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We’re sorry to start this edition of Oddnews on a downer, especially as we had promised you fun in our last correspondence, but we’ve got some really bad news…
We’ve had our heads down busily planning Christmas and missed the breaking news earlier in the week that Santa Claus had been involved in an accident, resulting in the cancellation of all festivities this year. Our sources inform us that in a dry run for Christmas Eve, he lost control of his sledge at high speed and in the ensuing melee became impaled on Blitzen’s antler.But try not to panic. Rumours abound that Oddbins may have found a replacement for everyone’s favourite annual chimney botherer. We cannot divulge too much at this stage, except that she has commissioned the very talented Tariq Knight to make a series of videos for us, which are sure to put the magic back into Christmas… You can watch the first one by clicking here.

We’re in love. And we’re not sure that this madness will be so temporary…Captain Correlli’s Mandolin was set on Kephalonia and featured a character called Father Arsenios, who - how can we put this diplomatically? - liked a glass of wine. One wine that he particularly enjoyed was Robola. Jessica Shinner, an Oddbins customer from London, also enjoyed this wine when holidaying on the Greek island, which is thankfully a lot less war torn than in the days described in the bestselling novel. But when she got home she couldn’t find the wine anywhere. That was until she heard about The Listing, our initiative to source those wines that you fall in love with on your summer sojourns or winter wanderings. Jessica filled in our online form and Antonio’s your Captain... Gentilini’s Robola is our first import for The Listing. Jessica has received a cheque in the post for her efforts and it is well deserved because this crisp, but full-bodied, Greek white, with its blossom and citrus flavours, is one to fall very permanently in love with.

If you feel inspired to drop us a line with your holiday wines, you can find out more about The Listing by clicking here.

Misery? We don’t want misery. We want fun, more fun and a side portion of fun. So what is the spirit of this age? Is it the rich and rewarding Junmai Akashi Tai Daiginjo Sake? The French grape-based Ciroc Coconut Vodka perhaps? The rare and discontinued Fettercairn 1824 12 Year Old Single Malt perchance? Possibly the overwhelmingly awesome anCnoc 22 Year Old Single Malt? A Jessica Ennis-Hill-esque Cask Strength Glengoyne maybe? Or the only way to finish a Mexican meal: Patron XO Cafe? It's a tough call. But one thing’s for sure, having just added almost 60 new spirits, you are bound to find the spirit of this age and maybe even some festive spirit on’s all from us, but keep your mince pies peeled for our special guest coming soon to Twitter and bringing with her the chance to win some Champagne...