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The Experience

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Watching a Binge-worthy Series
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Los Jaivas - Todos Juntos
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Mid-week Adventure
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Sea Bream, Chorizo and Saffron Rice

The Oddbins Take

This mixed selection of 6 holds up to Chilean wines’ reputation for unparalleled value for money, yet also offers an exhilarating drinking experience. They’re wines for a mid-week adventure, something to pair with that new sea bream, chorizo and saffron rice recipe you’ve been labouring over or perhaps a bottle to share while working through the latest binge-worthy series that you simply can’t turn off.

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Netflix and Chile - Mixed Case of 6 Wines

Chil(e) Out - Mixed Case of 6 Red and White Wines

What's In This Case

  • Emiliana Natura Viognier 2015

    We all have that one friend we secretly envy and chances are she has a pretty name like, say... Emiliana. Emiliana is a big softy whose natural demeanour makes her extremely popular. And why does...

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  • Secret de Viu Manent Carmenere 2016 Vegan Red Wine

    If you've not yet come across a bad Carmenere then there's a very simple reason for this. There aren't many. This is partly attributable to the grape itself, but more to do with the country within...

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  • Terra Noble Sauvignon Blanc 2018 Chilean White Wine

    David Bowie loved to be musical and was a visual chameleon. Sauvignon Blanc likes to shape shift too. This white grape can change its flavour of wine according to where it's grown. From Bordeaux...

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  • Aymura Carmenere 2015
    250 miles north of Santiago lies Chile's Elqui Valley, which may well have been formed by the work of singer Elkie Brooks. The area has only recently found favour with winemakers initially cautious...
  • Oveja Negra Sauvignon Blanc Carmenere 2017 Chilean White Wine

    Like when you walk into the garden after a long winter to discover lil' daffodils boldly bursting forth in search of sun and warmth and other heart-gladdening flora, Oveja Negra is a pleasant...

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  • Oveja Negra Cabernet Franc Carmenere Chilean Red Wine 2017

    Oveja Negra, if you hadn't gathered from the black sheep on the label, translates as 'Black Sheep' and that's exactly why we love these guys - they don't follow the herd with their...

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