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Champagne Taittinger was established in 1932 by Pierre-Charles Taittinger. He first discovered the champagne region during the First World War, when he was a young liaison officer. His strong passion of wine and gastronomy drove him back to the region several years later when he and his brother-in-law, Paul Eveque, bought the house Forest-Forneaux to begin developing their champagne business.

Since then, Champagne Taittinger has grown in both size and popularity to take its place among some of the greatest and well-known champagne houses. Today, the house is run by Pierre’s grandson, Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger, and his family.

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  • Taittinger 2012 Vintage Champagne

    Taittinger 2013 Vintage Champagne

    Now £40.00

    Was £50.00


    The Taittinger house style is crisp and elegant, with a creamy richness that's emphasised in the 2013 vintage with it...
  • Taittinger Comtes Blanc de Blancs 2006 Vintage Champagne

    Taittinger Comtes Blanc de Blancs 2007 Vintage Champagne

    Now £110.00

    Was £125.00


    An unassuming bloke, a friend of this scribe, let's call him Kenny, was one day thinking about opening his "nice" bot...
  • Taittinger Rosé Non Vintage Champagne

    Taittinger Rosé NV Champagne



    Taittinger's Rosé is a deep, ruby tinted pink. It's almost exactly the colour of quince jelly - and in the same...

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3 Item(s)