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With Christmas fast approaching we’ve finally worked out what present we’re going to ask Mother Christmas for. You might be surprised to find out that it isn’t actually a wine. What we want is a smartphone that does this (Hint: you’ll have to click that linky thing to find out what it does).

Mrs Christmas you are so right. She is you know. As wise as she is beautiful and fun. Not only is this great lady still giving away copious amounts of free Champagne on our Twitter page and publishing stories about ants on our blog, but she has also put together a mighty fine selection of handpicked presents ranging from £25 to £125, ready wrapped and including free delivery, which are available exclusively here on our website. But if you’re still not sure what to get for that special someone, Mrs Claus has also, with help from her band of merry penguins (elves were sacked a while back, she has a short temper, she also let the reindeer go and replaced them with a Mini Cooper), made these Oddbins Gift Cards that can be spent on our website. So you can give someone the fun of choosing their own perfect wine. We love Mother Christmas, but we’re also a little bit scared that she might fire us too.

Well of course you can Ms Blanchett. And you’ve made a mighty fine choice by coming to Oddbins. Disclaimer: We’re not sure if Cate Blanchett has ever really been to an Oddbins. But she’d be more than welcome if she did, especially if she needed help with Champagne and doubly so if she leaves Woody Allen behind because there’s something we find a little unsettling about him, but we can't quite put our finger on exactly what it is. However, we’d rather see you. So why not come and peruse our bubbly delights. We’ve got awesome deals like £14 off Heidsieck Monopole Blue Top, £10 off Laurent-Perrier Rosé and £11 off Louis Roederer Brut Premier. We’ve got the holiday classics like Pol Roger, Veuve Clicquot and Ruinart. We’ve got great value smaller producers like Drappier, H.Blin and Antoine Remy. We’ve got those obscure but wonderful Champagnes like the organic Canard-Duchêne Green and even a handful of the oaky Billecart-Salmon Sous Bois. And if for some crazy reason you fancy a break from Champagne, we may be able to tempt you with the Domaine de la Taille aux Loup “Triple Zero” from Montlouis in the Loire or even a couple of fantastic English sparkling wines. Who knows, you might bump into Ms Blanchett as you’re browsing, although obviously we can’t guarantee that.

Well yes Mr Nicholson, it might well be. Caveat: Oddbins believes that beer is actually the second best drink in the world after wine, but we recognise that opinions in this matter may vary. If you’ve popped into an Oddbins shop recently you’ll probably have realised that we’re pretty excited about the craft beer revolution going on throughout this great nation. We now stock beers from over 50 different breweries local to our shops, with each shop having its own unique range, and we even have some mixed cases on In fact, we’ve got so enthusiastic about good beer that we’ve produced a new one in collaboration with one of our favourite breweries: East London Brewing Company. Oddbins Nº1 (£2.95 a bottle through selected shops or available by the case online) is a limited edition amber ale infused with festive spices: cinnamon, ginger, cloves, orange peel, nutmeg and vanilla. It’s an intensely aromatic brew with flavours of mulling spices, orange and ginger marmalade and all those festive treats like lebkuchen, pfeffernüsse and stollen. This dry and subtly hoppy winter beer is the perfect match for turkey and all the trimmings, mince pies and cheese or just watching the snow fall. Unless of course you are in a remote hotel with a scary old lady, busy carpets and a child on a tricycle, in which case drop the beer and run…That’s all from us, except to say that if you need any help with that chocolate advent calendar, we’d be happy to oblige…