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In this issue of Oddnews we might come across like a right bunch of bankers. We’ll be investing in futures, looking at past trends and talking about exclusivity and a new collaboration. So with no further ado let’s shake the tree for low hanging fruit and get down to business…

Investing in Futures
Antoine Remy Champagnes from £27 a bottle

Investing in the future currently involves scrimping, saving, nodding as the bank manager baffles you with jargon about tiny percentages, filling out tedious forms and very little by way of fun. And after all that there’s barely a modicum of return, let alone anything worth cracking open the fizz for. But we have an alternative way of investing in the future and this way is far more fun as it starts with the Champagne…

Bernard Remy bought his first vineyard in 1968. Through hard graft he gradually increased it to about the size of ten football pitches, which is still pretty small, before passing it on to his son Rudy. Rudy now makes two boutique Champagnes under his two year old son’s name, because he sees these wines as their future and baby Antoine as the heir to the throne. The zippy, limey and floral Antoine Remy Brut (£27) and the raspberry sorbet, cherry blossom and fresh cream infused Antoine Remy Rosé (£30) are exclusive to Oddbins and presently only available through our website. These Champagnes are one in the eye for the big brands and with each wonderful sip you’ll be investing in little Antoine and Champagne’s future.

Further Exclusivity
Taittinger Vintage down to £39 a bottle

Web exclusive Champagnes not enough for you? Oh, you want more do you? You’ll want the moon on a stick next. Well luckily we love you, so here have a web exclusive offer of Taittinger 2004 Vintage down to the price of Taittinger Non Vintage. Taittinger 2004 Vintage was £52, but now just for you it’s only £39 while stocks last. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Wait a minute you didn’t ask, man alive we’re good to you.

A New Collaboration
GQ Wine Club

Oddbins have teamed up with our favourite mens’ magazine, the esteemed GQ, to launch a new GQ Wine Club. This month’s offering allows you to explore the joys of white Burgundy from the comfort of your own home and without having to learn that Frenchy lingo. The exclusive case features two bottles of Chablis (one Grand Cru), a Pouilly-Fuissé, a Corton-Charlemagne, a Puligny-Montrachet, a Saint-Véran and a saving of more than £25. Every bottle is produced by Dutchman Jean-Marie Guffens, who has made quite a name for himself with these Verget wines. They are not available to buy through our shops, so please click here to find out more. We expect these to be more popular than Bradley Wiggins on a tandem with the Queen, you've been warned.

Learning from the Past
Summer White Wines from £6.25

We Brits love to resurrect the past. If you want proof you only have to look at the resurgence of offal on posh restaurant menus, the return of skinny jeans, high-tops and electro, how often Kate gets compared to Diana or the fact that we mercilessly roll out Paul McCartney to butcher Hey Jude at every national event going.

Here at Oddbins we’ve decided to do the same with wine. That’s why all our top tips at the moment are trips down memory lane. This summer we recommend getting yourself a seriously grown up German Riesling or sampling the gloriously refreshing delights of some blasts from the past like Soave, Muscadet and Vinho Verde. Or finally why not wind the clock back on alcohol levels by trying our stupidly wonderful 10.5% Longview Red Bucket White. It comes from Macclesfield, honestly, and it tastes like pure bottled summer. Have you forgotten just how good the past tasted?

That’s all from us, until we touch base again.