Say it With Wine!

In these strange and uncertain times, does anyone really have the energy to trapes around department stores looking for gift inspiration? Vacantly starring at kitchen appliances as the first two lines of ‘Good King Wenceslas’ replay in your brain like it’s your mantra; desperate to achieve some meditative Christmas serenity. Time is surely much better spent with friends and a fine bottle of wine, discussing the likelihood Trump will get indicted, which era Jacob Reece Mogg escaped from (we reckon 1762) and whether or not Die Hard can be considered a Christmas film! By the way, not only is it a Christmas film, it is the greatest of all Christmas films!

Thus, Oddbins are here to help with gift suggestions. We all know everyone in Britain has too much stuff, we crossed that bridge when we invented the R2D2 coffee press. That’s why a great bottle of wine, beer or spirit is the ideal present (for grownups who drink wine, obviously). In fact, 98% of UK adults (there was a focus group) admitted they would rather a gift of wine than anything else in the knowable universe! Don’t just take it from us, try if for yourself, give your friends some wonderful bottles from our selection of fine wine and spirts and if they aren’t overjoyed, then next year we’ll suggest you give them a snood for a labradoodle or whatever. Deal? Deal.


Perhaps you’re looking for a couple of bottles to say thank you to your children’s teacher, who does such a wonderful job with them. A red, white & sparkling to take you through Christmas dinner from start to finish or a selection of special bottles to send out to your preferred neighbours. This is where you’ll find our best Christmas cases!

So, you know someone with excellent taste, maybe it’s you, we don’t know what kind of life you lead. Either way you’re going to need something delicious for Christmas. Thus, here is a selection of wines from the most coveted regions and producers across the globe. Some are very famous, some are produced in tiny quantities, but all will make your friends very happy!

You can do whatever you like over Christmas! As long as it’s safe… and legal… and feasible. Point is, this is your Christmas and if you want Peking shredded duck instead of Turkey, then fill your boots. Yet, there are a couple of things that feel close to a necessity for the festive season, namely sparkling wine. Understand you don’t have to get any, but we do recommend it.

If there is one thing that we’ve learnt in the last few years it is British people really like gin, to the point it is said, that when in London, you are never more than 3 metres away from a column still. Here, you’ll find some of the biggest names and some of the most exciting micro-batch distillers. Classic London dry or unfathomable fruity, local or international, whatever you need, we’ve got your gin gifts sorted.

Is there anything more seasonally appropriate than whisky? We even put it out for dear old Santa, unless you’re from somewhere weird like America, in which case Santa gets milk and cookies… squares. Often loved, rarely bought for one’s self, whisky makes the perfect present. Here you’ll find fine single malt Scotch, powerful bourbons and elegant Japanese bottles.

The world’s only Pure Milk Vodka, Black Cow is crystal clear and sophisticatedly smooth, perfect for the cocktail lovers in your family. Not to mention, buy a Black Cow Vodka Gold Plated Straw Gift Pack and receive 2 complimentary hi-ball glasses with your order and a chance to win a tour of the distillery, a cocktail masterclass and a luxury lunch at Black Cow Bar + Kitchen, for 4!