Fancy a tale as good as the wine you’re serving?

Well buckle up and come along on a journey to discover the fascinating story behind our latest producer from Uruguay, Cerro Del Torro.

Since Cerro Del Torro is a producer of such excellent Uruguayan wines it only makes sense to start our journey in Japan.

Hideo Kambara first arrived in South America in 1956 in search of a new life for his family and eventually bought an estate in La Coronilla, Rocha where the family has a rice farm to this day.

The Cerro Del Torro estate was a much later addition to the family holding in 1989 and came with historical significance being the former estate of the famous Francisco Piria (The celebrated pioneer credited for establishing, cities, ports, railways, palaces and yes the Uruguay wine industry).

No pressure then when the family decided to restart the tradition of wine making on the estate.

The first vines where planted in 2016 using local vine cuttings along with a small number of imported vines.
Tanat and Merlot dominate the red planting with roughly a third of the vines dedicated to white wine making, in particular Albariño which is fast becoming a hallmark of Cerro Del Torro and having just tried a bottle of the Albarino Reserva ourselves, we can see why.

Cerro Del Torro Wine Vineyard

With a perfect combination of rocky soil and constant exposure to the maritime breeze Cerro Del Torro wines reflect a strong coastal Terroir.
Combine this with a minimum intervention approach to the wine making and you are left with a truly unique varietal expression in each bottle.

So, there you have it a fascinating little tale to accompany a brilliant bottle or two of Cerro Del Torro at your next serving.