South Australian Wine Brands: A Tour Through South Australian Wineries

Known as the ‘wine state’ of Australia, South Australia is occupied by 44% of the nation’s vineyards, and is responsible for almost 50% of its annual wine output.

And there’s more on the interesting facts front. South Australia has more than 3,250 vineyard owners, and a whopping 680 wineries. It would be quite some task to talk about them all, but that’s not going to stop us taking you a mini guided tour of some of the best wineries South Australia has to offer. Ready for the off? Let’s get on the road.

Top South Australian Wine Brands and Wineries

The South Australia wine map is dotted with a host of stop-off points that you wouldn’t want to miss. From Barossa Valley and Clare Valley to Eden Valley, Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale, there is sufficient diversity in terrain and climate to produce a wildly eclectic offering of truly delicious wines. So let’s take that South Australian wine brands tour.

Corryton Burge – Eden Valley

One of the best known names in winemaking, Corryton Burge takes its name from the Corryton Park Homestead, home to the Corryton family for six generations.

Set amongst the rolling hills of the Eden Valley, this winery’s philosophy is guided by two principles. The first being that wine is a simple pleasure that brings family and friends together. The second of being true to the variety.

Of all the Barossa Valley wineries, this is one of the oldest at 120 years. Boasting traditional and modern equipment, Corryton Burge benefits from flexibility in the winemaking approach, selecting the best technique for each parcel of fruit.

Corryton Burge wines are backed by fruit-driven winemaking practices that allow each wine to clearly and simply assert its true character.

The Corryton Burge Riesling Kith is a good example of this South Australian wine brand’s fruit-first approach. Zesty with crisp apple and lemon on the nose, with the classic floral fragrances of a classic Riesling, the sprightly citrus flavours deliver length with a nicely balanced acidity.

Corryton Burge SA Chardonnay is another lively white from this maker. Aromatic white nectarine is buoyed by subtle hints of pear and peach. On the palate, there’s a delicious burst of fresh stone fruit and honey dew melon, with a suggestion of rich cream shortbread. Moderate acidity provides a balanced finish.

Longview - Adelaide Hills

Longview is one of the best known family owned South Australian wine brands. Situated just outside the historic township of Macclesfield, the winery is run by the Italian Saturno family, who have done a superb job of injecting the spirit of Italy into their South Australian wines.

The climate at Longview is a good few degrees up the scale than at other Adelaide Hills wineries, but that doesn’t affect the cool climate of the wines, which display fruity aromas and bright acidity.

In terms of South Australian red wines made by this winemaker, Longview Barbera is a fine example. Crafted using traditional winemaking methods, long maceration and thoughtful use of the alder oak, this light brick coloured red displays savoury notes of nutmeg, spice, rose petal and maraschino cherries on the palate, and aromas of plums, wild berries and dried strawberries.

Longview ‘The Piece’ Shiraz is built around dark cherry, bright blackberry, anise clove and black pepper flavours, and forms part of this South Australian wine brand’s Piece Project, giving a nod to talented graffiti artists by adorning each vintage with a fresh piece of graffiti selected to represent the beauty expressed within the wine.

On the Cabernet Sauvignon menu, Devil’s Elbow, named after a teeth-gritting piece of road near the Longview Estate, is a powerful wine, aged for 20 months in French oak and made from grapes only grown on the estate. Expect blackcurrant, clove, mint and toast as it hits the palate. Also on the same menu, Longview Macclesfield Cabernet Sauvignon brings the delights of wood smoke into the mix, with a full bodied, rich and creamy texture and satisfyingly long finish.

Lovers of blended reds will be pleasantly warmed by Longview LV, a coming together of Shiraz and Cabernet grapes that ends in a rich, nicely balanced, oaky finish.

Fans of white wines will be happy to discover that they’ve not been left out. Macclesfield Chardonnay is a versatile white with hints of butterscotch, brine and ginger on the nose, and a rich, long finish.

Longview Macclesfield Riesling is a pristine, pale-hued wine, taking on sophisticated aromatic notes of citrus and kaffir lime, and delivering a light body with a well-balanced sweetness and long, spicy finish.

Vista Grigio Grüner packs a punch by blending the best that Italy and Australia have to offer. This is a lively wine brimming with aromas of pine-lime and freshly picked nettles.

South Australian Wineries

More tempting South Australian wine brands

Other famous South Australian wine brands include Penfolds, a celebrated, multi-award winning Barossa Valley winemaker that’s been producing wines since 1844. Penfolds Grange Shiraz is an energetic South Australia red wine bearing all sorts of complex sweet and savoury aromas and bold, deep flavours courtesy of an abundance of juicy red fruits.

Also look out for Yalumba, another one of the renowned Barossa Valley wineries, known for its delicious red blends such as ‘The Caley’. And then there’s Wirra Wirra, a South Australian wine brand dating back to 1894, with its not-to-be-missed 12th Man Chardonnay, an enjoyable white infused with flavours of apricot, lemon curd and sweet vanilla, concluding in a long, refreshing finish with generous minerality.

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