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Oddbins No 2 - Compass Brewery - Mixed Case of 12 - Delivery Included

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Following the success of our festive ale Oddbins No 1, spring sees the highly anticipated arrival of Oddbins No 2, the second of our collaboration beers.

The brewing day went like this: having started our journey in East London for Oddbins No1, Lucy (Manager - Crouch End), Cat (Manager Clapham) and Sarah (Local Beer Guru – Head Office) left the capital for the rolling Oxfordshire countryside to join Tom (Manager - Little Clarendon St) for a day of brewing at Compass, a microbrewery whose beers we have been stocking in our local beer range since the beginning.

In this hop-forward time of brewing it is easy to believe that hops are the most important element that affects the taste and style of the beer but Compass focus heavily on the two other important elements, malt and yeast.

Moving with the seasons Oddbins No 2 is the perfect beer to kick of the summer with perfect for hazy sunny days and barbeques. It has a crisp clean, malt base made in a Koelsch style and is brewed with Pale Malt, Lager Malt, Vienna Malt and Wheat Malt, However, in keeping with the promotional theme, this beer has the added twist of being made with a portion of smoked malt bringing a gentle smoky complexity to the clean and refreshing beer.
The smoking was done at the Upton Smokery, owned by a farmer nearby to the brewery, adding an extra local feel to this collaboration brew. They laid the malt out on trays and gently smoked it over beech wood for a period of roughly 24 hours. Beech wood adds softer, subtler and more complex smoke notes than alternative options like peat.

Whilst the hops play a supporting role in this beer it is single-hopped using Tettnang, a traditional German hop from a region of the same name. Tettnang provides subtle grassy and earthy notes to this beer. The yeast used is a traditional Koelsch strain that was acquired from a small brew pub in Cologne adding further provenance to this unique beer.

So, time to jump in and test out some innovative beers from the Compass Brewery - especially our new collaboration of Oddbins No 2.

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Oddbins No 2 Mixed Case

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What's In This Case

A little something about the brewers behind this new and innovative case of local brews...

Having found a love for home brewing as a teenager head brewer Mattias Sjoberg studied a degree course in Brewing and Distilling at Herriot-Watt University and then went on to work for Scottish and Newcastle. Following closure of the Reading brewery where he worked Mattias got the opportunity to start Compass in 2009. A two man operation the second Compass employee, Greg, joined Compass after picking up a bottle of their Baltic Night stout and King’s Shipment in Oddbins! He enjoyed it so much he contacted Mattias and soon had left his job to join Compass. Often working with local food producers their passion is to brew beers full of flavour that can complement many fine foods and truly be enjoyed at the dinner table.

& now to this new addition of the specially brewed Oddbins No 2!