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Flipping burgers
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Do you really need *another* hot dog?..
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Anything grilled

The Oddbins Take

Summer is here, the sun is out and it's time to dig out the BBQ from the back of the shed. Once you've dusted off the cobwebs and invited some friends and family over for a party, you're then stuck with the question of what drinks to buy. Mum likes a drop of prosecco, but Sharon likes a spot of rosé, and white wine is a must-have, but Dave always likes a glass of red wine in the evening. And, of course, you'll need some beers to fill your free hand whilst manning the grill...

Whether you're hosting or simply don't want to turn up empty handed, this selection of our go-to summertime drinks is certain to have something to please everyone at the BBQ.

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Prosecco Quadri Extra Dry NV   +£9.50
Jean-Luc Colombo Picpoul de Pinet Les Girelles 2017   +£10.50
Cabaret Rosé 2017   +£10.50
Lost & Found - R22 APA Fomosaic   +£3.80
Lost & Found - R27 TRIo.J NEIPA   +£4.30
Campervan Tropical Mango Sour Beer   +£3.00
Campervan Leith Juice IPA   +£3.00
Pressure Drop Pale Fire American Pale Ale   +£2.60

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BBQ Essentials - Mixed Wine and Craft Beer Case

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BBQ Essentials - Mixed Wine and Craft Beer Case

Summer BBQ Essentials - Case of Wine and Beer

What's In This Case

  • Prosecco Quadri Extra Dry NV

    Carlo decided that for their anniversary this year he would buy his sweetheart something truly special. Having heard that age-old saying 'diamonds are a girls best friend' he set about finding the...

  • Manuka Springs Pinot Noir 2016 New Zealand

    Everyone agreed the old horse-drawn cart was just the vehicle to transport the Pinot grapes from vineyard to winery, but they failed to take into account the antique craftsmanship. The suspension...

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  • Jean-Luc Colombo Picpoul de Pinet Les Girelles White Wine

    Usually a fresh, dry, lemony white; this Picpoul de Pinet ticks all of those boxes and then some. Add to that a hint of white flowers on the nose, a truck load of minerality and a zip of...

  • Cabaret Rose 2016

    ***Silver at Decanter 2014***

    It's one thing to keep passing a business down to your children, it's quite another to keep that line going for 700 years. Yet this is exactly what the...

  • Lost & Found - R22 APA Fomosaic
    Lost & Found's R22 is a modern American Pale Ale that's full to the brim with robust malts and a hit of hoppy tropical fruit and citrus flavours. The hazy golden beer gives fruity aromas of melons...
  • Lost & Found - R27 TRIo.J NEIPA
    Don't like bitter beers? This one's for you! R27 can easily be mistaken for a boozy fruit juice because of it's hazy yellow colour and fruity aromas. Oranges, hops and tropical fruits run throughout...
  • Campervan Tropical Mango Sour Beer
    Nothing announces the start of Scottish summertime like a fruity sour beer! The Campervan Brewery's Tropical Mango Sour is the perfect go-to this summer with swathes of tropical and apricot flavours,...
  • Campervan Leith Juice IPA
    Leith Juice is a seriously fruity beer with a van-load of West Coast American hops and delicious zesty orange flavours. Leith has a proud history in making Scotch Whisky, but most recently it has...
  • Pressure Drop Pale Fire American Pale Ale

    Making a good pale ale was one of Pressure Drop's first objectives when the guys started out in a shed. It may have taken them a while, but they finally came up with a recipe that they were happy...

  • Pressure Drop - Bosko American IPA

    The guys at Pressure Drop wanted to make their own version of a classic American beer that they could drink fresh. When Bosko was first made, fresh American beer wasn't easily found in the UK, but...