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For today’s edition of Oddnews, we’ve rather strangely found ourselves inspired by three fictional characters, each of whom were prone to genius but could also be described as ever so slightly unhinged. We’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions with regards to what that says about us…

We’ll pass on the liver parfait thanks Doctor. On hearing the name Hannibal Lecter, the majority of people will suddenly lose their appetite. However, on that front, the fortunes of everybody’s favourite Chianti-quaffing man-eater might be about to change. To celebrate the release of Hannibal The Complete Season One on DVD and Blu-ray on 2 September 2013, we are giving you the opportunity to win a two Michelin Star meal for two at The Square Restaurant and a night in a London hotel. To be in with a chance of winning this prize all you have to do is click on this here link and answer one unfeasibly easy multiple choice question. Six lucky runners up will receive copies of the box set. And just to reassure you, we’ve given the menu at The Square a once over and the meat options all appear to be legit. Now who’s hungry?

It is so difficult to find a quote from Malcolm Tucker that is suitable for a family-friendly publication such as Oddnews. For those not familiar with the show, Malcolm Tucker was the director of communications for the government and undisputed king of profanity in the BBC’s political satire The Thick of It. However, more importantly he was artfully played by the future Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi. Now if Peter Capaldi were a whisky, he would be the Ardbeg Ardbog. Now we admit that was a tenuous segue, but if you have a click on this link and have a read of 'The Oddbins Take' all will become crystal clear. Released on 1 June to celebrate Ardbeg Day, the extremely limited edition Ardbog is a heavily peated 10 year old single malt aged in ex-Bourbon and Manzanilla casks. Most retailers sold out of this whisky long ago, but we found a small batch perfectly preserved in a peat bog, dug them out and have made them available for your drinking pleasure. Grab them before they something-beginning-with-F off.

Sherlock Holmes wasn’t perfect; by his own admission he had no knowledge of literature, philosophy or astronomy and only a feeble grasp of politics, he had a drug addiction, a roommate at quite an advanced age, a tendency to brawl, a stormy love life and an ego that makes Simon Cowell look like Mother Theresa in high-waisted pants. But you still have to love anyone who can rock a deerstalker and has an actual nemesis. However, one of our favourite things about Sherlock Holmes is that the world famous quote above was never actually said by him. It is just like the fact that Humphrey Bogart never said “Play it again, Sam” in Casablanca. So while we're on it, let’s dispel some more myths... Not all American wine comes from the West Coast; the mesmerising McCall Merlot has a very European feel and hails from Long Island, New York State, and is as a perfect blend of ripeness and elegance. Not all Vinho Verde is simple; if it is made by a winemaking icon like our Muros Antigos Vinho Verde it can be seriously serious. Germany is all about Riesling, isn’t it? Nope, try the nutty, peachy and creamy Wittmann 100 Hills Pinot Blanc if you want proof. Cava isn’t a patch on Champagne. Guess again; made by the first Spanish winemakers to use Champagne’s 'traditional' production method, Anna de Codorniu was the first Cava to be made from Chardonnay and it gives Champagne a run for its money at about a third of the price. We could go on, but there simply isn't room. Wine may not be elementary, but learning its little foibles is certainly delicious my dear Watson.

That’s all from us, now let’s go and find some more savoury characters to hang out with.