Corryton Burge SA Chardonnay 2021

A lively, rich, round and creamy South Australian Chardonnay. Pale to yellow straw in colour, this wine boasts aromatic white nectarine, with with hints of peach...

Grounded Cru Pinot Gris 2019

If this wine was in France it might be considered a Grand Cru, but the Aussies are far too down-to-earth for such illustrious titles, hence...

The British introduced vines to Australia in 1788 and today, through no small effort on Oddbins’ part, the UK imports more wine from this country than any other. But in recent years the Australian wine industry has started to change dramatically…

The strength of the Australian dollar has meant much stiffer competition from Europe and there seems to have been a notable move towards a more Old World style. This has been coupled with a real effort on Australia’s part to promote their regionality. Although some in the wine industry argue that Australia doesn’t really have terroir, we strongly disagree with this. But it is not why we fell in love with Australia;

We fell in love with Australia because of the big personalities of its wines and winemakers, and we still believe that this is what makes the land down under truly great. So rather than ticking the regional boxes, we’ve filled our shelves with great producers who we think capture the true essence of Australian winemaking and really put their hearts and personalities into their wines.
Although we usually embrace change, we want these wines to be big, bold, beautiful and unashamedly Aussie.