this long-established, beautiful Champagne. And just occasionally in Walford too!

  • Canard-Duchêne Authentic Brut NV Champagne

    Canard-Duchêne Authentic Brut NV Champagne

    Now £22.00

    Was £29.00


    Our French is simple, however we feel that Canard-Duchêne generally interprets as "duck of oak". Furthermore, we trust this to be a reference to how this exquisite Champagne vanquished the UK.

    The general population of Ludes, close Reims, kept a huge wooden Trojan-duck at traditions in Folkestone. The duck was filled to the overflow with Champagne bottles, and when neighborhood traditions officers wheeled it in, the trap entryway sprung open and jugs flew out, advancing up the M20 towards London. The rest is history.

    In any case, our comprehension may not be truly genuine.

  • Lat 42 Rioja Crianza 2016

    Lat 42 Rioja Crianza 2016 - *Web Exclusive*



    It is said that Genghis Khan was born on the 42 Latitude and because he was born believing he was a chess rook, he continued to move along this axis for the rest of his life, unaware rooks can also move vertically (he wasn’t a big chess fan, he was way more into Risk). Having grown up with nothing better to drink than fermented mare’s milk, Genghis Khan travelled back and forth along this latitude, conquering indiscriminately and unrelentingly in attempt to find a drink that could satisfy his imperial palate. Unfortunately for Genghis, he was never satisfied, unaware that had he continued a few thousand miles west, he would have stumbled upon Lat 42 Rioja Crianza. Fermented mare’s milk might not be difficult to top but this vibrant Tempranillo with bright flavours of cranberries, red plums, vanilla and white pepper, supported by a smooth palate and silky tannins, may have mollified the old despot.
  • Amelie Malbec Rose - French Rose Wine

    Amelie Malbec Rosé 2017

    Now £8.75

    Was £10.75


    A delicate salmon pink rosé with alluring summer fruit and grapefruit aromas, a fresh and vibrant palate of strawberries and cream followed with a long and zingy finish.
  • Amelie Malbec 2017

    Amelie Malbec 2017

    Now £8.75

    Was £10.75


    We could say of Malbec grown in France; "the prodigal son returns!" However, we only recently learnt that 'prodigal,' isn't a compliment, adding new context to our relationship with our fathers! There’s also no reason Malbec should be male so instead of using that tired old cliché, we’ll use the metaphor of Arya from Game of Thrones returning to Westeros! Originally, Arya struggled in here home nation, eventually leaving out of fear for her very existence. While few took her chances abroad very seriously, she flourished! Honing her skills, developing her personal brand and selling some cockles… (this metaphor is falling down like that big ice wall). Malbec was driven out of France by Phylloxera, only to become one of the worlds most popular grapes when grown in Argentina. Now Malbec is back in France, with lovely floral and dark fruit aromas, fine tannins, a brooding intensity and a power that is sure to teach those treacherous Frays a hard old lesson! See, perfect metaphor!
  • Prosecco Perlit Brut NV

    Prosecco Perlit Brut NV - *Web Exclusive*



    Made by one of Italy's most prestigious wine producers, Cantina di Soave, Prosecco Perlit is rich and velvety with seductive aromas of ripe apple and pear making it the perfect choice of sparkling wine for almost any celebration.
  • Esperando Los Barbaros Malbec 2016

    Esperando Los Barbaros Malbec 2016



    This amazing natural wine embraces the wild, challenging terroir of the Uco Valley without ever pretending to tame it. With a highly mineral nose with delicate notes of dried red fruits, this is for those who like their Malbec to show restraint, subtlety and a resilience to anything remotely resembling 'jammy'.
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