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  • Rhonea Cotes du Rhone Rose 2018

    Rhonéa Côtes Du Rhône Rosé 2018

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    Sometimes, we feel rosé gets a hard rap, which may seem weird considering that during the summer months our stores require a liquid nitrogen sprinkler system in their cellars’ to simply get enough chilled rosé to satisfy the demands of the baying park going public. In fact, between the months of July and August in London, you are never more than 1.7m away from a bottle of rosé, who knew? Despite this evident popularity, people still don’t tend to take rosé all that seriously. We’re as guilty of it as anyone; describing top quality rosés as ‘refreshing,’ ‘dangerously easy-drinking’ or ‘like an improvised explosive raspberry device,’ but rarely ‘complex.’ Not today, we’re going to show this Cote du Rhone rosé some proper respect; you see, with great focus on purity of fruit and extended lees aging in the winery, this wine is not only wonderfully refreshing, it is complex, mineral scented, intense and powerfully expressive of red berries and white flowers! This wine is dangerously easy-drinking, but it’s also so much more!
  • Lat 42 Rioja Crianza 2016

    Lat 42 Rioja Crianza 2016

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    It is said that Genghis Khan was born on the 42 Latitude and because he was born believing he was a chess rook, he continued to move along this axis for the rest of his life, unaware rooks can also move vertically (he wasn’t a big chess fan, he was way more into Risk). Having grown up with nothing better to drink than fermented mare’s milk, Genghis Khan travelled back and forth along this latitude, conquering indiscriminately and unrelentingly in attempt to find a drink that could satisfy his imperial palate. Unfortunately for Genghis, he was never satisfied, unaware that had he continued a few thousand miles west, he would have stumbled upon Lat 42 Rioja Crianza. Fermented mare’s milk might not be difficult to top but this vibrant Tempranillo with bright flavours of cranberries, red plums, vanilla and white pepper, supported by a smooth palate and silky tannins, may have mollified the old despot.
  • Le Meurger Coteaux Bourguignons 2018

    Le Meurger Coteaux Bourguignons 2018

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    We're going to suggest something a little controversial here - this red wine is best served slightly chilled. Yes, you absolutely read that right! Although not all styles of red wine will work chilled, much lighter, fruit-driven styles can make a great alternative to white and rosé in the warmer months. Le Meurger Coteaux Bourguignons is a great example of this. With bright and fresh aromas of strawberry and raspberry followed by a light to medium bodied palate of strawberry and hints of blackcurrant, and a light sweet orange finish. Lively acidity gives the wine a refreshing finish.
  • Mayfield Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Liqueur 500ml

    Mayfield Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Liqueur 500ml

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  • Mayfield Elderflower & Peach Gin Liqueur 500ml

    Mayfield Elderflower & Peach Gin Liqueur 500ml

    Now £21.00

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