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Château Gloria Saint Julien 2019

Balanced. Firm. Smoky. Heady. Herby. Fruit-forward. Subtle. These are just words. Or are they? What is a word? Can a word ever sum up the...

Whatever those pesky historians may tell you, France will always be considered the home of wine. Wine is so engrained in this country that we are surprised that their motto has not been updated to “Liberté, egalité, fraternité, vinosité”. It was l’Hexagone that introduced the world to terroir (the sense of place of wine), which gave birth to wine laws and wine regions as we now know them today. And they didn’t stop there; they are the biggest wine producing nation on the planet, offering a diversity of wine that is unparalleled...From the glamour of Champagne to the almost Germanic Alsace, from the elegance of Burgundy to the power of the Rhône and the south, from the delicacy of Provence rose to the richness of their dessert wines, from the famous reds of Bordeaux to the equally famous whites of the Loire, it may sound clichéd, but there is something for everyone “en France”.

And who is the biggest importer of French wine? Us, the UK, that’s who. So although they may give the impression that they don’t care what you think (with their aloofness and their “bof!”), deep down they do.  But if asked what our favourite thing about France and its wine is, we’d have to say their hand gesture to suggest that someone else is maybe a little drunk (this is done by making a fist and holding it to the centre of your face, as if singing into a microphone with your nose, and then twisting clockwise). Everything about French wine is cool.