Wines That Unite!

Once again, we sit down to write a blog that is going to be so full of joy and wine facts, that all our lovely readers would’ve inevitably spent the rest of the day in a glow of cheer and incredibly well-informed oenophilia. Yet, as so often is the case, we’ve been distracted by stuff that’s neither been distilled nor fermented and feel it is only right to address it…

Who is telling Tories to do the power pose!? We thought it was dead, we thought it was gone like New Labour or common decency, but then, like a phoenix from the ashes, rises the majesty of Sajid Javid. Striding towards his shiny new Westminster offices, he turns to face the press, rapturous in the knowledge it is almost impossible for him to do a worse job than his predecessor.  Screw what the PR guys have said. Just because literarily no one has responded well to it, doesn’t mean it won’t work for him. This is his time. He’s worked hard for this moment. He’s doing the Tory power pose! “This is strong & stable,” he thinks “not even my past voting record could knock me off this pedestal, with my feet planted like this!” We kid Sajid! It’s a solid look.

The point is, just like the legs of protrusive politicians, this country feels a little divided. We think it is important to remember there is far more that unites us than pushes us apart. Therefore, no matter your opinions on politics, football or the appropriate distance of leg separation, let’s all come together this bank holiday and share some common ground and of course some delicious wine!