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Syrah, a red wine grape that has its origins in fierce debate. With a strong and well performing presence in both the new world and the old world, does it really matter? Syrah has proved successful around the world and its wines are produced in a complex variety of styles that tend to accommodate even the most obscure of preferences.

Syrah is a full-bodied, dry wine with a brisk acidity and moderate to high alcohol level. The flavour profile of this grape has a variety of flavours including red & black fruits, smoke, black pepper, herbs, floral and violet notes. Typically, the Syrah red wine grape has more elegance and is more lean and powerful than Shiraz.

Shiraz on the other hand, whilst still being full bodied and bold, offers a slightly fruitier flavour profile compared to the Syrah. Flavours offered by this red wine Syrah grape usually include plum, black cherry and dark fruits, smoked meats including beef jerky and not forgetting pepper spice.