Broken Clock Lingering Vodka

On the nose this quintessentially English vodka boasts crisp green apple, dewy lawn and delicate rose petal. The palate is full bodied with dried citrus...

Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka

The only Pure Milk Vodka in the world, Black Cow is made on the West Dorset coast using the fresh whole milk from grass grazed...

In Russia and Poland it is traditional to drink vodka neat, but it’s a wee bit more fun to mix it up, innit? Vodka, being a clear spirit with the original ambition to have no smell and no taste, offers countless possibilities. You can make martinis and pretend you’re James Bond. You can follow in the footsteps of literary folks like Truman Capote, who favoured the Screwdriver (vodka and orange juice). Or if you’ve secretly always dreamt of being in Sex and the City, it’s only a Cosmopolitan away.

Yes, vodka is indeed a resourceful staple to have around. It can be exotic – French brand Ciroc uses grapes to make their vodka, one of them being coconut-flavoured – or clean and pure, like Grey Goose or Roberto Cavalli (yes, he makes vodka as well as clothes!). Vodka sure has come a long way from its beginnings – it was used as aftershave in Poland, and to make gunpowder in Sweden. Luckily its true purpose was soon found: a versatile spirit, with the capacity to charm with its smoothness and soft, cereal-charm. Please note: do not use vodka as aftershave. It might sting.