Corryton Burge SA Chardonnay 2021

A lively, rich, round and creamy South Australian Chardonnay. Pale to yellow straw in colour, this wine boasts aromatic white nectarine, with with hints of peach...

Budureasca Premium Fume 2021

Discover Budureasca Premium Fume 2021, a delicious white wine that's splendid straw yellow color with golden reflections. This wine boasts fresh aromas of pineapple and ripe...

Brookford Chardonnay Semillon 2022

Brookford Chardonnay Semillon is a pale straw with a ripe lemon hue colour. On the nose you can smell fresh pineapple, melon and peach aromas....

Chardonnay: the secret genius behind White Burgundy (that includes Chablis, for the record) and Champagne. She is a social chameleon: her personal style at any one time bending with her current hangout and chosen winemaker. At times voluptuous and buttery, at times citric and minerally, after a crazy hey-day in the 80s when she was heavily dependent on oak, Chardonnay has cleaned up her act and is resuming her rightful reputation as one of the world’s finest varietals. Her love life is chequered and, though she’s an eligible bachelorette at home in Burgundy, she enjoys frequent liaisons with the heady, tropical Viognier in warmer climes like Chile and other grapes including Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc elsewhere on the globe.