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Just in case you hadn’t noticed, there has been an important arrival recently. We’re not jumping on the Royal Baby bandwagon; we’ll leave that topic to the press who, judging by all their cooing and meaningless speculation, could just have easily been replaced with a flock of pigeons playing “Guess Who?” this week. No, we’re talking about the rebirth of, soon to be the new king of wine websites. We put an easel outside Oddbins Towers to mark the announcement, but it didn’t quite the reaction of the one outside Buckingham Palace. So we are going to tell you all about it in this edition of Oddnews instead. But enough with baby talk, inspired by the Andy Murray quote used in our last email, in which he announced his hatred of bananas, we are going to ask you to explore your fruity side…
We cannot condone Barbra Streisand’s wanton fruit wastage, however successful she may be. Surely she must realise that it doesn’t just grow on trees. To teach her the error of her ways we followed her and gathered up the trail of fruit left in her wake. We found not only melons, but also lemons, passionfruits, green apples, gooseberries, lychees and more. The plan was to make a delicious drink combining all these fruits that would change her profligate ways, but then we realised that the smoothie market is pretty much saturated. So instead we found a summery fruit bomb of a wine that already had all these flavours: The Ned Sauvignon Blanc. And to celebrate the launch of our new website, we are running a web exclusive price of £6.66 a bottle on this Kiwi legend. What do think of them apples Barbra?
In the Chairman Mao quote above, he was addressing revolution and the fact that to understand or change something, you must jump in and experience that thing for yourself. Here at Oddbins we have kick started a revolution in the wine industry and are giving you the chance to jump in and be our wine buyer...Let us take you on a journey… imagine you are sitting on the banks of the Yangtze in Chairman Mao’s home province of Hunan, tucking into the big man’s favourite dish of Hong Shao Rou (red braised pork), surrounded by the towering mist covered Wuling, Xuefeng and Nanling Mountains. On your return home you decide to recreate that delicious holiday dish, but cannot find Shaoxing rice wine, one of the main ingredients, anywhere (please ignore the fact that Shaoxing rice wine is readily available in most Chinese supermarkets, this is a metaphorical journey). If you haven’t brought some of the wine back with you from your holiday, you might well be scuppered. But not anymore...

Last month our E-Commerce Manager Olivia returned from her holiday in Rio de Janeiro raving about a Brazilian wine she had tried there. We got hold of a bottle of the Aurora Sparkling Moscato, tried it and promptly had an epiphany. Not only is this fruity, honeyed and floral fizz the greatest summer picnic wine ever, but it also made us ask ourselves "how can we get hold of the wines that you guys have fallen in love with on holiday?". So that is what we are doing. If you’ve fallen in love with a wine you tasted on your travels or you are about to head off on holiday, all you have to do is send us a photo of the wine, tell us the name and we will hunt it down. If we like it, we’ll import it, sell it through our website and give you a cut of the profits for finding it. We're calling it The Listing and you can find out more by clicking here. We’re very excited about this and can’t wait to hear from you. We think Chairman Mao might have considered The Listing a great leap forward for the wine industry!

This is not the first time we have featured a quote from the sockless genius who declined the offer to be the President of Israel, and the more citations we find from him, the more we become convinced that he may have been a bit of a fruit loop. “Why?” you ask, “Surely his four steps to happiness checklist seems completely reasonable?” Nope, he missed one very important factor. The fifth step on the route to happiness is a full wine rack. Imagine how Albert's happiness would’ve shattered across the laboratory floor as soon as he took a rest from scratching out his beloved Mozart and realised there was no wine to quench his thirst. Quite. So to make sure that your happiness is not impeded by an empty wine rack and to mark the launch of our new website, we’ve put together a very special 12 bottle case of our 6 favourite fruity wines of the moment: Oddbins Web Launch Case. It not only includes the world’s first ever semi-sweet Albariño, a Bramley apple flavoured Prosecco, a Claret from one of France’s most cult winemakers (an Englishman no less) and an underrated gem from Périgord, but we’ve also knocked more than £35 off it. There has never been a better or fruitier way to fill your wine rack. Now all you need is a table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin…That’s all from us, but just before we go, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out our new blog post all about fruity summer whiskies: For Peat’s Sake. It’s pretty juicy stuff.