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We’ve taken our inspiration for this edition of Oddnews from the world of current affairs. So make yourself comfortable as we're about to go all Sarah Montague and John Humphrys on you...
Before you start worrying, the Fifty Shades of Grey wines are categorically not available at Oddbins. We prefer to source our spankingly good wines from honest to goodness winemakers and keep the marketing guys suitably shackled and restrained. Take for example the brand new and bone dry Bergrettung Riesling made by Jan Klein and a group of likeminded winemakers, who are rescuing and breathing life into abandoned vineyards (hence the name which means "mountain rescue" in German and has absolutely nothing at all to do with popular "Whip Lit"). It bursts with lime, mango and peach and then slaps you with a firm hand of refreshing acidity. You can get to know more of our lovely winemakers in the inspiring and intriguing new Oddbins Winemakers section of our website located here.
Following the Labour Party Conference the news has been full of reports of Peter Mandelson and Alastair Campbell’s little spat over whether Ed Miliband is red or not. We’ve always thought that bickering in the world of politics isn’t really news though, it is kind of like saying: “Breaking News: monkeys seen monkeying around.” Sorry, we digress. No such arguments about red credentials can be made about the following two heavyweight candidates from South Africa. In the red corner we have Boekenhoutskloof's Chocolate Block 2011: Oddbins’ iconic keeper that holds more chocolatey goodness and weight than Augustus Gloop. And in the other red corner we have the new kid on our block, Radford Dale’s Gravity (made by Oddbins BFF Alex Dale): a robust bruiser that dances around the palate with an uncanny elegance, maybe a result of having a few years under its belt. Not only are both indisputably red to the very core, but they are also both quite capable of keeping you warm during the winter months, if for some reason the energy companies might claim not to be able to. But we're not taking sides on that frosty debate...
A roving BBC News journalist put her virtue on the line by accosting wannabe lotharios in a Milanese gelateria. According to her report she was able to ascertain that the economic downturn has hit Italian Casanovas hard. Shockingly, they are unable to “woo women with the care and attention – and lavish expenditure – their predecessors were one renowned for.” As we dry our eyes for all those failing philanderers, we hope you’ll join us in raising a glass of our fabulous, and very reasonably priced, Prosecco Ca’Rosa. This peach, pear and apricot infused Italian fizz is the one, a lifetime partner if you will. Salute to a more monogamous future!

That’s all from us, time to get our weekend on, ta ra.