In our last email we tried to promote some love. However, it seemed that maybe the world wasn’t listening. Barack Obama squared up to Mitt Romney, a foul-mouthed chef went toe to toe with a blogger and everyone has been taking swings at the BBC. But that isn’t going to stop us; we haven’t lost that lovin’ feelin’. To put the world to rights, we’re going to give bloggers our full support and campaign on behalf of a much maligned grape variety using the teachings of the former BBC Director General, George Entwistle. But let’s start with a real-life American ambassador of love…

Pearl Bailey was appointed America’s “Ambassador of Love” by President Nixon in 1970, so she certainly knew a thing or two about matters of the heart. We’ve turned her philosophy into our inspiration, and have decided to remove the leg work out of spreading a little love. If you want to know how, simply head along to the glitzy new gift section of our website and peruse the beautiful array of presents available. Wine, fizz and spirits, all beautifully packaged and effortlessly delivered, you can even add a personal gift message. From an exquisite Kiwi Duo Gift Pack , £23, to a Classic Bordeaux Selection in a traditional wooden box, £250, we have something for everyone. And the added bonus, you can do this from the sanctuary of your own home and there is no paperwork, just lots of love.


The revolutionary first edition of the Oddbins Wine Bloggers’ Case, for which we asked six of the UK’s most talented wine writers to independently choose their favourite twelve wines from our shelves, burst on to the scene like the Duchess of Cambridge and has been equally loved. So much so that it has now sadly sold out. The remaining wines are rumoured to be holidaying in the South of France, so expect to see risqué paparazzi pics of them splashed across the papers shortly. So how do we follow the first Bloggers’ Case? The answer is simple, we need a smaller, tighter package in its sister’s mould, which is perfectly formed and has the potential to steal the spotlight from its older sibling. No, we’re not talking about Pippa’s bottom (“Sorry, but yes you are.” - Ed), we’re trying to introduce the Oddbins Wine Bloggers’ Case II: Six of the Best. Our intrepid bloggers have chosen their favourite half dozen winter wines for your delectation. Six wines each with an unbeatable expert endorsement, all for under £60, and apparently one of them is just like Middleton Junior’s bottom.
Despite our best efforts, we have not tried every Pinotage. So in order to make the following bold claim, we’re going to adopt what we are calling the “George Entwistle Approach” of assuming that someone will let us know if we’ve got it wrong: the new 2010 vintage of the Chamonix Greywacke is the best Pinotage in the world. Aged in French oak for two years and made using a proportion of partly dried grapes in a ripasso-style, there is more than “some complexity” in this wine, to paraphrase Lord Patten there’s “damned layer” upon layer of it. This is our last batch of this hedgerow berry, cherry chocolate, mulling spice and liquorice allsorts-packed winter warmer. When it’s gone, it’s gone, until the release of the 2011. Now, we’ve been making this outrageous claim about this wine for a while, and so far nobody has opposed us. However, if we’re found to be wrong after 54 days, we’ll happily admit it and accept the £450,000 pay off. Sorry did we have a John Humphrys moment there? Were we a tad harsh on George Entwistle? We didn’t mean to be, truth is we love the BBC and in all honesty who can say they really knew their job inside out after little more than a month? Great British institutions sometimes get it wrong, but with a little love they can be rebuilt, Oddbins is proof of that.


That’s all from us, just remember love is all around, but luckily for us Wet Wet Wet don’t seem to be anymore. Toodles.