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Drappier Champagne House

The Drappier family has roots in Champagne dating back to the 17th century. Their Champagne House dates even further to the 12th century, when Saint Bernard had an annex to Clairvaux Abbey built in Urville.

Today, the head of the family House is Michel Drappier whose children, Charline (1989), Hugo (1991) and Antoine (1996), represent the eighth generation in the domaine. Michel has controlled the wine-making process since 1979 whilst his father, André Drappier, continues to draw on his lifetime’s worth of experience to keep an eye on the vineyards. It is André that introduced the use of Pinot Meunier to the house following a frost in 1957 that destroyed 95% of that year’s potential yield of Pinot Noir.

Michel’s maternal grandfather, Georges Collot, was the first to decide to plant Pinot Noir vines in the region in 1930 with a focus on quality over quantity. This decision caused great amusement among other growers and thus he was nicknamed “Father Pinot.” The grape is now grown across 70% of Drappier’s vineyards and amounts to almost three quarters of grape production in the local area.

Made exclusively for Oddbins, the Drappier Cuvée Saint-Georges NV Champagne is named in honour of Georges Collot and is made predominantly with pinot noir grapes, staying true to the classic style of the House.

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