International Women's Collaboration Brew Day

If you’re one of the 7 people left in this fine country that still listen to British politicians, you may be under the impression that the key to everlasting happiness is the division of ‘boy jobs’ and ‘girl jobs’. Going on the One Show (which by the way is clearly Blue Peter for the over 60s) and singing the virtues of 1920s domesticity seemed like an odd campaign choice but who are we to judge? We forgot to even run!

Right, last week was International Women’s day and in honour of this we’d like to hail the rise of female brewers in the craft beer scene. Throughout this month we’ve highlighted some of the amazing female winemakers that are blazing trails and smashing ceilings but we thought, what about beer? Perhaps, even more than in wine, brewing is perceived as the prerogative of men. Why? Female brewing can be traced back 9000 years in fact, throughout history women typically had a greater stake in beer than men (maybe not in the monasteries).  In Mesopotamian culture, Ninkasi was the goddess of beer but in the modern day we’re supposed to accept that in some corners of the industry, it is essentially a middle-class boy’s club, naming beers things like ‘Double D – double IPA’. (Apparently that’s a coveted bra size and seemingly allows you to put a balloon chested pinup girl on your pump clip.)

We’re proud to say that for the last couple of International Women’s days we’ve taken part in IWCBD (International Women's Collaboration Brew Day). Last year, our former Head Beer Buyer Sarah, along with other prominent women in the beer industry such as female brewers from Wild Card, East London Brewery, Five Points Brewing Co, Fourpure, Weird Beard Brew Co and Stroud Brewery canned a ridiculously delicious Rhubarb Pale Ale under the Unite branding. Last Wednesday, our buyer Jenny (who has taken over the beer category), went to Wild Card Brewery and under the careful guidance of Wild Card Head Brewer Jaega Wise and with the support of many other talented female brewers, they filled up those fermentation tanks for IWCBD. Keep an eye out in stores for the tropical delights of the finished beer!

We believe that boy jobs and girl jobs are whatever the respective boy or girl would like to turn their hand to, and if that happens to be a fermentation tank then that’s hopping brilliant. Now go and put the bins out Theresa, the 20s are over.