Laurent-Perrier La Cuvée NV

A casual glance down the list of prominent Champagne names will, before long, reveal Laurent-Perrier as one of the leading lights. With its impeccable credentials,...

Pommery Brut Royal NV Champagne

Every bottle of wine is a mystery; before the cork is popped it has the potential to be both exceptional and thoroughly underwhelming, a phenomenon...

The bread and butter of the party season. When Prosecco simply won’t do but “hey, you’re not made of money.” Non-Vintage Champagne is a blend of parcels and years so that producers can maintain a house style. That way, when you drink a bottle of Laurent-Perrier and think “boy that’ll do,” it’ll be pretty similar year-in-year out.

As it’s not made from a single, exceptional year, like Vintage Champagne, they tend to offer good quality at a more affordable price. Here at Oddbins, we like to offer you the things you know and love like your Bollingers and Veuve-Cliquots but we also want to introduce you to some bubbles that might have slipped under the radar.

Wines like Drappier Saint George (an Oddbins exclusive) and Ayala offer amazing value, for the simple reason, they’re less well known. They won’t be unknown for long, better fill ya’ boots!