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Bacardi Superior Rum

The Experience

Drink When...
Listen To...
Pure Morning by Placebo
Think About...
A friend in need
Alter Ego...
A good friend

The Oddbins Take

They Say

Originated in 1862 and now the world’s biggest spirit brand, Bacardi Superior rum is still, remarkably, a family-owned affair. The superior is a classic, mixable, light-bodied rum, aged in carefully selected oak barrels.

Clear in colour, smooth in taste and dry in flavour, it has impressions of vanilla and subtle aromas of almonds and tropical fruits. Its finish is dry and smooth. A great mixer for any number of cocktails.

We Say

With gentle almond and tropical fruit flavours, this is something of a classic – if you were to turn up at a bar and they didn’t have this on their shelves, you’d wonder what’s going on…

Alter Ego: A good friend; always there for you, it’s fun to be around, can mix incredibly well no matter where you bring it and is what you want, nay, need at a party.

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Cask Type
White Oak
Nose:Almond, Tropical fruit
Palate:Almond, Vanilla
Finish:Clean, Smooth
  • Body
  • Richness
  • Sweetness
Bacardi Superior Rum 70cl

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