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Being an adult is hard. We might have jobs and suitcases, and go into meetings with faces that say ‘you-can-do-business-with-me-and-no-I-absolutely-did-not-roll-in-at-3am-last-night’, but sometimes we can’t do it. Sometimes we just want to play with woolly foxes and stuff. Is that so wrong? We hope not, because we have just put 47 foxes in our shops…


*Wipes Farley’s Rusks crumbs from face* in all seriousness, we have actually put a three foot fox in the window of each and every one our shops. Yes, it’s partly because we wuv the liddle foxy-woxy woos, but it’s also because we feel an affinity with foxes: we may not be the most powerful predator on the block, but our Buyers are cunning at digging out unexpected treasures and unearthing incredible bargains. Ana and Jenny have been foraging in Italy (not literally: they’re demure ladies as you can see, honestly), as they believe that the really exciting wines are the ones off the beaten track… Prosecco Ca’ Dei Noni, for example, is a ridiculously unusual still prosecco, made by Follador, with boundless pear drop-esque, floral charm.

What The Fox

It’s all well and good wanting to play with foxes and but we can tell, you, these foxes play hard. Really hard… You know when you go up to a cute-looking Chihuahua or other vertically-challenged dog and then it turns into a gnashing, yapping beast, scaring the living daylights out of you? Well, we had a similar experience with the foxes: it turns out they’re not as cute as we thought. In fact, seems they become insanely angry with people who fail to get into the festive spirit, as one customer learned to his eternal shock. We’ve got the footage here and it makes for some disturbing viewing but the fox redeems himself and, actually, turns out to be a bit of a Christmas hero.

So, if you want to play – and are prepared to play hard – follow the foxes’ exploits in our shops and on Twitter using #WhatTheFox. Because we’re grown up like that…

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