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Ciroc Vodka - Coconut

The Experience

Drink When...
Late night with friends, mixing some killer cocktails
Listen To...
Last Night by Diddy and Keyshia
Think About...
Sunny destinations
Drink With...
Smoked fish
Alter Ego...
P. Diddy

The Oddbins Take

They Say

When hip-hop mogul Sean Combs alias 'P. Diddy' partnered with one of their super premium lines to create the smoothest and most refreshing Vodkas in the market, they created Cîroc. Unlike all other vodkas, Ciroc was made from grapes to maintain a wonderfully crisp taste and it was distilled five times to guarantee a lasting smooth finish. Now, with the release of Cîroc's new flavour, you can enjoy the smoothest Vodka with a hint of pure Coconut flavour.

We Say

This is a delicious and smooth-flavoured vodka that can add a brilliant twist to a classic cocktail for a unique, tropical flavour. We heart it in a daiquiri instead of rum, for a taste of summer, no mattter what our poxy weather is up to. Alter Ego: P. Diddy; Celebrity parties with industry fashionistas is what "The Daddy" enjoys and this smooth, fruity and fun-lovin' vodka reflects.

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Column / Pot Distilled
Nose:Fresh Coconut, Vanilla
Palate:Creamy, Sweet Coconut, Tropical Fruit
Finish:Silky, Smooth
Ciroc Premium Flavoured Coconut Vodka 70cl

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