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The Oddbins Take

Summer is here, the sun is out and it's time to dig out the BBQ from the back of the shed. Once you've dusted off the cobwebs and invited some friends and family over for a party, you're then stuck with the question of what drinks to buy. Mum likes a drop of prosecco, but Sharon likes a spot of rosé, and white wine is a must-have, but Dave always likes a glass of red wine in the evening. And, of course, you'll need some beers to fill your free hand whilst manning the grill...

Whether you're hosting or simply don't want to turn up empty handed, this selection of our go-to summertime drinks is certain to have something to please everyone at the BBQ.

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Prosecco Perlit Brut NV - *Web Exclusive*   +£10.00
Lat 42 Rioja Crianza 2016 - *Web Exclusive*   +£14.50
Mystic Ocean Sauvignon Blanc 2018 - *Web Exclusive*   +£9.60
Rhonéa Côtes Du Rhône Rosé 2018 - *Web Exclusive*   +£12.00

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BBQ Essentials - Mixed Wine and Craft Beer Case

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BBQ Essentials - Mixed Wine and Craft Beer Case

Summer BBQ Essentials - Mixed Wine and Craft Beer Case

What's In This Case

  • Prosecco Perlit Brut NV
    Made by one of Italy's most prestigious wine producers, Cantina di Soave, Prosecco Perlit is rich and velvety with seductive aromas of ripe apple and pear making it the perfect choice of sparkling...
  • Lat 42 Rioja Crianza 2016
    It is said that Genghis Khan was born on the 42 Latitude and because he was born believing he was a chess rook, he continued to move along this axis for the rest of his life, unaware rooks can also...
  • Mystic Ocean Sauvignon Blanc 2018
    Mystic Ocean showcases the best of Marlboroughs signature wines, with traditional citrus notes on the nose and an inviting crisp and refreshing palate of lemon, lime and tropical fruit flavours,...
  • Rhonea Cotes du Rhone Rose 2018
    Sometimes, we feel rosé gets a hard rap, which may seem weird considering that during the summer months our stores require a liquid nitrogen sprinkler system in their cellars’ to simply get enough...
  • Gipsy Hill Southpaw Amber Ale
    Usually being left handed sucks; your hand smudges the ink of the thing you've just written and if you live in an Amish community it'll be beaten out of you until left handed behaviour bursts from...