Spanish Red Wine: A Taste of Tradition and Innovation

Spain is a country with a notable wine making tradition, which is said to date all the way back to the Phoenicians and Romans. In more recent years, however, Spanish wineries have been pushing the current boundaries of winemaking, by producing some of the most innovative and thrilling red wines in the world. If you’re a red wine lover, you’re going to want to explore the diverse and delectable world of Spanish red wine.

Spanish Wine

One of the factors that sets Spanish red wine apart from other wine producing regions is the wide variety of grapes that are used. The most popular grape varieties used in Spain include Tempranillo, Garnacha and Monastrell. Each of these varieties have their own unique characteristics and flavour profile. Tempranillo, for example, is widely known for its prominent flavours, its complexity and its elegance, while Garnacha on the other hand is respected for its depth of flavour and richness. Monastrell, also commonly referred to as Mourvèdre, is appreciated for its structure and power.

Spanish Red Wine, Tempranillo and Rioja

Spain has seen much success with its wine production largely due to its varied climate and terrain. This has helped shape the flavours of Spanish red wines as the region benefits from cool, Atlantic-influenced weather, and with the different wine regions throughout Spain offering their own distinct terroirs. This has allowed for their wines of each region to have their own distinct characteristics.

Spanish Red Wine, Tempranillo and Rioja

One of the most popular red wines to be exported out of Spain is Rioja, which is the country’s flagship red wine, Rioja has been produced in the region of the same name for centuries. Typically, a blend of Tempranillo, Garnacha, and lesser quantities of other grapes, Rioja wines are usually aged for a minimum of 3 years in oak barrels, including 1 year in American oak. Rioja is admired for its complexity, depth, and balance. Rioja has a balanced yet firm and tannic profile and are known for their vibrant fruit flavours of plum, cherry, dill, vanilla and leather. It pairs exceptionally well with savoury meats and sharp cheeses.

Spanish Red Wine, Tempranillo and Rioja

Whether you’re a beginner, or a fully fledged wine connoisseur, Spanish red wine is a diverse and delicious category that can conjure up an offering for everyone. From the classic, oak-aged wines of Rioja, to the modern, fruity wines of Ribera del Duero, Spanish red wine thoroughly deserves its spot on the world stage and there is an abundance of beauty and tradition waiting to be explored. So, take a step into Spanish red wine, you might just be surprised. The Oddbins Spanish wine range and red wine range are both certain to serve up something to complement your choices perfectly. Not sure which would best suit your palate or meal? Contact our helpful team for advice via Live Chat, e-mail or by calling 0800 328 23 23 for all the help you need.