South Australia: Eden Valley - Mythical beasts and cool wines

South Australia: Eden Valley
Mythical beasts and cool wines 

Surrounded by rolling hills and ancient red gum trees, South Australia’s Eden Valley is known as the ‘Garden of Grapes and Gums’. About an hour drive from the city of Adelaide, the region boasts stunning vistas, native wildlife, boutique wineries, and various food and wine events.

The region was apparently named by surveyors in the 1860s after finding the word ‘Eden’ carved into a tree. No connection to Cumbria’s Eden Valley by the Lake District, yet both are beautiful places to escape and explore.

Eden Valley is part of Barossa, along with Barossa Valley. Located up in the hills, Eden Valley has a cool climate with lower temperatures than its neighbour Barossa Valley. At night temperatures drop, and over winter you’ll need a coat, scarf and often an umbrella. If you’re heading up to the Eden Valley Lookout to soak up the view, remember to take an extra layer!

 Eden Valley Wine Sunset

Rich heritage, exciting future

With a wine making history dating back to 1847, Eden Valley is home to some of the world’s oldest Shiraz and Riesling vineyards. Traditional grape growing continues with a focus on sustainability, and fifth and sixth generations are still working in their family businesses today.

Eden Valley has a long tradition of making Riesling and it’s world-class – elegant with intense citrus flavours. As the region’s most important white grape variety, Riesling thrives in the cool, higher-altitude vineyards. The best wines can be aged for a decade or more but can also be enjoyed young and fresh.

 Eden Valley Wine Coffee Tasting

Small region, big reputation 

The number of wineries in Eden Valley is small but this hasn’t hindered their reputation on the global stage. Renowned producers in the region include Pewsey Vale – the vineyard was established by Englishman Joseph Gilbert in the mid-1800s and it’s Eden Valley’s very first vineyard.

We’re delighted to welcome Corryton Burge to the range this September. These wines are made by Amelia and Trent, the sixth generation of the famous Burge winemaking family of Barossa. The 125-year-old winery in Eden Valley is in safe hands with Amelia and Trent, and it’s guarded by a pair of carved stone griffins, like the one you’ll see on the label.

You won’t see real griffins in Eden Valley, but keep your eyes peeled for other furry and prickly friends. Head to the nearby Kaiser Stuhl conservation park to see kangaroos feeding on the grasslands in the morning and look out for the odd echidna (like a spiny anteater!) or possum foraging for food at dusk.

 Eden Valley Wine Oysters Australia

Racy Rieslings to whet your appetite

With its limey freshness and mineral edge, Eden Valley Riesling complements all manners of seafood dishes - prawns, grilled fish, oysters and steamed mussels, and particularly Asian and Asian-inspired dishes with a kick of spice. Hungry…thirsty?

Like the Barossa Valley, Eden Valley shares a proud German heritage - German immigrants settled here in the early to mid-19th century. It’d be rude not to try a glass of refreshing Riesling with German sausages, pickled veggies or even chicken schnitty.

Visiting Eden Valley isn’t just about the wine, it’s a gateway to a diverse range of local produce. If you’ve been walking or cycling round the area and are in need of some re-fuelling, don’t miss the Mount Pleasant Market and the Barossa Farmers Market with small producers and plenty of regional treats.

Eden Valley Australia

Get a taste of the Eden Valley region:

Corryton Burge Riesling Kith 2021, Eden Valley:

Corryton Burge Riesling Kith 2021

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Photo credits:

Eden Valley - Photography credit: Andre Castelluci / Wine Australia

An echidna - Photography credit: Chris Bray

Pairing Eden Valley Riesling with seafood - Photography credit: Kirkbee Pty Ltd

Barossa Farmers Market - Photography credit: South Australian Tourism Commission/Sven Kovac