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Feels good to be British, doesn’t it? Train prices are on the rise again. Who cares? We’re really good at cycling, so we’ll take the bike to work; we might even grow some sideburns while we’re at it. Although our economy doesn't seem to be able to magic itself out of the quicksand of financial despair it is languishing in, a "ginger wizard" has given us hope in the sandpit. Our summer sky looks a bit like a bruise that might spit on us at any moment, but pugilist Nicola Adams’ smile made us feel warm inside and we wish we could’ve gone to Nando’s with her. Luckily there is more sport on the way soon. But for now let us take you on a mystical journey to explore some other causes of national pride…

New Gusbourne Sparkling Rosé - £30You are walking through a rose garden in rural Kent on a crisp, clear morning. Double Delight roses nod in the breeze like rocking bowls of raspberry ripple ice cream, peachy Belle Epoques catch the early sun and dew glistens on the velvety petals of Deep Secrets. But then the gentle scent of one particular delight catches your attention. It blushes delicately as you turn to look at this quintessentially English rose; but it’s not actually a rose, it’s a rosé, it’s Gusbourne’s Sparkling Rosé. This is so new to our range we haven’t had a chance to send it to our shops yet. So currently this is a web exclusive. We think this is the finest English Sparkling Rosé on the market, if not the finest English Sparkling Wine, fullstop.

Bulldog Gin - £25.75You are careering down a narrow cobbled street, bouncing of the red brick either side, a bulldog snapping at your heels. Past the back doors of the curry house, the kebab house, the Chinese and then the Italian Trattoria, the heady aromas of exotic spices and herbs mingling in your nose as you suck in breath from the exertion. But the dog is gaining on you, its stumpy legs pummelling the pavement, jaws gnashing in its wrinkly and determined face. You spin around the corner with the grace of a ballerina, crashing into the pub and slam the door on the mutt's nose. Your great escape is complete, you eye the bar for the refreshing drink that will calm your nerves and you see Bulldog Gin. That’ll be just the tonic after the thrill of the chase. A very cool British gin that has made it big in America, but has come back especially to grace our shelves. Bored of the same old gins? Try this. Woof.

Smokehead Malt Whisky - £33.25You walk out of the cold wind flecked with sea spray through the door of the smokehouse. The smoky warmth envelopes you like billowing duvet. A rugged Scot with the enormous tattooed arms of a sailor is flinging clods of peat on to the fire with a shovel. A rogue lump flies off the spade and hits you firmly in the face causing you to stagger backwards into the fisherman who has just arrived with his haul. You slip on a haddock and fall at the feet of the fisherman, coming to a final rest on his rubber galoshes covered in seaweed. That’s what the manly Smokehead Islay Malt Whisky tastes like and it’s good. An independent bottling from an undisclosed Islay distillery that is not for the faint hearted but is flying off our shelves. Time to man up and become a smokehead.

Local Beers

As you move around this land of hops and barley, don’t forget to pop into your nearest Oddbins. Each one has different local beers specific to them. So you might find Tempest's World of Pain in Scotland, Bristol Beer Factory's Bête Noir in Clifton, Moncada Brewery’s Summer Ale in London, a Quantum Brewery collaboration with Black Isle Brewery in our Chorlton shop or something from Old Dairy Brewery in our Tunbridge Wells branch. Wherever you are, a local beer will give you a good portion of national pride.

That's all from us. Until next time, keep flying the flag.