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Breaking with convention, as you know we sometimes do, there are no wines featured in this email. “But, why?” we hear you demand. Well, today we are going to concentrate on the words and as Jean-Paul Sartre told us that “Words are loaded pistols”, we’ve decided to leave the wine to one side, because even if they are only metaphorical, firearms and wine don’t mix. So this edition of Oddnews will concentrate on cold hard facts, breaking news and the wonder of words…
Do you remember when Gary Lineker mouthed these words to Bobby Robson just before Gazza lost it? Well don’t worry, we’re not about to lose it just yet, but we might be on our way. Those of you who have been following us closely this year may have noticed some of the themes we’ve been running. We started off the year with a theme that we were comfortable with, “taste”, matching food to wine. But that wasn’t tough enough for us, that is just what we do. So next we moved on to “sound” where we matched wine and music, backed up by science of course. But for our next theme we’re moving on to “words”. To read some words about why we are doing this and what you might expect over the next two months, simply click here.

If you think that this is a bit odd, all we can say is wait and see what is in store for the end of the year. What will the theme be then? History? Space? Heraldry? Animals?

Animals. That brings us on nicely on to our next topic. It is with great pride that we introduce the newest member of the Oddbins family. We’ve given birth to a kicking and screaming baby blog. And being cruel parents we’ve called it Blogbins. To read baby Blogbins’ first words click here. The first post is about animals in a round and about kind of way and the next instalment will follow soon.

Talking of next instalments, sorry we’ve been a bit quiet recently about The Palate, our search for the nation’s finest taste buds. From the almost 5,000 of you that entered we’ve narrowed the field down to just our lucky 12 finalists. In October they will be coached by celebrity Masters of Wine and regulars on Saturday Kitchen; Susie Barrie and Peter Richards. They will then face their toughest challenge yet to see who will win the wine holiday of a lifetime and be crowned “The Palate 2012”. Thanks to everyone that has played along, we know you will all be wishing the finalist luck. To find out more simply click here. We’re taking along a video camera, so expect lots of emotional back stories and a long tense pause before the winner is announced. There probably won’t be any dry martinis though as the last thing we want to do is impair any palates.

If all this words business has left you thirsty for some wine, feel free to browse our special offers by clicking here.

That’s all from us. Until next time, remember that “grease” is not the word, “wine” is.