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Ragtime pianist Jelly Roll Morton once described jazz (and perhaps some of its milieu) as ‘soft, sweet, plenty rhythm’. Well… a top Prosecco is all of this and more; it’s a sparkling Latin amourette with a deliciously voluptuous body, a sensuously sweet peach palate and a coquettish melt-in-the-mouth mousse. 

The Prosecco grape changed its name officially to Glera grapes in 2009, though we won’t go into the capriciousness of Italian wine law - and is grown chiefly in the Veneto region of north east Italy, although the legally designated area centres on Conegliano and Valdobbiadene (try saying that while your mouth's full of sensuous peach). Demand for extra dry Prosecco Sparkling Wine is quite insatiable and any estimate of the scale of its production would swiftly become obsolete. Suffice it to say that a fulsome fizz fandango awaits you whether your cork gets popped by our evergreen Prosecco Ca'Rosa or by one of our richer and more profound vintages.