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Capítulo Carménère 2017

The Experience

Drink When...
Listen To...
Alestorm - Pirate Song
Think About...
Naughty Pirates!
Drink With...
Wild Boar on a Spit

The Oddbins Take

Captain Capitulo was a clever old sailor, he spent a great deal of his time on his trusty ship bombing around the Pacific. The trouble for old Capitulo was his crew, a recalcitrant bunch; they seemed much more interested in rum and gambling than the boom or... climbing the rigging or... saying "ahh matey!" We're not actually sailors ourselves, but we're pretty confident this covers the key components of 17th century maritime work. After watching the Curse of the Black Pearl on a half coconut that for some reason got Netflix, Capitulo's crew realised there might be more money in being pirates than shipping herbs and spices around the globe. They marooned poor old Capitulo on the coast of modern day Chile and sailed off cackling. That might have been it for Capitulo if it wasn't for his incredible bonce; he taught himself to hunt, built shelter and eventually learnt how to grow vines. Wonderful Carménère has grown there ever since and Odfjell vineyards still use minimal intervention just like Capitulo back 300 years previously. Of course, none of that was true, but if it was, the story would end with the mutineers being eaten by the Kraken. That'll learn 'em!

Central Valley
Bottle Size
Residual Sugar
1.54 g/l


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Carménère (86%), Malbec (14%)
Capitulo Carmenere 2017

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