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This doesn’t look like a wine blog?

Welcome to Blogbins, the brand new blog from Oddbins and what we hope will be a whole different animal to what you may have read in the past…

OddlephantThis is going to be “odd”, so let’s kick things off by talking about the wine press and elephants. We love them both and in many ways the two are quite similar; they are lumbering, grey, a bit wrinkly, increasingly endangered and although it’s lovely to look at their pictures, when you get really close you find they’re a little too heavy to digest, even over several sittings.

Unfortunately much of the wine press assumes a knowledge, bank balance and threshold for seriousness that far exceeds what most of us have. As a result newspaper columns dedicated to the vinous delights seem to be shrivelling faster than British resolve at the penalty spot. Luckily there’s an alternative popping up all over the place like meerkats and proving just as popular; blogs.

Actually blogs are more like regular cats than meerkats, although meerkats aren’t even cats, they’re mongooses or should that be mongeese. Sorry, we digress, blogs are cats, but not the pedigree kind that look down their nose at you (an all too common problem in the wine industry), but the moggy kind. Not always the most beautiful to look at, but they are small, quick to react, loveable, full of character and much easier to fit into our lives than an elephant.

We like blogs because information comes in manageable chunks, they’re free to read, they aren’t afraid to be brutally honest and they’re usually written with enthusiasm, passion and wit by people we can relate to. On top of all this, they’re changing the world; The Huffington Post won a Pulitzer Prize, nine year old Martha Payne seems to have trumped the PR steamroller that is Jamie Oliver by exposing the number of hairs in her school dinners with NeverSeconds, Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr made himself a star as Perez Hilton and it’s impossible to ignore the impact of WikiLeaks.

But before we open up that can of political worms (we have our own idea, but if you would like to send us a sketch of what you think a political worm would look like, please do), let’s get back to the wine. There are loads of wine blogs and new ones seem to appear every day. However, they have been around for a while and as with evolution, time has allowed the strong, skilled and adaptable to rise to the top. But if you need a little help picking them out, the Darwin of the wine blogosphere, Robert McIntosh (aka Thirst for Wine) has compiled a useful list of the highly developed blogs (those with opposable thumbs, if you will) here. There’s something for everyone from the serious to the comedic, whether you’re a Knackered Mother, a closet Pinotage lover or just want red and white grapes explained using celebrity analogies.

Oddbins' Wine BloggersThe quality of these blogs and writers has inspired us. So not only have we started our own blog, but we’ve allowed six of our favourite bloggers, Big Pinots, Cambridge Wine Blogger, Wine Passionista, Sip Swoosh Spit, Spittoon and Miss Bouquet, free rein to run rampant around our shops and put together a case of the good stuff for you. Twelve great wines independently chosen by six of the UK’s most talented wine writers direct from our shelves, could there be a better endorsement than that? Check out our Bloggers’ Case here. Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to convince some of our other favourite bloggers like Old Parn, The Wine Detective, The Wine Sleuth and Matt Walls to do a guest blog for us?

But before you go and check out all these other bloggers, let’s get back to this blog. What kind of creature will Blogbins become? Well in truth we doTokaji Oremus Mandolas Dry Furmintn’t know yet, it’s only just been conceived, it might grow into a star-nosed mole, a pink fairy armadillo, an axolotl or a northern white-faced owl (this last one doesn’t sound cool, but this video might change your mind). What we know for certain is that there will be more postings from us and we promise not to take things too seriously. Thanks for reading. (TO)

This post was written while drinking: Our new Hungarian Tokaji Oremus Mandolás Dry Furmint. And if your day has been long and serious, lighten your mood by listening to the Hungarian translation of “cheese cheese cheese cheese trees trees” on Google Translate.