Confused you say? South African wine named after a French alpine mountaineering and skiing resort and made in the Italian 'ripasso' style? Who said you...

Luddite Saboteur Red 2017

It was rock rap legends, the Beastie Boys who told the world "duh duh duh da Sabotage!" (alright we don’t know the actual lyrics) A...

A Wine Welcome From Oddbins

On the quest for the perfect bottle of wine there may be evils lurking, pitfalls and poisoned darts. But not at, we have done the groundwork and cleared a safe path for you.

Here you will find no minimum purchases, with us you can buy as little or as much as you like: a single bottle of wine, a mixed wine selection for a party or whole cases, it’s entirely up to you. You are safe from artificial prices and confusing discounts; our prices are always fair and easy to understand, there are no booby traps here, just quality wine!.

Think of us as the Indiana Jones of your wine adventure: knowledgeable, unpredictable, wisecracking and rugged enough to get you out of any scrapes. Instead of a fedora, a revolver and a bullwhip, we carry only a corkscrew and our wits.