Lothian Vineyards Noble Late Harvest

A superb South African Viognier that delivers a smoky wild honey which gives way to tangerine and musk melon on the nose. The taste is characterised...

Viognier Varone Sensorielle 2020

This elegantly crafted Viognier from Switzerland boasts an intense, yet expressive nose with orange blossom, lilac, aromas of apricot, peach and a note of almond....

Viognier, pronounced ‘Vee-on-yay' is a seductive and fragrant white grape variety wine from southern France. Today, you can find viognier vines across the globe, in regions of Australia, New Zealand, both North and South America and the Capes of South Africa. 

Viognier is a beautifully aromatic white grape variety that is commonly known for producing wines with flavours such as peach and apricot, warming notes of spice and floral aromas. You may also find honeysuckle and stone fruit flavours that help to give it a well rounded, smooth finish.