Sauvignon Blanc Day

Today is May the 4th or as more of you will know it by; Star-vignon Blanc Wars Day!... That’s a bit clunky, Star Wines Day? The Fermented Menace? Sky Walker-Bay Day? Like the work of George Lucas, those were of a very mixed quality. May the 4th is the day we celebrate the return of Sauvignon Blanc.

A long time ago (the 80s), in a Galaxy known as France…

(If this is going to work you’re going to have to start humming the Star Wars sound track and imagining the following text flying through space.)

The full-bodied-side had won, through a ruthless points-based rating system Emperor Robert Parketine Jr convinced all the wine buyers in the galaxy that the light-side was weak and short lived. Parketine even turned nuanced Anakin Burgundy into Darth Chardonnay; uncompromisingly alcoholic, dominatingly oaky, together they conquered every wine list and off-licence throughout the Empire. There was but one hope for the light-side, Sauvignon Blanc. Sauvignon lay unknown & relatively insignificant in the Loire. When all seemed lost and everyone appeared destined to only have access to wines that could be drunk with a knife and fork. Obi Wine Kenobi of Cloud(y Bay) City, found troubled Sauvignon Blanc and told him to travel to the forest moon of New Zealand. There, with a focus on intensely aromatic, fruity wine the resistance was formed. Now, Sauvignon Blanc is known throughout the galaxy and the light wines of the galaxy have a new hope…


      Yoda - It's Green.                       Rey - The next Generation.                Princess Leia - Classy!

  Admiral Akbar – Not a Trap!                  Chewy - AGGGGHH                 Han Solo - Sharp as a whip!