Amazing Corporate Wine Gifts

Nothing says appreciation like a gift of wine, especially if you’ve ploughed due thought and consideration into choosing the right gift for the right recipient. Not sure where to start when it comes to choosing corporate wine gifts? Read on and prepare to be duly inspired.

The perfect bottle – pure simplicity

There is no reason why corporate wine gifts need to be complicated. Sometimes, all it takes is a single bottle of something scrumptious that you know someone loves, and you’ve nailed it. Of course, that’s all well and good if you’ve got that all-important inside intel. But if that’s not the case, giving some thought to the person and their general tastes could help you on your quest for the right bottle.

Most wine drinkers have certain tastes, whether it’s a full-bodied red or a light-hearted sparkling rosé. Try recalling what you’ve seen the person drinking in the past, or if you can, ask someone who knows them on a social level.

You could also consider their general taste. For example, if they have a sweet tooth, they may prefer a sweeter wine, whereas for someone with a preference for savoury flavours, you may do better with something dry and zesty.

Another strategy when choosing corporate wine gifts as single bottles is to consider the season.

White wines such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling make great summer gifts because they’re lighter in character. Rosé wines also work well as gifts during the warmer months, spring included, and the fruitier the better.

But if you’re gifting during the chillier times of the year, you can opt for something heavier to complement those warm winter casseroles and stews. A full-bodied Merlot brimming with cherry, blackberry and plum flavours perhaps, or a bold, jammy Primitivo (Zinfandel).

Mixed cases – because variety is the spice of corporate wine gifts

Thinking about corporate gifts, wine mixed cases are a great idea when you’re not one hundred per cent sure what the recipient would prefer.

Mixed cases of wine come in six or 12 bottle options, and may be all red or all white, or a mix of both. You could plump for a selection from a particular region, such as a South Australian mixed case, or a Best of Both Worlds.

If you’re organising corporate wine gifts for Christmas, the Winter is Coming, packed with warming reds and satisfyingly oaky whites, makes a great choice.

Mixed cases tend to be a safe bet as corporate wine gifts, as there tends to be something to suit a range of tastes. 

Corporate wine gifts mixed cases

Corporate wine gift sets – for any occasion

Whether you’re searching for Christmas wine gifts, or something to say thank you, well done or happy anniversary, a corporate wine gift set will, more often than not, hit the mark.

Maybe a charming gift-boxed Festively French or a perfect pairing from Rioja would make the perfect gesture? Or how about the fabulously festive Mistletoe and Wine set featuring a silky Portuguese red and a citrus-infused Pinot Grigio from Slovenia? Or the 3-Course Collection gift set comprising a bottle of Chenin Blanc white, a Primitivo red, and a delicious ruby port, the perfect combo to accompany your gift recipient throughout Christmas Day?

With corporate wine gift sets, you’re bound to find something that goes down a storm, whatever the occasion.

Corporate gifts wine accessories

When it comes to corporate gifts, wine accessories are another great idea. Whether you make the accessory the core gift, or you buy it as an add-on to a bottle or gift set is up to you.

From a stylishly functional wine opener foil cutter, to a mechanically intelligent table model corkscrew, there is plenty to choose from and impress with when it comes to wine accessories as corporate gifts.

Corporate wine gifts from Oddbins

At Oddbins, we’ve made it a snap to choose, order and send corporate wine gifts. With our Next Day Delivery and super-convenient Multidrop Service, it really is a piece of cake to send corporate wine gifts direct to multiple recipients, all on one time-saving order.

Not quite sure what to buy? You are welcome to contact our helpful team for advice via Live Chat, e-mail or by calling 0800 328 23 23. Or play it safe and plump for an Oddbins gift voucher!