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This edition of Oddnews is quite the hedonistic concoction, we’ve got wine, food, philosophy, singing and dancing. Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and ritual madness, would be very proud of us…


Free Greeks v Romans Wine Tasting

With an attitude like that, the cynical Diogenes of Sinope probably wasn’t particularly popular around the tavernas of Athens. Normally, we wouldn’t put much stock in the musings of a man who slept in a terracotta pot, but this guy was on to something: there is something really satisfying about free wine. So if you like free wine as much as we do, head to any Oddbins shop after 5pm on Thursday 2 May for a clash of the titans tasting tussle: Greeks versus Romans. We will be throwing two of our barnstorming new Greek wines into the arena to battle it out with two classy Italians. Will 6,500 years of wine making experience give our Hellenic wines the edge or will they be crushed by an unstoppable vinous Roman phalanx [can two wines form a phalanx? – Ed]? Our money is on the underdog Greece. As well as giving us democracy, drama, discus, dolmades and Dionysus, we also have inside information that the six new Greek wines and two new Greek beers hitting our shelves shortly are awesome. But you never know, the Italian-inspired Heartland Dolcetto Lagrein scythed its way through the competition like an angry Russell Crowe, to become the victor of our last gladiatorial tasting event, so they are still in with a fighting chance. Pop your sandals on and come and explore an ancient world with us…


Cabaret Rosé - £9

The 1972 film version of Cabaret picked up eight Academy Awards, seven BAFTAs and a Golden Globe. Pretty impressive for a musical. But, when it comes to things that drive us wild with desire, it isn’t Liza Minnelli that gets our hearts racing, it is the return of our Cabaret Rosé from Provence. Seriously elegant and dangerously seductive, this rosé picks up IWC Medals for fun and is made by a Master of Wine with a winemaking lineage going back 700 years. Exquisitely delicate strawberry, pink grapefruit, passionfruit and cherry blossom all mingle in the mouth with this one, all we need now is the summer sun. So if you are having trouble finding the perfect rosé, to quote the film Cabaret one more time: “Where are your troubles now? Forgotten!”

So what’s for lunch? And more importantly what wine are you going to match to it? If that second question leaves you floundering over what to pair with flounder, quailing at the sheer choice of matches for quail, or finding it hard to gauge the perfect partner for greengage, worry no more. Remove all the stress with our new and oh so easy Food and Wine Matcher, conveniently located here on our website.That’s all from us, other than to say that if you were so lost in a whirl of hedonism that you missed Malbec World Day on Wednesday, we have two brand new ones, so you can play catch up here.